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GreengatesResources: HP220/220 Mythic power12/13 Spell slots 1:6/7 2:6/7 3:6/7 4:4/5 5: 4/4


ACs:47/41 Touch 37/31 FF 19 Saves:Fort 19 Ref 31/25 Will21 CMD:53 active effects: My. Heroism, Tears to wine, Glibness, Freedom of movement, insp. rage






You dont ask that of a lady


Chaotic Fun




Porphyri City, dosvedanija Eastern Front!


Abyssal, Common, Celestial, Infernal, German, Russian


Sniper, Opera Singer and intel specialist.

Strength 13
Dexterity 32
Constitution 16
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 12
Charisma 24

About Liliyashanina

Player Init
[dice=Init Aurical]d20+4[/dice]


Liliya strode gracefully into Nocticulas palace. As would befit a highranking Succubus summoned by her Lady in Shadows after a succesfull mission.
It wasnt the first time she was here. One would be wrong to say she was anything akin to her "right", or "left hand". But, well, being called her "third tail" would be a reasonable enough approximation.
It was however the first time she faced such predatorial intent from her guards. This was because it was also the first time she was there as an Aasimar. She could no longer read thoughts, but the movement patterns and glances were clear enough.
She knelt, as she approached the Sanctum.

[b]My Lady in Shadow, I Liliyashanina, am at your command.

Would you, for the benefit of those not in the know yet, kindly explain how you unusual condition has come into being? Said the regal, painfully beautifull being on the throne.

Yes my Lady, the very short version is that I shot a would be Malebranche, who was attempting a sacrifice a specific virgin in order to attach the material plane of Earth to Hell. For some reason, this resulted in an eruption of cosmic energy that entered me and well, made the changes you see. Apparently, I am an Aasimar now. I have gained some abilities, but lost others. She answered, making her voice sound as operatic as possible.

And you would wish to regain what you have lost? Asked the Lady in Shadows.

Obviously my Lady. Imagine not being able to teleport or use suggestion at will. Que horror! She answered immidiatly but slowly.

There are of course ways for Nocticula gave a condescending giggle Mortals to acquire certain demonic attributes..

For f#@%ing real? Liliyashanina thought as has face dropped for a second. She considered all the hoops she would have to jump through, not that she had any lack of confidence of pulling it off.

Just kidding Said Nocticulas voice in her head.

Of course, as you have already proven your skill and loyalty, there is a small matter that I would ask you to investigate.

F%@%ing Qlippoths? Liliyashanina thought, as if remembering something that never happened.
Nah, something more tasteful this time, Lolth Came Nocticulas answer in her head.
That does constitute an albeit minor visual improvement. Did Liliya answer in mind.

For the purposes of this matter, you not being a Demon, yet, is something I consider as useful, as such your assured reward will be delayed, until I see fit to dispense it.
Start in Malvent, I am sure you can figure out the rest. Oh, and be carefull with the booze.

Did Nocticula just voice concern over my drinking habits? Liliya thought as she left the palace and entered a carriage.
After a couple of highly inefficient messenge casts, oh did she miss being a telepath and teleporter, she did connect to a relatively useful information broker, according to whom the city of Malvent was seeking specialists to resolve a number of disappearances, and that the cities authorities had actually made clear that they would accept assistance from outer planes. Most curious, she thought as she prepared to be plane shifted.

Business is Business:

Everything ready comrades? Blyad. She asked through the communication device.
Assault squad ready, cant wait to burst out of this f@$~ing sewer Blyad
Resident Omoxes give you any lip? Blyad. She said before continuing I do hope there was no actual f$@$ing? This city is full of much better options .
Nyet Comrade, our booze-flamethrowers prevailed over the dermocratic foe! Blyad.
Nothing can stop the invincible march of Vodka filled progress, Sa Pobedu! Blyad. She answered giggling a bit at "dermocratic".
Remodelled t-34 ready, the fools think it is a steampunk booze cart haha! Blyad
Mortar squad ready. We smuggled them in claiming that they are Vavakia condoms. Blyad.
Machine Gun Squad in position.We told them the machine guns are well, between the legs prostethics for people that wish to be as well endowed as a Vavakia. Blyad I cant wait to start shooting Blyad!
With all her subunits having reported in, it was time to do it!
Very well comrades, our target is Sakroszemyr, the insanely ugly Gibrileth currently running the Alyushinnarran booze market. He has fallen out of favor with Shamira, but does not know about that yet. We are going to kill him, take his stuff, and set up our own operation. I have him in my sight, 3,2,1, GOGOGOGO BLYAD
As she, and her comrades unleashed a devasting hail of fire upon the Gibrileth and his retinue.
Those surviving the first volley tried to flee through the sewers, but were greeted by Flamerthrowers, Cold Iron Spades and PPSHs.
It was over in less then 30 seconds.
Financial base aquired! She thought, to the sound of the T-34 tank crushing the remains of the Gibrileths possee beneath its tracks.

