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Here I sit, updating the DCs from the patch notes, and feeling my stomach cramp up. I KNOW I am making the scenario less fun and abusing table 10-2, but for the sake of the playtest I guess I should. Blah!

(Pats on head) there, there.

If it makes you feel better, my party had little trouble with the DCs. Admittedly their rolls were fairly lucky but with a Bard Inspiring Competence everywhere they critted the majority of the social checks in the adventure and in that one infamous Athletics DC spot they all just used magic because jumping and climbing at 14th level is for plebs.

Honestly if your maxed or mostly maxed in a skill and have a Bard handy the DCs aren't bad at all, immersion issues aside. I think even without a Bard they'd be manageable.

I totally get the immersion issues though, I'm just saying that with the erratta'd table 10-2 it isn't bad in practice.

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Yeah, devoted characters can get +25 or so on some skills. That makes even the highest listed DCs doable, though not easy. As long as you have someone with about that in Diplomacy and close in Thievery you'll probably be fine on most checks (barring terrible rolls anyway).

Casts Bite the Hand on Edge93. :D

Ha! You've triggered my Mirror Image!

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