Wrath of the morally flexible

Game Master Mightypion

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Grey Garrison

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Basic Build rules:
--You start at level 3, during the initial demonic strike, you have banded together, performed hit and run tactics against Demon and Cultist forces, and have now heard that a position of resistance exists in the Defender heart. The promise of supplies, support and numbers being quite a lure to you. On the way towards it, you managed to get the drop on a group of mutants led by a Cultist of Baphomet named Hosila, who had some pretty interesting information on her. Information that will probably ease your way into the Crusaders holdouts, and that arguably neccessiates you doing something about the Demon occupation of the grey Garrison.
--25 point buy,
--newest Elephant in the Room version is on
--Background skills yes
--First party Paizo only
--Milestone leveling
--Wealth per level for level 3.
--HP is max at level 1. Then roll, take half if you rolled lower then half.
--All Paizo classes are allowed
--I am open to making prestige classes that would be thematic less bad.
--Pragmatic villainy is allowed, but no worshipping of Deskari or Baphomet.

Mythic mutual disarmenent convention, as too high numbers bring in the outer gods:
All of these apply for both player characters and adversaries
--Mythic vital strike is banned
--Mythic improved initiative is banned, display of dexterity or display of charisma for a noble scion build does not apply to initiative.
--Foe biter is banned
--Mythic tier 3 characters (including the heroes) get the following mythic ability for free
Mythic resilience:
As an immidiate action, when reduced to less then zero hitpoints by an attack or spell, expend a number of mythic points. You heal back, with your HP being the number of invested mythic points *10 in percent, so someomone investing 5 mythic points is back with 50% HP, someone investing 10 mythic points is back to full. Note, you only have one immidiate action per round. You can take this even if flatfooted, paralyzed, stunned etc.
--No single damage instance can do more then 400 damage.

The aim of this is to make things less rocket taggy, and hopefully make it so that everyone gets at least a turn.
--The "Beyond morality" universal mythic power is selectable at tier 1. I would expect evil characters to take it. Note, the number of NPCs with this ability will be considerably greater as well.
This is both to make evil player characters not ping as evil during most of act 2, and because its a fun ability.

Alternative campaign traits:

Villainous rescue:

As a child or young adult, you were taken captive by Baphometan or Deskarite Demons, and prepared for a mass sacrifice.
To you, the demons and probably everyone surprise, Demon heads started exploding during the ritual, as a strike group of Nocticulan demons equipped with firearms, attacked.
You were able to slip out of your bonds during the confusion, and started attacking your captors, performing a feat that impressed the leader of the attacking Demons. You felt her red eyes effortless pierce into your soul, reading your mind and...
Apparently liking what she saw, you and other sacrificees were let go.
Your people view you with suspicion, as being rescued by Demons is clearly weird, but investigation revealed no profane gift upon you.
You are certain somehow that you will meet that Demoness again.

Since that encounter, you are preternaturally quick to react, gaining a trait bonus to your initiative equal to your hitdice divided by 5, rounded up, minimum one.
You also speak and understand Abyssal fluently, with an Alyushinyrran court accent, in addition to your other languages.

Hells reject:

Your noble house, wether you are a member of it or just one of its employees, has suffered a sizeable political defeat, and at the judgement, it was agreed that banishment for a part of its military power, including you, was an appropriate punishment.
Banished to the worldwound, specifically.
There you are, finding the crusades a mess that is badly organized.
You will bring the law to this land or perish.

You gain a +1 trait Bonus to will saves, which increased to +2 when used against the spells or spell like abilities of chaotic outsiders, or against spells that have the chaotic descriptor

Plausibly deniable:

Clearly, the crusaders dont get things done.
Says both any objective observer, and also your employer.
Seriously, their counter intelligence is a joke, your mercenary group has litterally been paid for by the Aspis consortium, the Technik League, Cheliax, the Irriseni commisariat for unusual affairs or some other such organization. The Mendevian inquisitor in charge of vetting your affairs actually believes that you were send by the Andoran Black Talons. Idiots, the Mendevians, not the Andorans.
Clearly, they need any aid they can get, and you are here to regulate the population of extraplanar invaders to a tastefull minimum, and to ensure that your true employers interests are respected.

Attempts to discern your alignment yield no result. You gain a +2 bonus to a bluff, intimidate or diplomacy with creatures that do not share your alignment, and that skill becomes a class skill for you.

Stabbing contest:

Requirement: Follow an appropriate deity

Apparently there is a contest between various deities and Demigods. Whoseever followers stab the highest number and quality of Deskarite or Baphometan demons in the worldwound wins *something*. You have been send by your temple to participate. Having to tell your quarry that Norgober/Callistria/Nocticula/etc. Sends her regards is unusual, but you will manage. Good thing Demons are telepathic so you can just think this in their direction.

Your sneak attack dice increase by 1, if you dont have sneak attack, you get one d6 sneak attack dice as per the rouge class feature. This only applies vs Demons who have been informed that they are to be your prey. This can be done telepathically, assuming the demon is theoretically capable of reading your mind.
--Note, you need to keep track of your Demon Kill by CR and number

First world, last word:

Requirement: Have a degree of Fae influences

Certain events have compelled the first world to take a more active role in events. And wether you want to or not, you have been chosen by a powerful Fae to act as one of her scrying focus.

A powerful fey or other entity from the First World has offered you support. You serve as an anchor and scrying focus in the Material Plane for your patron, but you also provide frequent amusement.

Your fey patron delights in your demonic adversaries failure and injury and frequently jinxes them; once each day, you can demand from the Game Master can demand he reroll a single ability check, attack roll, saving throw, or skill check and use the worse result.
If this results in a failure, in must be described by you in a realistic but humorous manner.


Requirement: Rage, Bloodrage class feature or bardic performance feature or raging song feature, orc, kellid or half orc. (these are ORs)

Once known as a mercenary group made up of escapees from Raliscrad, the companies fortunes increased considerable following a fair bit of mercenary acivity for the Hold of Belkzen.
The Orchestra was impresed by Ardax White Hair, who always paid on time, and the White hair was impressed by the Orchestras abilities as force multipliers.
When asked to become permanently employed by the hold, the Orchestra said yes, but only if he hold would liberate their fortress of Raliscrad.
Ardax thought, then he laughed. If the Hold would prevail over the the Demons, who would deny them their status as a great power? And holding a gateway to rich Alyushinyrra? And after all, An Orc can wield anything Orcish as a weapon, and you cant write Orchestra without writing Orc!
Very much fueled by Rage, the Kellids began their return, leading a sizeable Orcish contingent, and an advance party has been sent to Kenabres.

Increase all morale boni under whose effects you are by 1. This stacks with the benefit from extreme mood swings.