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Any bloodrager can trip someone, incluing via felling smash, and then AoO that person with a spell using a ring of vengeful bloodmagic.

While feat intensive, you could vital strike, use felling smash feat to do a trip as a swift action, have greater trip, get an AoO from the succesfull trip, use this AoO to cast a spell, and then maybe stomp the bugger with vicious stomp.

Bardiches are great weapons, Orc butchering axe is potent too.

Not so much because it is an extra D6, but because enlarge person and lead blades, both are level 1 things, can get it to 6d6.

If you have weapon groups as a feature, axes have a reach weapon, several good one handed and two handed no reach option, and a good throwing options, as well as light sidearms. Heavy blades/Light blades dont quite match that.


(Note: All casters gain 2 bonus talents and a casting tradition the first time they gain the casting class feature.)

Is there something similar for that for combat spheres?

And how exactly does one get a combat sphere?

Seems we got a pretty good mix of stuff!

So many cool options! Lets try to narrow it down for me in terms of my sphere of power:

I get one sphere and 2 talents.

spergposting on war:

Totem: Basically, while I could maintain them without spell point usage, that would take concentration, and be my standard, its thus typically a swift action and a spell point (I get 3 per day at level 1 but it goes up quickly as I level, I could alter my build to get 4 by having more cha).
In its base form, its +2 to weapon damage for everyone, pretty good!

The totem powers I am looking at make it work kind of like inspire courage, but with some twists.

There is a way to get around the spell point usage, by using
Lingering Resentment

When you cease concentrating on a totem or mandate effect, you may choose to have it remain for two rounds before dissipating.

The standout rally power is probably replenish, rerolling saving throws as an intermediate action is super great.

Lingering resentment and replenish would certainly be a party saver.
Combining lingering resentment with Call to arms means I can make a totem as a move action, cease concentrating on it but have the effect persist for 2 turns, without investing any spellpoints.

I dont think my spellpoint pool allows for much expenditure in terms of mandates or momentum, so I havent looked too indepth.
I also think that these ways have a fair bit of extra book keeping. With the totem, everyone gets the same buff, its either off or on, and I occassionally allow people to reroll saves.

Rating: 5/5

warp sphere:

Wow, level 1 teleport for 30 feet within line of sight, up to heavy load, and I can teleport others! Close range doesnt even need spell point! Awesome!

It also has an inbuilt pounce like ability, which is also great, although typically less impactfull at lower levels, really cool though!

It has more utility then the war sphere, because movement abilities are great and I can teleport the entire party over f.e. a chasm as long as it isnt too wide.

Rating 5/5

protection sphere:

Wards seem quite similar to totems in several ways.
I think I prefer the war sphere


life sphere:

Actually couples really well with being a barb since I can unfatigue me innately!
The issue is I have is the vitality things, which are really cool, lasting until the target takes damages or fails a saving throw. Not because its too weak, but because I think it will be a pain to book keep in play by post.


enchancement sphere:

Mostly minute per caster level buffs, but quite flexible with a fair bit of out of combat utility, as I can enchance the ability of a party member, concentrate on it, and thus not actually use spell points!


I am currently looking at war, warp or enchantment, and can be convinced to grab life if we lack healing or condition removal.

Barbarians have STR to AC while unarmored (up to their class level), this is fine right?

I think the Tatoo based martial tradtion

Tattooed Warrior

Tattooed warriors turn their bodies into weapons through the use of magic symbols engraved onto their very flesh.

Bonus Talents:

Equipment: Unarmed Training, Unarmored Training
Bonus Feats: Dragon’s Tattoos, Zodiac Tattoos
Special: Tattooed warriors gain 1 bonus skill point that must be spent on Craft (tattoos) each time they gain a level in any class.

What confuses me a bit is that you get a martial tradition at level 1, but these tatoos basically have a level 5 requirement. I guess I get them level 1, but they only become active level 5?

Its the second time playing spheres for me too.

My current idea (I already crunched a bit, just to get a feel for the system), is an Aasimar rage prophet specializing in the open hand and berskerer spheres, fighting with an unsettling combination of open handed grace interspersed by reckless and brutal savagery.

