The misadventures of Joseph Joestar, and how not having range will kill you!

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This is a Heroes of Undarin story! Prepare to laugh at us not caring about death. We used 1.6, and started with 2 paladins, but ones of them switched to cleric when we realized that we NEEDED magic.

[TL;DR, in every party ever, have a heal engine, a tank, and SOMEONE WITH RANGE!]

So, let's talk about the Heroes and how we went from stomping face to getting murderized

  • Myself, Joseph Joestar, Str monk, trickster extraordinaire (never got to use pocket sand much, too busy kicking people to death). I took the Fist Wraps, Bracers, and a Ring of Ice as my 3 items, and I got the goggles of Night, 2 major heal pots, and the Cape of Mountebank, and the holy rune! from the group share (I also used my gold to buy Bracers of Deflection, I got shot at once... REAL efficient)
  • Bruce Leeroy, another Str monk, but MUCH more Ki heavy (we both took Ki powers, but Bruce went with WAY more Ki powers than me), he took the same 3 items that I did, but his ring was acid. From the group share, he took 1 greater pot (more Ki meant more Wholeness of Body), ring of Climbing, and Boots of Elven Kind
  • Shay, Paladin->Cleric of Desna and Grey Maiden. She (the player is a guy, so forgive me if I fudge the pronoun game) got as her 3 items, +3 armor(Grey Maiden variety), +3 weapon (don't remember WHAT it was exactly) and a Ring I think (or a +2 property weapon, I don't remember). From the share, Shay got the wand of healing, the Slippers? We lost track of those. And the +1 cold iron dagger
  • Akbar Kaboon, Paladin (redeemer) of... not-Desna... NG god(dess), didn't mean much plot wise. He got the +3 armor, +3 weapon, and the Adamantine shield. He got the Evocation staff (he took the Fool Magic Item feat), MAYBE the Slippers, all the ammo (He had a mundane shortbow, you can tell from the post name that he forgot about it, wasn't much point in it anyways, Ray of Frost did more damage) Lesser fire ring, and the Quickness pot. Shay and him split the rest of the pots from the group share.

So, with that, let's start with how pitiful the first encounter was at killing us. THE DEMONS ARRIVE! They used Dominate, and Shay was the only one to fail, she attacks Akbar... And misses, because Akbar has INSANE AC, my turn! I blow up my demon in 1 round... Dragon Kick Flurry (d12s if both hit... They did...) kick kick, with Metal Fists and the holy rune, I removed all of it's health in 1 round. Bruce (with Tiger stance) Did HIS flurry, crit his demon so he bled, and then Disrupt-ed Ki, 2 procs later after running away, THAT one died. Only 1 person got hurt, and it was from a single hit.

TREACHERY DEMONS! This one was kinda hard, the Treaches were kind of annoying, the Toad demon's only point was casting the Swamp, we had some kinda serious injuries, but nothing life threatening.

THIRD EVENT! I was nuking Blood demons left and right while Bruce focus fired ol' Slimey, he knocks Bruce out (first time someone is downed) Shay does a Burst (with Fiend channel), waking Bruce back up and disrupts some spell Smiley had going. Akbar nails the last Blood, so it's all hand on deck with the Slimer. He's gone, so now it's 3 Treat wounds and half an hour of lolly-gagging later.

E4! Not that hard actually, 1 Ki strike to each of them from me and Bruce (with POSITIVE damage) and another Channel Burst (low level, they only gave us scratches) and that's done...

NOW we get screwed, because you know how we've all fought these things so far? WITH MELEE! And spells (which Shay is almost out of!). Now we face a lich. Who can fly.... And ghost mages. Who can fly.... We did NOT have a fun time with this Event, me and Bruce kept wall running off pillar into Flurry-ing, and dive bombing from the holes in the roof. Akbar was using Ray of Frost and MM from the staff, and Shay spent a Searing Light on the Lich..'s mirror image. Lichy blinded Bruce who used Wind Jump to get in the air and strike the bastard, so I was on the ground using the Aid reaction to help Bruce peg the lich in his stupid face, meanwhile the Mages were Cone of Colding us CONSTANTLY since Shay only had Disrupt left to deal with them. 3 people downed->ressed later, I run up a pillar, hop on Lichy's back, and hit him to death. We're BADLY hurt, out of healing (other than the wand), and Akbar is hasted, but has a negative soul. (He "did lines with the lich powder")

THEN THE GOSH DAMN FRIGGIN DEMILICH SHOWS UP! He has his tornado (which means Melee sucks). Our only option to deal with Demi-boy is for me to run up and bring him to pound town (Akbar and Shay are dealing with the Banshee, Bruce is still blind)... I couldn't land a single hit on him... AFTER USING KI STRIKE! I was LIVID I needed a damn 15 to hit the MF-er in the face. 2 rounds of debris later, both me and Shay were on the ground, AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! Soul bind! I DIDN'T instantly die (Shay did the next round, marking the first death) and Bruce (STILL BLIND) was Kamehame-Ha-ing the Skeletons that were coming out of the graveyard. He died from the sheer quantity of flankers chipping away his life force, and then we called it a night with me dying, then Akbar, since we had to leave in 5 minutes (we play at a diner, they were about to close).

So, what lessons should we draw from this? A. 1.6 neutering cleric channels did the job it was meant to do B. Monks are REALLY good against everything that can touch and C. MAKE SURE SOMEONE IN YOUR PARTY HAS RANGED DAMAGE! DO NOT REPEAT OUR MISTAKES, FOR THE LOVE OF SARENRAE GIVE SOMEONE A GOSH DAMN BOW! If we had someone with range, the Lich wouldn't have been SO hard to kill since the bow person could just take pot shots until he was dead (again), and YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TO BE IN THE DEMI'S TORNADO OF DOOM TO KILL HIM!

All in all, until the Lich/Demilich fight, it was actually quite fun, it was challenging (but not TOO hard) and overall the tone was this nice mix of horror and goofiness (NONE of us took this seriously, we roughly knew this was the genocide adventure and thought a bunch of semi-comedic character who used gallows humor to deal with the messed up stuff they see in the World Wound was a neat party idea). Then the salt mines opened up once we knew that our only way of hitting anything was terrain manipulation and BS skill checks. So do yourselves a favor, and make sure you're at least packing a hand crossbow! (that's enchanted, mundane weapons are sheer trash after level 5 unfortunately). Sorry for the word salad, I just felt like giving context of the whole adventure would help get my point across

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The sudden preponderance of flying creatures must have been the work of an enemy Stand.

MaxAstro wrote:
The sudden preponderance of flying creatures must have been the work of an enemy Stand.

Oh nooooooooo!

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The worst part is that they forgot thus takes place at Za Warudo Woundo!

Toki wo Tomare!

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My players thought they had it handled because they had a bard who could spontaneously cast fly. It looked good on paper, but when we actually got deep into the adventure... yeah, he was pretty much out of 4th and 5th level slots by the time we hit this encounter, and even with the back-to-back (demi)lich encounters the duration simply wasn't long enough and he'd have needed to have been pretty much fresh to keep even half the party airborne for the entire fight duration. The nerfs to the fly spell have definitely hurt melee martials like the monk, since you really can't count on having a caster tag you with a fly spell on demand in this edition. I'd concur that having strong ranged attacking options is a practical necessity for most parties.

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