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It took us about 7 hours of play time over two nights to finish it. Overall we had fun, the general reaction was pretty positive once we were into actual play and turns went faster than our previous test session. Lots of positives there.

Party was two Paladins, a Bard, and a Cleric of Sarenrae (me).

Character creation

Was frankly the worst part. It took me four hours, again. A lot of that was trying to figure out how to get the items I wanted given the item levels I was restricted to ("item Tetris", as I call it). Would have greatly preferred to simply be given an amount of gold to spend however I wanted. Other people had trouble with creation as well, and one person wasn't done by time it was ready to play.


Some fun RP here, our DM does voices and it was amusing. We gave the armor to one of the Paladins, spoke to people at the mansion, and then forgot why we were there. Doh! A reminder later and we were moving along again. We spent some time looking around when the NPCs were all in the lab. Found the trap door and a locked room, but we had no way to break in and lots of discussion on if we even should. We didn't. We did find useful stuff in the piles of books and notes we found, which was neat.

First encounter

I don't remember what these were. Easy fight. They bunched up at the door and Cleric Fireballed them. Paladins and Bard mopped up what was left. Nobody took significant damage.


These guys came with friends, but the vampires were an issue. They got Bard isolated and in one round managed to get her to Drain 3. We had no way of fixing that in the party, as Cleric didn't take heightened restoration (we had no idea what types of enemies to expect, so it didn't seem practical at the time). So that wasn't great. We felt the lack of AoOs here. Realizing we could wave holy symbols around to ward them off helped a lot since we had several of those, and Cleric had Emblazon Symbol, which DM interpreted as having that item count. So he didn't even need a free hand to do it.

Overall this required some work on our part, which probably would have been better without letting Bard get isolated away from everyone else.


We had no idea what was going on here initially, except books were flying around hitting people. Eventually we did figure it out, but it kept disappearing so we had a hard time fighting it. Bard then spotted it for Cleric who lit it up with Faerie Fire (golden colored because Sarenrae ;) ). That helped a fair bit, but it was flying around so our normal weapons didn't work.

We took it down with a necklace of Fireball from Bard, some Paladin healing, and Cleric using Spiritual Weapon.


Super fun fight. These guys were interesting and scary. 3 people lost their shadow and the enervation was flying around. We had barricaded the NPCs in the room that led to the trap door so we had less area to protect, and that worked out well for us.

This was difficult but we won with everyone still up and not much in the way of resources left. Cleric and one of the Paladins made judicious use of Heal.

Again, we had no way to remove the enervate. So we were stuck with it.

Final encounter

I forget this guy's name. With how we were positioned, he tried to come in one way and sent the vampire spawn in through the door door. Cleric, now being totally out of spells (and Channels!), took up position at that door and waved his holy symbol around to ward off the vampires. Combined with the garlic we found in the pantry, they spent the entire encounter trying to make the Will save to get past that and failing. So it was incredibly effective, if not the most exciting thing to do.

Rest of the party beat the big guy down with one Paladin blocking the door, Bard inside the room, and the other Paladin providing flanking. The enervate being on so many people dragged this out a while, but we did win.

Final Thoughts

I didn't get to test Treat Wounds because any time we had damage to heal, I wasn't given enough time between encounters to use it. So that was a pain, but it also amped up the tension level of the scenario because we realized pretty quickly we had to pace our resources as we were not going to get to recover. We were largely out of spells and other resources at the end, so the tuning was spot on for our group... but only because we had a Cleric. Stick someone else in there and it would have been a real stretch.

Overall it went pretty well and people had a good time.

My group is way behind due to work travel schedules so starting this on Thursday.
On paper it all looks good and will give the one guy who likes RP more than tactics a chance to have some more story rather than dungeon crawl. 2 paladins and 2 clerics. Of course one of our players will then be on work travel for 3 weeks so who knows when we'll get to the next part. 2 sessions for Part 1 and 3 sessions for Part 2 and this looks like it'll be 2 sessions for us as well.

I think two sessions is likely based on your other session counts, yeah. If a couple of the fights go quickly you could speed that up, of course.

The group in which I play had two clerics, a bard, and a paladin. The whole adventure was an easy mop-up. AOE Channels were super effective and we had lots of them.

My group cooked a dinner and are now feting the researchers in the dining hall - this party are interaction monsters. Foreshadowing next session when the main door is being assailed. The PCs found all the hidden clues in the house, but didn't think of confronting the professor.

I was reminded that I forgot to hand out the extra magic items when I read this - I'll have the professor do that at dinner.

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