DM Eric's Hells' Vengeance Campaign

Game Master Eric Swanson

Week 2; Day 8

Rebellion Points: 6

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Longacre is a town of should-have-been heroes. Easily overlooked in its quiet, charmless corner of Cheliax, the town provides refuge to those who wish to forget and be forgotten. Unlike so many rural crossroads, Longacre girds itself in faded military trappings, the worn uniforms and tarnished regalia of hundreds of former soldiers caught up on both sides of the war that cast their nation into the grip of diabolism. More than three-quarters of a century after the hostilities ended, Longacre remains a dumping ground for Cheliax’s unwanted veterans, many of whom are outspoken in their criticism of House Thrune and the nation’s military policies. With the coming of the Glorious Reclamation, however, many in Longacre imagine a second chance, an opportunity to risk—even lose—their lives fighting on the side of justice and right.

But if House Thrune and its agents have their way, those chances will never come.

Character Creation:

Level: We are starting at Level 1. Make sure that your character's background matches your character's level.
Alignment: In case if you haven't noticed already, this is an evil campaign. The most preferred evil alignment is Lawful Evil, though Neutral Evil is acceptable as well. Chaotic Evil can be a little tricky and difficult to be accepted, though that doesn't mean this particular alignment is prohibited. Lawful Neutral and Neutral may get accepted, though it's a guarantee that your characters will slip to evil over the course of the game. Good alignments have no place here.
Stat Generation: 25 point buy.
Race: Cheliax is many things, but racially diverse is not one of them. Races like halfling, tieflings and gnomes are marginalized, so expect difficulty while playing as these races in place like Cheliax. Humans are greatly preferred here, though that doesn't mean I'll reject dwarves, elves, half-elves or half-orcs. Races outside of the core ones may have difficulty to be accepted.
Class: Any of the core and base classes. However, gunslingers, ninjas and samurais are going to have a hard time being accepted. Obviously, paladin is unavailable, with antipaladin taking its place. Archetypes are also allowed.
Traits: In addition to a Campaign Trait that you can find in the Player's Guide, you can also take another trait.
Background: Write up your character's background and history. There's no need to write something long, just something that tells about your character's history. Make sure to match the history with your character's Campaign Trait.
Starting Wealth: Average
Background Skills: Sure, why not?
Experience Progression: Experience points.





Current Effects:


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  • Cimri has a potion of CLW