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Total failure for both of the weekly groups I run

Rising of the Shield guy

War for the (second) Crown: conversion testing.

Pathfinder Playtest Review

Red Flags seems way more fun when it isn't a playtest.

Paizo Blog: Order of the Amber Die--Doomsday Dawn Playtest: Wrap Up!


Captain Morgan's Doomsday Dawn run

The Mirrored Moon - party progress document

Sombrefell Hall and the inability to test the intended goals.

A long, meandering post on our DDD experience, and general feedback

Feedback from an investigation-focused adventure

When the Stars Go Dark Playtest Feedback (Take a Look, It's in a Book....)

Arclord's Envy Feedback (Spoilers!)

The misadventures of Joseph Joestar, and how not having range will kill you!

What to do with an Unfinished Chapter?

Deadmanwalking's Actual Playtest Thread

Mirrored Moon and the First Encounter TPK

This was a complete failure

Undarin Success Story (Spoilers!)

Paizo Blog: Order of the Amber Die--Doomsday Dawn Playtest, Part 7

Finally squeaked in some playtesting. Here's my thoughts on the classes I played.

I Hate Dispel Rules with a Burning Passion

Random Playtest Observations [Spoilers]

Invisibility vs Boss Monster [Spoilers]

How long can we do the PFS playtest?

Looking for some opinions on hypothetical Chapter 7 5-player encounter adjustments

Bardarok Playtest Report

Please update "Which version of the rules did you use" question in old surveys.

The True Heroes of Undarin (Major spoilers, duh)

[Raiders of Shrieking Pass] Learning to Focus

Prepping Red Flags

“Let’s Make a Deal”: Mirrored Moon (session 2) blow-by-blow report, 1.6 rules.

DM Livgin's Playtest Thread

Mirrored Moon with errataed DCs

Finished the playtest campaign.

TPK Fights *Spoilers*

Armor Class range for parties

The Mirrored Moon - Bringing Hexy Back

Paizo Blog: Order of the Amber Die--Doomsday Dawn Playtest, Part 6

Red Flags Feedback (or a Halfling, an Elf, a Half-Elf, and Goblin go to a Gala).

"57 Dice Rolls, and Nothin' On": Mirrored Moon (session 1) blow-by-blow report, 1.6 rules.

DD4: Mirrored moon, fast TPK and long story

Level 9 Fighter Feedback

Affair at Somberfell Hall Playtest Results

In Pale Mountain's Shadow: Battle Maps

Red Flags Reimagined: Report - Actually Enjoying Doomsday

“Knock, knock, who is there?”: Affair at Sombrefell Hall (session 4) blow-by-blow report, 1.5 rules.

Are meteors from meteor swarm rocks?

“Split Up to Cover More Ground”: Affair at Sombrefell Hall (session 3) blow-by-blow report, 1.5 rules.

The Links for Part 7 Surveys are Wrong

Combat Value of "Shrink"?

Why so much Confusion?

General impressions of playtest so far. All of this is done in Doomsday Dawn.

A sober campaign journal of Doomsday Dawn: Doom, gloom, and TPKs

Mabar Weapon Proficiencies

Part 7 Survey Broken?

Skill challanges in Doomsday

Red Flags: Necerion, Faerie Fire, and Disappearance

Sombrefell Hall: started well but ended TPK

Paizo Blog: Order of the Amber Die--Doomsday Dawn Playtest, Part 5

On the mechanics of the big boss of Part #7: When the Stars Go Dark [spoilers]

“Just Look Out The Window”: Affair at Sombrefell Hall (session 2) blow-by-blow report, 1.5 rules.

The vault in Red Flags [spoilers]

“Lockpicking with a bag of nails”: Affair at Sombrefell Hall (session 1) blow-by-blow report, 1.5 rules.

Characters Leveling Up During Doomsday Dawn

Red Flags (spoilers) - Monks, Wall Running and Traps

The Heroes of Undarin Feedback

A clever way past the Kraken

Arclord's Envy - Playing as Professor Kung-Fu!

First two encounters of the Stars Go Dark

First Impressions of Sombrefell Hall and Lock Picking [Small Spoilers]

Titania Playtest

First two encounters of the Stars Go Dark

Red Flags feedback (incomplete)

Firebombers of Shrieking Peak

Sombrefell Hil Feedback

My players' cumulative feedback so far.

Mirrored Moon - Cultists are better archers than spellcasters

'Fraidy-cat Ghost Mages in Undarin

The Mirrored Moon Feedback

Surveys: Add question about number of play sessions

End of Playtest?

Red Flags

the final encounter in Somberfell Hall illustrates deficiencies in the new system (spoilers)

Heroes of Undarin, a couple encounters overscale for 5+ players. (Spoilers, duh)

I cannot progress my character for Part 4 in any way I want to, should I just scrap it?

Starting with items with runes

Cold iron weapons in Heroes of Undarin

Really, Really Late Blow-by-Blow Report: End of Lost Star, Using Update 1.4 Rules.

When will the playtest of varying levels be?

Mirrored Moon

Red Flags: The "No Spells" rule served as a great distraction for Necerion

Adding more NPCs / role play to Red Flags

In Pale Moon's Shadow B3 River / Waterfall Drowning

Pale Mountain - Stealth and zone B4

Paizo Blog: Order of the Amber Die--Doomsday Dawn Playtest, Part 4

Looking For Commiseration; Re: Undarin

Demon Knowledge Going Into "Heroes of Undarin"

How to scale Drakkus from Lost Star down to fit a party size of 2?

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