Which is complemented by the shattered psyche curse she gets for being a rage prophet.

In terms of party roles, she would have surprisingly high AC (for a barbarian that is, I anticipate starting with 17ish, reaching 21ish by level 4 and the platueing in the low 20s) and be a damage dealer/face.
She would be surprisingly independent of equipment.

Rage power Totem wise, I am looking at the world serpent totem, which I expect to be pretty valuable.

I have not yet decided on what casting sphere to use. War seems the obvious choice, but enchantment, protection, life, time and warp seem rather interesting, and would add out of combat utility. Particularly warp does a lot for movement.

I like learning new systems, having stats give me the ability to get in the caracters head better, and then come up with backstories, headspaces etc.

Lets actually make a character

(I will get a bunch of things wrong)

Darya Flamekissed:

Starting stats 10/10/10/10/10/10

I am an Aasimar

I pick the alternative trait goodly aura

I have apparently been a Bounty Hunter, capturing things comes naturally to me. STR boost from the fixed one, and a con boost as well


I assume I have 2 traits, I pick:
Alluring Combatant: You spent time as an erotic dancer, prostitute, or other entertainer who relied on body movements to attract attention or customers. You prefer tight or revealing clothing, and you know how to move to best advantage while wearing it. When wearing light armor or no armor and clothing designed to be provocative, you gain a +1 trait bonus to AC. From combat and

Innocent: No one can believe someone as pure as you could be deceptive in any way. You have an air of innocence about you, and people have a hard time believing you could ever do anyone harm. When you make an Influence check to tell a lie, your target always wants to believe you, granting you the standard +5 bonus on your check. This bonus only applies if the lie you tell is either believable or unlikely. As a racial trait.

Now I pick my Class. I am a Rage prophet, I think selecting a class boosts a relevant ability score, lets pick str!

I also get 4 additional ability boosts, and boost everything I have already boosted, as well as Dex, resulting in the following statline.

This hopefully deals with ability scores, and they certainly look pretty serviceable!

Onto the actual spheres stuff:
From my bounty hunter background I gain Alertness or street smarts as a feat, being more alert is always great.

Feats: Alertness.
Traits: Innocent (racial); Alluring combatant (Combat)
Alternative racial trait goodly aura
Onto what I get from being a Barb oh my!
10 hp (not 12, because rage prophet is D10) resulting in 12/12 HP
I gain the berserker sphere, a +1 AC bonus while unarmored (putting my unarmed AC bonus to total of 2 for now, resulting in an AC of 13).
I choose the battle meditation rage form for my rage, meaning that, in a rage my AC is now 14!

I also think I get a martial tradition. I pick the Iron breaker martial tradition, giving me unarmored training (which increase my unarmed AC by 3, for a raging AC of 17 pretty good, and it will scale to a fairly nice 21 at level 4!
I claim access to the open hand sphere, resulting in me having the open hand sphere, the berserker sphere and the equipment sphere?
Currently, I have one talent in the equipment sphere locked in (unarmored training). I am uncertain if I can select any more though.

I think I have 1 feat at level 1 I can pick, which can likely be a talent, and any open hand sphere talent would actually get me an improved unarmed strike equivalent.

From being a rage prophet, I gain 2 talents and one sphere, I shall opt for war for now.

To be continued, but I think I am looking at this:
12/12 hp AC 16/17 while raging
Fort+3 Ref=+1 Wis=0

Feats: Alertness.
Talents: Unarmored combatant (from martial tradition)
Axe kick (trained)

Offense: Unarmed strike: +5 d4+6 +8 d4+6 of ragomg

Traits: Innocent (racial); Alluring combatant (Combat)
Alternative racial trait goodly aura

So, concept slowly forming:

--Archetype is rage prophet
--Curse is shattered mind
--will be unarmed using barbarian abilities and unarmed combatant, should actually result in a fairly reasonable ac, rage form is the +3AB +1AC one.
--Need to find out if there is trait that allows feinting while raging, in normal pathfinder there is.

