How long can we do the PFS playtest?

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My group and I are focused on "Doomsday Dawn", but we are interested in doing the PFS modules as well. The tight schedule of the playtest isn't really giving us a lot of time to fit in the PFS modules. Maybe if the group gets demolished in "Heroes" or beats "Red Sails" in one session, we could squeeze one in.

How long will the surveys for the PFS playtest modules be open for? We could probably get them all done before the end of December, maybe mid-December.

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All playtest surveys will be open until the end of the year, including the ones for the PFS scenarios.

Thank you!

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Follow-up how long will these scenarios be playable as we look towards the new season of organized play?

Related question given a likelihood of never having quite enough time to play every scenario would are the PFS stories in the playtest scenarios worth giving up playing other scenarios I haven't played yet?

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