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Retailers are essential partners that help make the Pathfinder and Starfinder Roleplaying Games and the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game a success. We look forward to working with you to level up the size, strength, and accessibility of our hobby gaming network!

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Host Organized Play Events

Comprised of nearly 1,000 volunteers and led by coordinators known as venture-officers, the Organized Play Foundation runs Paizo organized play games and events all over the world in conjunction with local GMs. The venture-officers will assist you in starting up events, fostering a positive gaming environment in your store, and integrating into the larger organized play community.

Contact the Regional Venture-Coordinator for your region to get started. Contact the Organized Play team for general questions and assistance.

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Registering your store on paizo.com allows our visitors to find their favorite locations. Sign up below and select the games and organized play programs you sell and host. As a bonus, you'll receive FREE digital copies of each for each organized play option you select, including:

  • Pathfinder Society scenarios, quests, and bounties
  • Starfinder Society scenarios and bounties
  • Pathfinder Adventure Card Society scenarios

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