Violant wrote:
Mightypion wrote:

Strange Aeons is great!

Current ideas: Bard/Barb hybrid, A massive and quite charismatic hulk who sings about battles he probably shoud not know of.

I think I made such a character before, although he skulls and shackles, and may reuse her, and then alter her a bit,

You must be suffering in lack of Skald right now, right?

Guilty as charged, but I think I can make a Barb-Skald thing with spheres of power, and using the rage prophet archetype which is a low caster.

Strange Aeons is great!

Current ideas: Bard/Barb hybrid, A massive and quite charismatic hulk who sings about battles he probably shoud not know of.

I think I made such a character before, although he skulls and shackles, and may reuse her, and then alter her a bit,

In my fairly extensive way of the wicked experience:

--It goes better if the villains all have one redeeming or quirky feature, for example being good with kids, and dont take themselfs, at least as player, 100% seriously.
In the furthest wotw I am in, we are about to fight Ara Mathra, we sold the Emo-Antipaladins love poetry to Succubi, founded a Daily-Mail/Fox news style newspaper called "The Sun" in Farholde to spread overthetop Mithran propaganda (designed to alientate people with more then 2 braincells from the Mithran faith), dabbled in the interplanar drug trade and one of our cohorts adopted an Alex Jones like persona so spread conspiracy theories about the Forsaken, about 10% of them even being true. The party also plans to put Timeon, who is perhaps the most gaslit individual on the multiverse, on the throne as a puppet.

--In play by post, the big roadblock is the infiltration like sequence. Nobody wants to be the idiot who blows cover without asking the rest of the party. Generally speaking, infiltration style sandboxes, where misstep blows everyones cover, are probably the hardest things in play by post, as there are sooo many incentives to be very cautious, and then eventually noone posts.
Come to think of it, the other evil AP, hells vengeance, has similar issues with its infiltration sequence in act 2 as well.

What are my next rolls?

stat: 3d6 ⇒ (4, 5, 3) = 12
stat: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 1) = 5
stat: 3d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 6) = 12
stat: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 5) = 14
stat: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 3) = 13
stat: 3d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 1) = 7

Ok I have an idea:

Beerfiend the CN Dhampir Echo knight

STR 13
Dex 12
Con 14
Int 7
Wis 5
Cha 12

Most echo knights acquire their abilities to long and hard training... for beerfiend, named for his ability to make beer disappear in his presence it was different. He drank. Then he drank. Then he drank some more. Even in combat, he drank because Dhampir bite attack. At some point, reality itself began to see him double. While rather tough, the reckless booze consumption did a number on his mental faculties.

He is hoever reasonably charismatic.

Mummies mask would be a "Violence provider for hire" from Sarkoris, who basically fled as far south as possible.

Human of tiefling, beatstick, reasonably stealthy, and good at conning people.

Dotting, seems like a melee beatsteak is good?

Instant ideas:

Bloodrager mercenary who moonlights as an Assassin. Has a contract to kill the big bad of book 3 (I dont know who that is ooc).
Technically works for Baba Yaga as she set a number of assasination contracts as a contingency if deposed. Chaotic Neutral alignment, highly professional mercenary attitude. would, to progress plot, would willingly accept the rider boon.
Likes Golarion, has purchased some real estate in Andoran and is against it being covered by snow and ice forever.

Could be an Urban Bloodrager who is more on the charismatic and less bestial side.

My wrath of the morally pragmatic (a group of never do wells trying to do wrath of the righteous, with one token good paladin) is being pretty funny so far, said token Paladin being Shadow Dragon, but yeah, I get you.

That is by the way an impressive list of homebrew options!

Damn, sooo many ideas!

I currently play in a reign of winter and a strange aeons, so I would find mummies mask preferable. However, the early parts of strange aeons are awesome, and imho book one of strange aeons is one of the best that Paizo did.

Like, stuff I steal from 4e/5e are skill challenges, lair actions, and legendary resistances, but with a twist

twisted resistance:

A big boss can chose to suceed on a failed saving throw, but it costs him something serious, f.e. he only loses an arm not his head, one of his dangerous special attacks becomes disabled etc.
This way, the PC doesnt feel that their action was wasted, but bosses also dont get one shot.

