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Quasits are OP!

Ryan B.'s Doomsday Dawn Campaign Journal

Lost Star: Player Goblin expositional song

[PFS] Rose Street Revenge and Arclord's Envy scenarios

Part 1 & 2 general feedback...

First impressions from running Part 1

Raiders of Shrieking Peak+Arclord’s envy, playtest experience

Doomsday Dawn Part 1 Feedback Sheet

Playtest Data for Part 1 (Player Side)

Question about the BBE in The Lost Star

Small concern about "Lost Star" map and ask for help.

Adding a Goblin Song to the first Goblin Encounter in Area A2

Why these maps for the Map Pack?

Struggling to find the motivations to run the playtests (spoilers for Doomsday Dawn)

dd2: In Pale Mountain’s Shadow, playtest experiences

Confused how to handle transitioning from Encounter Mode to Exploration Mode and back again

Doomsday Dawn, Scenario 2: Actual Play Feedback.

Shreakie Peakie: A Feedback (spoilers)

Pathfinder 2e Feedback: Doomsday Dawn Part 1

Entirely too wordy report of the Lost Star

Doomsday Dawn Party Size

Ashen Ossuary miniature set-up

Problems with starting equipment (Parts 2-6, but especially 4)

Playtest Monster Lists consolidated into one short pdf.

PTP reporting issue

Arclord's Envy player feedback (some spoilers)

Multiple GMs for different parts?

Why start at the beginning; the Sombrefell Affair. Spoilers, obviously.

The Start of Something Awesome: First-Time GM Runs Doomsday Dawn!

Joana's Newbie-Friendly Doomsday Dawn Campaign Journal

Running my First Game / Doomsday Dawn: The Lost Star (Part 1)

Doomsday Dawn, Actual Play experience, Scenario 1

Mindfog fungus missing some information?

The Lost Star - A perfect run

Session 0-1 feedback

Raiders of Shrieking Peak - character creation question

Playing with only 3 players?

Help me pick an ancestry feat

Old 1e AD&D players playtest PF 2e.

Doomsday Dawn Session One - Spoilers abound!

Adjusting Encounters in Lost Star

Dragonriderje's The Lost Star Feedback (Crazy Drakus fight)

5gp silver ring in Last Star

Player leaving

Rose Street Revenge feedback

First part (roughly 1 / 2) run through of Doomsday Dawn

My Account of Lost Star

In Pale Mountain's Shadow: How do the PCs know how much time they have left?

My Lost Star Game: 1st level without healing is rough!

In Pale Mountain's Shadow: Doom, gloom, and TPKs

Liking the new XP system.

Adjusting an encounter for the number of players

Lost Star Run Through - 6 person party

Doomsday Dawn part 1 feedback

A Dashing Adventure Of Goblins, Elves, Halflings And A Superstar Barbarian

GM Report: The Lost Star (good run!)

Play-test Druid Feedback

The Heroes of Undarin Banshee

Our Lost Star Runthrough (Part I)

Raiders of Shrieking Peak: feedback on critical hits and dying

Spell order mistake

Lost Star map from Talga

Playtest Doomsday Day Sawn Chapter 1 Lost Star

Yet another playthrough of The Lost Star - another perspective!

"The Lost Star" Session Report

Doomsday Dawn Part 1 Player Feedback

Doomsday Dawn - The Lost Star


Why only allow GM's to complete a survey once?

When to Start Chapter 2

General rulebook feedback

Pathfinder Second Edition feedback: Archlord's Envy

Uncommon Items

Lost Star Playtest Report

Why is the Family Friend background a trap option?

GM Credit and Reporting Sheet for Doomsday Dawn

10th-Level Character Creation

So my enemy is successfully Grabbed - now what?

How should I submit survey results as a GM if I run two groups through?

Lost Star experience

Doomsday dawn ch. 1 Lost Star - My players had fun!

Oversized party or Undersized

Impressions from my first session

Spaceships, Aliens and Science?

Looking at Encounters: Lost Star

Lost Star had the players leave and return multiple times.

Feedback from the Pathfinder Playtest Demo or “Accordion” scenario

Well, we didn't TPK, but we came close (Lost Star Playthrough Part I)

Put the number of squares moved with with Speed

Adding More Roleplaying Information

Bards currently do not have access to Alter Reality

Feedback on Lost Star

Feedback from A Lost Star

Community-Created Resources?

High AC, High HP, but low damage makes fights longer than needed

What is the Star of Desna?

Quick and Dirty breakdown - Chapter 1 Doomsday Dawn

Pathfinder Playtest Starting Equipment Question

Encounter design in the Lost Star

Rose Street Revenge Survey issues.

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