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I'm not part of Pathfinder society, can we still use the Society Scenarios and give feedback

The Lost Star: Area A4 (Problems with Medicine Skill)

Minor issue

Dispelling Magic Traps (The Lost Star - A9: Sands of the Boneyard Trap)

GM Feedback from running half of the first Chapter.

I'm a noob and I need help

Doomsday Dawn Backgrounds

Feedback on Knowledge checks when starting Rose Street Revenge

Breath Control Feat Broken?

Some things that came up at Gen Con

Room A8 Flight of Stairs

Survey, Creating Characters And Eager Players

Do I have this correct?

Doom's Day Thoughts (Possible Spoilers)

PEACH My pre-gens for "Rose Street Revenge"

Had someone drop out of a playtest game

Gen Con Playtest Notes

Encounters for running "The Lost Star" with 5 PCs

"Lost Star" Playthrough - Long-Form

Pathfinder Playtest, checking characters for accuracy

Impossible Check, Mind Quake?

Character Creation Session and question

Doomsday Dawn for 3 players adjustments

Help understanding someting in Doomsday Dawn

Double Checking Reporting Rules

Red Flag Map Clarification

Evil PC's in the Playtest: Yea or Nay?

In Pale Mountain's Shadow pg. 24 Playtest Question

First session - so far, pretty good! (some bumps)

Lost Star survey not live yet?

Doomsday Dawn GM Feedback Part 1

Time Estimate?

The lost star - The action economy of doom!

Lost Star reward

What if the party simply takes a carriage to Pale Mountain?

Feedback on Lost Star

Impressions from my first session

Lost Star 2 Man

Just finished running Lost Star

Printer Friendly Character Sheet Query from a GM who does the printing...

Printer Friendly Reporting Sheet

Roll20 version of the module

Doomsday Dawn and The Dragon's Demand

Doomsday Dawn, uncommon options, and starting with magic items

PF1e conversion on the fly

Should GMs focus on running the playtest rulebook RAW, or should they integrate direct developer word on how mechanics are supposed to work?

Report of The Lost Star Game

General Character Creation Questions

Story Background

Gaining levels during Doomsday Dawn

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