Concerning playstyle, I powergamed a lot, coming from a wargame background (as well as a very crunchy german system called the dark eye, with a very frequently consulted random disease table while camping), I think I got better. One piece of advise I can give to powergames is to play support characters, and use ones mythic powers of munchkinism to gigabuff the party. It worked for me!

would the group benefit more from weapon enchantment boni (stack with intrinsic enchantment boni of the weapon) applied to their weapons (such as f.e. shocking, flaming etc. chosen at the start of a fight) or from convential bardic things?

Debating between spell warrior skald (whose weapon song does not preclude spell casting) and some type of bard.

Also, is anyone in the group using combat maneuvers, or planning to use combat maneuvers? If yes, this makes spell warrior very good as I can give an untyped +my class level to a CMB check.

way of the wicked can be fun, I am in a couple, and have a bunch of fluff to make the Iraeni/Caer Bryr more interesting.

I have played a Iraeni resistance fighter against the Mithrans, who sees himself as a valiant fighter for religious liberty and Iraeni customs, while the mithrans see him as a chaotic evil demon aligned terrorist, his specific Iraeni tribe as well.

Probably best discussed via pm :).

Question 1: starting funds?
Question 2: I assume elephant in the room feat taxes are not on?

Sneaky and utility? Why not both?
--NN Galtese emigre Urban Skald, is sneaky via trait, will get a lot of utility via spell kenning one level in.

--NG Archeologist bard with a swash dip, female indiana jones kind of, although the whip would be mostly for show, just takes too many damn feats.

--CN Cult leader warpriest of totally Desna yesyes, dont mind the hand crossbows, the frequent references to the specifically midnight sky, or why I seem really knowledgable about assassinations, speaking Abyssal almost as a native, and frequently name dropping demonlords while swearing creatively. Eventually dual wields hand crossbows, will take a bit before actually getting that build together. Sneaky buffbot in the meantime.

On the rails wrath of the righteous:
I am about to shoot Deskari in the face, my cohort learned coin shot just to shoot 30 pieces of Platinum into Arelus face.

An interesting thing is that the cohort, despite being 2 character levels and 5 mythic tiers behind, is absolutely doing stuff like Mano a Manoing Korramzadeh or Diurez Broodlord. He is kind of doing tanking duties, and is an interesting perspective on things as a pro-Nocticulan Kellid (his backstory is that he was part of a Sarkorian counterattack into the Abyss, seeking to close the worldwound from the other side, it went horribly wrong, he ended up an Arena fighting in Alyushinyrra).

Particulate form really trivializes Balors btw.

Of the rails:

We have fed Baphomets domain to Buckies, the american "you can buy everything here" chain. Nocticula and Asmodeus werent particularly amused.
My skalds antagonist married Arelu vorlesh, they probably plan to killsteal Deskari. Nocticula says she is working on an art project and doesnt answer requests for assistance. I think Galfrey and Iomedae are planning to smite "New Sarkoris", because I paid some debts and legalized worshipping Nocticula. Oh, Socothbenoth thinks my Skald is Nocticulas boyfriend, and is well... not amused.

How strict are you with languages?

My current idea is an urban bloodrager/swashbuckler, who somehow, from birh, speaks Abyssal (which she hides, although she occassionally swears in Abyssal when seriously distressed) and has an Abyssal Bloodline.

She goes through massive degrees of mental gymnastics to convince herself that she is absolutely not an Abyssal Bloodrager, clearly just some form of... were animal yesyes! The claws and eventual size changes are just proper normal barbarian raging! There is no demonic at all going on here!

I am partly asking because I intend to start as a Falcata Swashbuckler level 1, and then do most of the other levels as an Urban Bloodrager, and while an Urban Bloodrager can probably speak his bloodlines language at level 1 if he invests the skillpoint in linguistics, a Swashbuckler doesnt really have as strong as a reason to be able to do so.

Alternatively, I could also keep leveling her as a Falcata Swashbuckler until something sufficiently traumatic happens (there is plently of possibly traumatizing stuff), and then unlock her "Bloodline" at that point.

