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I'm going to cut to the chase here - there's concern at our end that the changes required to make 2e a worthy successor to 1e are extensive enough that there won't be sufficient time to implement them, vet them and playtest them before the final rulebook needs to be written, edited, printed and published.

We have inexhaustible faith that, given enough time, Paizo will put out another superior product. We trust and believe in you! We're simply worried about the ambitious time frame. Our uneducated guess is that you need to be wrapping up design decisions either at or shortly after the new year in order to make deadlines on the rulebook, bestiary, APs and PFS modules. But if there's major systems revisions, then maybe those decisions need to come even earlier (Thanksgiving?) so that an extra AP (or two) and PFS year can get written under the 1e ruleset.

What we're saying is that, if push comes to shove, we'd rather see 2.0 around xmas or summer 2020 than a product that doesn't completely live up to Paizo's high standards.

I feel confident that our little group isn't alone in this feeling. And while it may seem courageous and scary to push back the release date, I think I echo the sentiments of the larger community when I say that we would back that decision both morally and financially. I guess what we're looking for is some assurance or acknowledgement at your end that the release date won't be the determining factor of the playtest.

Our sincerest hopes,
one group of long-time pathfinder players

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I've no doubt that Paizo are working very hard behind the scenes. They know, even more than we do, how important it is to get Pathfinder 2e right.

Paizo Employee Director of Game Design

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Although I appreciate the concern here, and I have seen it posted in more than one place, we have a much larger, more capable team here at Paizo than we did 10 years ago, performing changes of a similar magnitude.

Will it be hard? Yes,there are some huge systems we need to tackle.

Will it be possible? I certainly hope so, but if not, we will adjust our date accordingly.

That said, discussions like this are not really something that adds to the playtest process, and I cant really debate our internal resources and structures in public anyway.

We will endeavor to keep everyone up to date on our progress.

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