Basic crunch:

HP: 10*15 +45(con)+15(favored class)+15(toughness)=220 hp
Fort=9 (base)+ 3(con)+2 (feat) +5 (ABP)=19
Will=9 (base) +1 (con) +2 (feat) +5 (ABP)=17
Will vs charm/compulsion =9(base)+5(cha)+2(feat)+5(ABP)=21

AC boni:
10 (base)+11 (dex) +3 (dodge gunslinger) +2 (mythic dodge+mobility)
+4 (Armor attunement) + 2 (toughening ABP) + 2(deflection ABP) +3 (wings)+4 (armor) =41 Full
10 (base)+13 (dex) +3 (dodge gunslinger) +2 (mythic dodge+mobility)
+4 (Armor attunement) + 2 (toughening ABP) + 2(deflection ABP) +3 (wings)+4 (armor) +4 dodge (Rage power) =47 while performing
Flat footed:
Touch while performing:37

CMD: 10+15+1+11+3+2+2+3+4+2=53 While performing.

AB base:
15 (full BAB) + 11 (Dex) + 4 (enchancement) = +30
AB realistically:
-2 (Mythic rapid shot) - 4 (deadly aim) = +24
AB buffed:
(Mythic heroism +4 , Haste +1, Divine power or divine favor via spell kenning +3/+5) + dex ferocity (+2) =34/37

Damage normal:
Damage deadly aim + ferocity
Damage strongly buffed

CMB (agile maneuvers)= 27


Irrepressible (Basic, Faith) CHA instead of wis vs charm, compulsion
Silent hunter (regional) (+1 stealth and its a class skill)
Iron liver (equipment) +2 to fort vs poison and drugs, +4 vs booze.
Operatic (race) +1 to perform sing

Take 2 new crunch:

ABP Ab My My Racial
STR 13
DEX 18 24 26 28 30 32
CON 14 16
INT 14 16
WIS 12
CHA 15 21 22 24

STR 13
DEX 28
Con 16
Int 16
Wis 12
CHA 20

Class stuff:

Gunslinger 15:
Nimble=+3 Dodge AC
Dex to damage with rifles, pistols and Machine Gun
3 Bonus Feats (combat or Grit)

Urban Skald 15:
Controlled inspired rage, +4 to dex, con or str

Infuriating Mockery (Su)

Alternative performance, DC 22 or infuriated, as negative aspects of rage but without the benefits, can target up to 4 enemies.

Humiliating Defamation (Su)

DC 22 or target cannot be treated as an ally by its allies.

Back of the Crowd (Ex)
+2 to dodge when adjacent to 2 or more allies.
Gruesome Parry (Ex): Some gunslingers wield guns and blades in concert, readying a shot to unbalance attackers and then eviscerating their assailants. At 7th level, the gunslinger can spend 1 grit point when she readies an action to make a ranged attack with a firearm against a creature that declares a melee attack against her. If she does, the readied ranged attack does not provoke attacks of opportunity. If this readied attack hits, she gains a +4 dodge bonus to AC against the triggering attack, and she can make a single melee attack with a slashing or piercing weapon against the creature that attacked her; if this melee attack hits, it is considered to be a critical threat. This deed replaces the dead shot deed and one other 7th-level deed. Source PPC:CoL
Giving up:
Dead shoot and Targeting.


3 bonus feats from gunslinger
30 feats from levels
=33 feats
Free feats from EITR:
Combat exerptize
Power Attack
Weapon Finesse
Point Blank shot
Deadly Aim
Agile Maneuvers

Actual feats:

Ranged combat:
Rapid Reload (rifle)
Rapid Shot
Snap Shot
Precise shot
Improved Snap Shot
Greater Snap Shot
Combat reflexes
Improved Precise Shot (Combat)
Overwatch style
Overwatch tactician
Overwatch Vortex
Quick Draw

12 feats

Magic feats

Extend spell
Spell focus enchantment
Spell penetration
Greater spell focus (enchantment)

4 feats

Crit feats:

Improved critical
Critical Focus
Censoring Critical
Staggering critical

4 feats

Defensive and general purpose feats:

Dodge+Mobility (EITR)
Deft Maneuvers
Improved initiative
Iron Will
Extreme mood swings
Angelic Blood
Angelic Wings
Great fortitude

Unimpeachable honor (actually more like "NOBODY MAKES ME DO ANYTHING!"