I may go for a Varisia specific Falcata Swashbuckler/ Urban Bloodrager or Fated Skald. Likely with a cocky and easily baited personality.

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WOTR Bonkers version:
The party Skalds demonically aligned "harmless little half brother" successfully became a Half Balor, married Arelu Vorlesh, and together they killed Baphomet.
They are now planning something deeply nefarious to fuel their own ascension, which may or may not include killstealing Deskari (or even, gasp, dare to killsteal Nocticula, who is very much on board with the "crusade" given that 2/3rds of its prime blacksquad has their names on her wings, and I woulnt be surprised if the remaining 1/3 is just more sneaky about it).

It is less of a question if Deskari is skilled, and more one by whom. The buggy buy knows this, and is prepared to fight like a cornered bug. GM told us we should prepare for Tuckers Kobold Demon-lord-bodyguard kommandoes.

WOTR sane version:
Korramzadeh nearly killed a cohort. Kohort didnt kill him because he knew what Balor death throes are.
Currently fighting Diurez Broodlord. Particulate form spell is really good vs Balors.

Way of the wicked:
Butchered or way through the vale of Valtierna and beat up a Phoenix. Apparently, Mithrans are using Simulacra of their priests to try and nuke us with greater safety. Plotting to spread rumors of them trying to make Simulacra or Trompe de Loils of Nocticula (there is a piece of information that Nocticula kills anyone who does this within 7 days, and that the rest of the multiverse is fine with this) to get her more involved in messing up Talingarde.

Strange Aeons:
About to descend into the final level of the Labyrinth, the effing Aeons there are undoing some progress the party made in terms of making the hatred phantom/main dpr nicer and more pleseant.

Hells vengeance:
We TPKED at book ones final boss, after using too many resources for the penultimate super dryad who, if played to his full potential would simply murder any level 3 party, unless they specifically have a sunder guy in their lineup. The boss smote, critted, had an effing trap in her prayer room as a Paladin of Iomedae in which she compelled the Antipaladin to approach and well, yeah. THe evil aspects of the campaign also werent too fun for 2 of the players so in a big switcheroo the party is now doing

Hells rebels!:
First session happened, our more bloodthirsty swashbuckler killed 3 or 4 chelish citizen group persons, there was some running and protecting of no longer nobles, and the Skaldess succesfully spread the rumor that Barzilai Thrune was caught with his hand in the mint-cookie jar by paracountess Lriratha (Erinye advisor of Abrogail Thrune) as a child and then was brainwashed into hating mint by her.

She plans to paint Barzilai Thrune as a weak manlet, who does evil b#&*%*~* to make the Eryine-paracountess maybe notices him *uwu*.
She is already writing cringy love poetry to a "raven winged beauty" under the pen name Tharzilai Brune.

Ideas: Gunslinger dipping warpriest, maybe redeemed Nocticula but with 2 revolvers because "look, hand crossbows are kind of outdated".
No guided hand shenanigians sadly, because I dont think anyone has revolver as a favored weapon (i can still get the increased damage dice by picking weapon focus revolver).

Mysterious stranger-Gunslinger/Urban Bloodrager Spell cartridges for fun and profit, literally, because ammo is expensive!

Ci Ci Ciaphas Caine, not yet hero of Alkenstar!
Bard or Skald (morale boosting) trying to go for sword and pistol.

Lyudmilla Shanina
Sniper (likely some type of slayer) using an Arquebus. Refugee from Irrisen, hates witches, especially winter witches, now lives in Alkenstar, where witches are weak and she has a gun! UP YOURS!

As the Omdura in that game:

The cleric is not specced for melee combat, the Omdura is actually decent at it, the Bloodrager hits like a truck but doesnt really "tank" hells vengeance is just like... a really hard first book. A Manticore and a sneak attacking ranger are no joke at level 3, what is screwing us vs the manticore is a lack of abilities of dealing with fliers, other then trying to command them into coming closer.

Some type of ranged Magus would fit excellently, another variation you could go for as the unarmed version is a dip in swashbuckler and the rest in skald/bard.

