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Is two weapon fighting no longer a thing? We can't seem to find any reference to it in the PHB.

Also, Are longbows really penalized within 50 feet? Seems to make the longbow pretty useless in most encounters.

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Various feats let you get benefits from attacking with multiple weapons (i.e. Double Slice), so it's still there.

From what I can see those feats are restricted to specific classes, so if you are planning a a two weapon character you are either a Fighter or a Ranger or SoL

unless I'm missing something somewhere

No, that's about right.

just a statement, but does anyone else feel that the bonus to rolls based on your level seems a bit out of place.

example I am a level 13 fighter with master with a long sword my skill would be 13 + 2 = 15

a 16th level mage picks up a long sword having never held one before (untrained) and is skilled at 16 -2 = 14... so the untrained guy is -1 to hit with it verses a guy who in paizo's own words on skill levels is
At a master rank, you’ve achieved world-class proficiency in the statistic or item.

funny world if a untrained guy 3 levels higher is only -1 in the same skill as you.

I know that the gate abilities off based on rank but a untrained guy should never be level -2, I think a much more realistic value would be 1/2 level -1. keeps the rank progression liner and keeps things possible at low levels but at higher levels lets the people trained way out shine the untrained.

So far I'm going to need a page of house rules just to make this game playable.

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