10 feats

Arcane strike
Spell cartridges
Deft maneuvers

rage powers:

Savage inutition]
Mighty Swing
Unexpected strike
Guarded Stance
Protect Vitals
Reflexive Dodge

Mythic Feat:

Mythic rapid shot
Mythic combat reflexes
Mythic Arcane strike
Mythic spell lore (Heroism; Haste; Dispell Magic;
Mythic Dodge+Mobility (EITR)

Mythic path abilities:

Path dabbling joink retributive reach from guardian (level 1)
Legendary item (Saichick)
Beyond morality (level 3)
Mirror Dodge (level 4)
Snipers riposte (level 5)

Legendary Item зайчик (translit: Saichik)( tranlation: Bunny):

Chaotic Evil legendary +4 Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle
Magic abilities (+36K Gold):
Shadow shooting

Item upgrades (+100 gold)
Socket Bayonet
Locked Gauntlet
Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 10
Intelligent Spellcasting
Intelligent Spellcasting
Wizard Spell list
10 spell slots
2 for anticipate peril 3x per day
(touch, min per level, +5 insight for next initiative roll)
2 for shield 3x per day
4 for Ricochet shot 3x per day
2 for longarm 3x per day
Caster level 10
Total cost: 500 + 300 + 100+ 18.000 +100=37K gold


Gunmans duster
Body:+4 AC, gunslinger specific stuff.
Weapon:Saichik 37K gold
Belt:Beneficial Bandolier (1K)
Chest: Spectral Shround (see invisibility constant, turn ethereal) 26K
Eyes: Goggles of night (darkvision 60) 12K
Boots: Boots of teleportation (3 time teleport per day) 49K
Gloves: Pliant gloves (10 rounds of +5 reach per day, +5 EA and Acro)10K
Helm: Helm of telepathy (telepathy and suggestion once per day) 27K
Headband: Headband of seduction (+5 to cha skills, unnatural lust)40K
Amulet: Scarab of protection (SR 20, absord 12 e-drain, death, neg energy attack) 38K
Cloak: of elvenkind (+5 to stealth) 2.5K
Bracers of sworn vengeance (once per day, Bane on someone who hit me)
Ring 1: Ring of freedom of movement (40K)
Ring 2: Ring of evasion (25K)



Level 1:
Moment of greatness
Liberating command
Timely inspiration
Anticipate peril
Saving finale
Tears to wine

Level 2:
Gallant inspiration
Heightened reflexes
Mirror image
Heroism (Mythic heroism)

Level 3
Dispel magic (Mythic dispell magic)
Haste (Mythic haste)
Invisbility sphere
Thundering drums
Arcane concordance

Level 4:
Dance of hundred cuts
Dominate person
Freedom of movement
Invisibility greater
Virtuouso performance

Level 5
Heroism greater
Joyfull rapture
Resonating word


Versatile performance Sing (Bluff, Diplomacy, Sense Motive, UMD)
7 Skillpoints per level = 15*7=105 Skillpoints
Skill=Skillpoint + Class SKill + Attribute bonus + other + item
Perform Sing=15+3+7+1+5=31
K. Planes=15+3+3+7=28
all knowledge skills=1+3+3+7=14


Raging Song: 7 (CHA) +3 (Base) + 28 (class)=38 rounds
Grit: 3/3
Mythic power 10/13
Spell level 1 7/7
Spell level 2 7/7
Spell level 3 7/7
Spell level 4 5/5
Spell level 5 4/4
Teleport (boots) 3/3
Pliant gloves (10 rounds of +5 reach per day) 10/10
Bracers of sworn vengeance 1/1
Scarab of protection 12/12 (DOES NOT REFILL)
Spell Kenning 2/2
Lore Master 2/2

Performance buff package:

+4 morale to Dex
+4 Dodge to AC, +8 vs Critical hits
+4 Dodge to reflex
1 extra AoO agains actions that would not normally provoke