Kiranda is fun. I tend to run her as a mercenary, who can be bluffed (the most likely to suceed bluff is a character pretending to be a Nocticulan infiltrator ordered by the lady in Shadow to kill Staunton Vhane) or bribed.

One party convinced her to take a level in vigilante, in order to have a non smiteable vigilante identity. She now sells vigilane costumes in Alyushinyrra, and is making a killing because a Paladin nicknamed "the warcrime that walks" by the demons (which is a lie, he mostly flies) left a bit of an impression.

Especially after he killed Gelderfang with a wooden spoon.

On it.

Campaign: Wrath of the righteous
Character: Human Urban Bloodrager phoenix/mysterious stranger/swashbuckler

Build focus:
Arcane strike, blooded arcane strike (so its a free action) and spell catridges meant I did force damage and didnt have to reload, I joined at the start of act 4 and had about 6 attacks hitting touch ac per round adding deadly aim, my charisma mod, and for strong foes smite damage, and my gun was holy and evil outsider bane. I I grabbed an intelligent pistol with access to the paladin spell list (for grace of the champion, which worked on my professional a%@++$*# because of beyond morality).

Eventually I dumped the whole arcane strike spell catridges and downgraded my pistol to be merely shadow shooting (the character did became Nocticulas herald, so it fit).

It was good for the game, enemies like Korramzadeh started getting turns!

What was also fun was to be on reasonable terms with Shamira (Hi, yes, I am mortal, and just a human, so if you wait 40ish years I die of old age. No reason to risk a fight right? Much smarter to point me in the direction of your enemies!), also be Nocticulas herald and use the shadow evocation greater domain powers to first cast burn corruption normally (I think its a fun spell for a Phoenix Bloodrager who constantly makes fire puns), and then use the herald SLA to also cast it as a shadow evocation greater.

Even funnier that I wiped out a Cabal of Blackfire adepts with it.

Hmm, sidequests to "resurrect" the "Lady in Shadow I mean Redeemer queen?".

Somebody messed up her ascension perhaps?

Like, being the "last priest" of someone is always really interesting imho.

THe other idea I have is a Swashbuckler (probably the Falcata one)/Fated champion Skald.

Greetings, my Name is Eliza Montoya, you have implied that Besmara's breasts are padded! Prepare to die!

I do have a female warpriest of Besmara cooking!

She will gestalt into Gunslinger (not quite sure what type yet), the minor air blessing allows her to shoot people in the face without provoking (yay).

Like many warpriests, she is rather skill sparse, no real way about it sadly.

Pizza Lord wrote:
Mightypion wrote:

How my CE Bloodrager would react:

Cue a suspiciously wholesome and upbeat training wheel montage.
By 'training wheel', you are referring to the Wheel of Pain from Conan the Barbarian, I assume. The immense millstone they are strapped to and push around and around and around to build up their muscles.

Pffff, the Cimmerian is a worthy adversary, but he suceeded inspite of such an unsophisticated training regimen forced upon him by fools that could not see his greatness, and that wholly disregards things like speed, mobility or flexibility, rather then because of it!

The massive grinning Bloodrager pauses

It is important to build up strength, mobility and coordination at the same time, to be combined with carefully selected good nutrition! So we start with some good Zangief squats, and then do my special thing were instead of kettlebells they get tasty hams, which hey can eat after training!

He strokes his chin

This we follow up by having her run around in the platearmor I joinked from that Halfling Paladin of Ragathiel, at all times! This will build endurance!

My consort Lady Sarena will see to some of her intellectual and charismatic training, and well, having a profane gift that early should enable her to telepathize "natively", which should also increase her willpower! I am fairly certain that my darling Succubus is not into children, and getting her claws on the soon to be great dark conquering super-villainess is exactly the stuff she likes to be doing!

And then the kid becomes a massive disappointment, uninterested in world conquest, demonology or tasteful murder, she disappears one day and fulfills her ambition to become an accountant.

