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Alexandr Sergeyevich Meier

Brvheart's Skull&Shackles

Vikla Ragnardottir

Become a pirate and plunder the Shackles and maybe one day challenge the Pirate King himself for leadership!

The Shackles

Clebsch GM Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path


DM Eric's Hells' Vengeance Campaign

Aurelius Flavius

Week 2; Day 15

Rebellion Points: 30


GM RelicBlackOUT's - Reign of Winter

Kriemhild StridsdottirLiliyashanina

RoW Maps (Google Slides)
RoW Journal (Google Doc)
RoW Loot (Google Sheets)

Map of Heldren

Marching Order & Night Watch:

Single File
Kriemhild - Mia - Krokod - Horn - Linge - Kessir

Side by Side
Kriemhild - Mia
Horn - Krokod
Linge - Kessir

Night Watch

Night Watch:
20:00 - 24:00: Linge/Horn & Mia
24:00 - 04:00: Kriemhild
04:00 - 08:00: Krokod & Kessir

GM WhtKnt's Darkness Within: A Carrion Crown Adventure Path

Dylan ap DryffedA figment of Dylans imagination

From the whispering shadows of haunted Ustalav an ancient evil rises to grip the world in a new age of horror!

Amid the mists of this land of dark superstition and dread secrets stand both those who would defy the return of evil and those who would seek its terrible favor. Can the heroes discern their allies from their enemies in time to save a tortured realm from a tyrant’s return? Pathfinder’s darkest and most frightening campaign ever sets the heroes against the agents of Golarion’s most notorious villain, the Whispering Tyrant, in a terrifying trek across a land of lurking horror and ancient mysteries.


Cassiel Hawke: HP 31/35; AC 17/10/17; F+8 R+3 W+5; Init +2
Lorant Endronil: HP 10/24; AC 16/11/15; F+1 R+5 W+6; Init +5
Mathus Kohlheim: HP 35/35; AC 15/13/13; F+4 R+8 W+3; Init +3
Judah Locke HP 24/24; AC 15/12/13; F+1 R+3 W+3; Init +2

GM Worg's The Chaotic Slithering

Arkon the liberator

Ironperenti's Shattered Star AP

Aurie de ValoisLiliyashanina

Kingmaker: Blood for Blood!

LiliyashaninaMarkus "Hot Dog" Lyranus

Last Hope of the Hollow

LiliyashaninaSir PounceSvetlana "Tigress" Ulyanova

Out of the Abyss

Alexandra Edgaria Poeschkina

Wrath of the morally flexible

GameMaster Liliyashanina

Kenabres Map


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