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Rose Street Revenge Killer Motive - Spoilers

Affair At Sombrefell Hall: Playtest Result

Doomsday Dawn Part 3 printed map - free for the first taker!

Lost Star play session log and feedback

Tank Paladin Reaction Clog

Building Barracades in Part 3

Pale Mountain: Any prohibition against Aid action?

Character Creation Session(s)

Thoughts on skills? My opinion on the new bonuses system.

PF2, PFS and Quality of Life.

Goblin Song for Area A7

[Spoilers] Questions about Lost Star

Dragonriderje's 'In Pale Mountain's Shadow' Playtest Report and Feedback

Dusk Comes to Doomsday: Playing the Playtest in Pathfinder

Should I allow the one-hour delayed preparation trick in Heroes of Undarin?

How many PCs should we playtest with?

Party Composition for the Playtest

Two encounters in Part 2 representative of the playtest.

5th Level Pregen - Seoni Save Bonuses

Death mechanic and other musings (spoilers)

[In Pale Mountain] The All-Nature Party

A few observations from Doomsday Dawn

Pale Mountain in 2 Weeks?

So I really dislike the drawing the maps part in In Pale Mountain’s Shadow

General Feedback: Two Weapon Fighting

Touch of Corruption

We finished the Lost Star playtest, here are our results

Pale Mountain: Most encounters feels like a life or death battle

A slightly late "Lost Star" playtest...

Heroes of Undarin: Demon Resistances

In Pale Mountain's Shadow

You Asked for Input on the "Map Experiment"

The Lost Star (Session 1) Lock Picking Feedback [Mild Spoilers]

A1. Slimy Cistern

A5: Fungus Bloom

The Lost Star Session 1 Feedback

Enemy Morale: would this skew the playtest?

Session 1 Recap: "Circus Lore"

Paladin vs Cleric, tested in UNDARIN [SPOILERS]

dd2 In Pale Mountain Shadow player feedback

Lost Star, Area A9: Choking Sands

The Lost Star - 6 Players Changes

Dire Rat in Lost Star A10?

Final Thoughts

Pale Mountain: Mercenary Scout Error?

In Pale Mountain's Shadow. Zakfah question

Electric latch rune missing reset?

In Pale Mountain's Shadow feedback

First Session; First Death

Doomsday Dawn Background Disappointment

Doomsday Dawn Party Size

The GDBM thread

Doomsday Dawn "In Pale Mountain's Shadow" GM Guide

Lost Star Experience

Lost Star Second Session Feedback (encounters A6-end)

[Pale Mountain] I will GM it soon and I have some issues

Preparing for "In Pale Mountain's Shadow" for 5 PCs, adjustment help needed!

GMming question with Gnoll Camp in Pale Mountain's Shadow

Lost Star PCs Retreated… Now What?

DD3: Sombrefell Hall playtest: nonspoiler base, spoilers in comments

Quick question re fungus

Kid's run through of The Lost Star

Pale Mountains Shadow travel time - what am I missing?

One Playtest at Insufficient Velocity

Clarification | Class Feats

Pale Mountain question: How does the party know how much time they have?

Paladin vs Cleric, tested in SOMBREFELL HALL [SPOILERS]

Prep and beginning of Lost Star

In Pale Mountain'S Shadow or Does nobody think of the Camels?

Lost Star - Playthrough

Pale Mountain

Part 2: In Pale Mountain’s Shadow Playthrough

Part 5 Prep: "Mundane Items"

Part 3 Survey: "Other Healing"

AIMM's PF2 playtest feedback (spoilers: minor lost star mentions)

Lyee's group subjects themselves to Doomsday Dawn

The Lost Star Playtest Notes by Mr.CoffeeCup

The Lost Star Playtest Feedback on Character Creation by MrCoffeeCup

Rose Street Revenge for 4th Level Characters

Raiders of Shrieking Peak GM feedback

A runthrough of Lost Star

Was it ever officially stated...

Old man's playthrough (Playtest Part 1)

Blow-by-Blow Report of Lost Star, First Session.

Lost Star First Session Feedback (encounters A1-6)

Play test ffeedback

Here is my feedback on "The Lost Star"

"The Lost Star" Playtest by Archimedes

"The Lost Star": My experience GMing after I played it.

Doomsday dawn part 1 - first impressions

Doomsday Dawn "Lost Star" GM Guide

Doomsday Dawn Part 1 Playtest Report - TPK at Drakus

Actual Play - Two-thirds of "Lost Star" adventure

Players wants to be a Druid

Critical Hits

Please clarify rules on Monster Perception DC (with errata)

Silent Tide – The PF2 Conversion

Is there a minimum damage on attacks?

Possible spoilers: Adding monsters to the playtest for larger groups. (specifically In Pale Mountain's Shadow)

How long is it taking to complete Lost Star?

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