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How my CE Bloodrager would react:

Clearly, a sign from the ruinous powers! Blessed be! I shall turn this weak girl into an all conquering force, worthy of NURGALS MOIGHT and NOCTICULAS CUNNING! Let the insipid servants of the feeble light tremble and shiver at the thought of her approach! Your training starts now child!

Cue a suspiciously wholesome and upbeat training wheel montage. In this evil campaign, all villains are supposed to have one "quirk" you wouldnt expect from a villain, incidently, Mr. Bloodrager is really good with kids.

Inner monolouge

This is so suspicious, I need to figure out whose actual kid she is! I suspect a high ranking Succubus on one side, but it could also be the supposed father hmmm!

Hmm, with Gestalt?

I could go for a firebrand (Gunslinger)/Bard (Arcane duelist), this way you get a face, with ok skills and buffs (no lore monkey though), who has 3 good saves and is a 6th caster.

I do like playing swashbuckling corsairs. What is the starting level?
And are any feat tax rules in effect?

I do have that ambition to make rapier + pistol work in a non mythic game :).

Prospective group:

"Sully" a lawfull good Asmodean thiefling cleric

"Remy" A CN Witch of time.

"Mrs. Anime weabo protagonist" (working title) a virtous bravo with a Katana

"Mr. Smash" a very stronk monk of the falling hand.

Me, also known as "Mr. Boink", also known as "Sigurdr Snek in the Eye", also known as Siggi, a warpriest of Nocticula Gorrum Clearly! Look, that I am guarded by daggers, not greatswords, when I cast hedging weapons is just a tiny error of perspective, they are totally greatswords! Also, my indepth knowledge of Succubi just comes from seeking to know my enemy! YesYes!

That good sir was a quality post there!

My prospective character has zero compunctions about lying whenver he opens his mouth and is a warpriest of Nocticula (redeemer queen).

She could plausibly be currently legal on account of grevious personal harm infliceted upon Baphomet by her, and a pitch could be made that having her gobble up part of Callistrias market share in terms of followers could be a plausible plot for the Asmodeans to have these 2 go after one another, and not after house Thrune.

The thing I am uncertain about is, this type of divide at empere would instantly appeal to any real life occupier, but I do not know to what degree Cheliax local authorities habitually hold either idiot- or arrogance-balls.

Glass blowing (lenses do have a number of military applications) seems to be a reasonable thing to invest in.


I got a couple of questions:

--Is there a list listing the currently "legal" gods/demigods whatever in Cheliax?

--Is heresy against "legal" "gods", but gods who are not part of the infernal hierarchy punished in Cheliax? Meaning, I obviously get into problems with the government. But what if I vandalize a temple of father skinsaw with tasteful depictions of another assassination focused entity that is objectively much nicer to look at?

--Is there a list of what industries Kintargo has? My planned character is pretty much highly profit oriented, and would be planning to gain money by selling the Chelish military things that are expensive but which they dont actually need.

would you allow the Oracles echo archetype for non merfolk?

Oracles echo

Because this archetype seems a great campaign fit, and also an excellent supplement to the party, since the inspire courage does stack with archeologists luck.

DeathlessOne wrote:
Mightypion wrote:
I am playing a Shaman, keeping my merry band of murder hobos within chant range is nigh impossible.
This is why most/all of my Shamans have been half-elf. It's because of the favored class options available to them. Specifically, the elven one: "Add 5 feet to the range of a chosen shaman hex. Multiple bonuses from this ability can apply to the same hex, to a maximum of an additional 30 feet for any single hex." My chants have quite the range.

I opted for human for the blasting (and other) options from the cleric spell list.

I am playing a Shaman, keeping my merry band of murder hobos within chant range is nigh impossible.

People seriously underestimate the range limitations.

Also, cackling makes noise, and if you protective luck everyone, while cackling and then kick in the door you give the enemy time to prep and takes party members * rounds turns to do so, and is reasonably loud.

So, if you properly police time, and have enemies react, for example by retreating a bit and casting their buff spells and reading actions etc, things get less effective too.

The BBEG can jsut have some mooks who have stones that have silence cast on them, and throw them close to the cackling witch. No more cackling.


as a player who has now been mostly through it, I have to confess I have concerns about the encounter design.

We went in with a party of Antipaladin/Oracle, Skald/Swashbuckler, Witch, Cleric. Fairly optimized, but not having much in ranged combat.

Losoni either needs a plot based nerf, or plot based reasons to act stupidly.
If played intelligently, he will simply wreck any level 3 party, on his own, with limited counterplay.

There are several reasons for this:

--DC16 entangle at will is a massive area of effect
--If identified, players will assume him to be a ranged combatant, and their melees will advance
--At which points he move action teleports to the probably entangled backline and simply starts killing them, as the frontline struggles to get back into the fight with him.
--Something cathes him? Clonal tree stride out.
--Something fights him? Hah, dodging panache is rather hard to hit at level 3 while you are most likely entangled.
--There is also no indication whatsorever, prior to arriving, that there will be a super dryad, so its not like you would prep much for it.

--Essentially, if a player would play Losoni, and the DM would play the party, it would be TPK time 9 times out of 10.

Remove his advanced template
Reduce his swashbuckler levels to 1, so he doesnt have charmed life.
Have a buildup, for example, have there be reports that a soldiers of the archbaron sent first got rekt by it. If the party shows up with a lot of fire, and some cold iron weapons, they may have a chance.

The third one is probably the better one, but seriously, that thing is a strong CR6, a CR7 easily if played to the max.

His one failure state is breaking or stealing his weapon. The most common way to do that, grease, barely works due to his save + charmed live, and very few builds have sunder or disarm available at level 3.

Aeric shall be a grumpy Kellid Barbarian, a refugee from the worldwound, who is absolutely certain that evil Demons are behind all of this!

Lets give this a try!

stat1: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 6, 4) = 13 reroll 1s: 1d6 ⇒ 4 =14

stat2: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 5, 6) = 18 =16

stat3: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 1, 3) = 7 reroll 1s: 2d6 ⇒ (6, 4) = 10 = 13

stat4: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 4, 4) = 16 =14

stat5: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 6, 3) = 21 =18

stat6: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 2, 3) = 14 =12



I was initially thinking Skald, because of Spell kenning (which is very flexible) and scribe scroll (at level 1). We have 2 melee fighters who would likely accept rage.

So, 2 melee, one of them a 6 arcane caster, one high cha one high wis and one high int yes?


Urban Skald or ranged bard (both of these are more dex based but it can be hard to cram in ranged combat in this build, also, underwated ranged combat is ehish).


Blaster sorceror


Guilaumme de Tremaire

CG Galtese Gunslinger with delusions of dueling
Motivation: Not be in Galt, kick Demon Rear end, meet interesting people, become famous and resotre his family name (they got politically purged).

Personality: Pretty easy going, specific about duels, a republican in a monarchy, femme fatale magnet.

Ragnar af Raliscrad
N Culturally Kellid Half Orc Barbarian

Motivation: Take back my town of birth! Also, f+~+ Deskari in particular
Personality: Very professional for a Barbarian, hobby military historian, can sing every single Sabaton Song, adapted to Golarion, but he just doesnt sing very well.

Shadow Dragon wrote:
GM of the Crusade wrote:

That could potentially work! I think the main categories they’re lacking in are healing, casting, and a bit of rogue skills when Raban isn’t here.

So, for someone with limited PF1 experience, what would fill all of those roles with 2 classes? It's the adding in the rogue skills that I can't think of attaching to the other two unless there's a Wisdom based Rogue...

Combinations of rouge or slayer/some caster.

Combination of Bard (have pretty good rouge skills) or Skald with some likely dex based other class.

Slayer or rouge are obviously good "non magic" gestalts, Slayer is probably superior to rouge on account of having full bab.

Ranger with a wisdom caster on top was something I considered as well, I went for Gunslinger with a wisdom based sorceror, more casting less utility kind of.

Swashbuckler/Skald is surprisingly potent (you dont actually have to be dex based as a swash, the only parts demanding dex basedness is the free weapon finesse and swashbuckler dodge), i was considering it but its melee.

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