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Last week my group started Mirrored Moon, with the DC changes from the 1.4 update. I have a party of 6, but the two who are doing the searching have perception modifiers of +14 and +16, and survival modifiers of +10 and +15. (Everyone else is lower.)

Under the old numbers (DC 25 perception or DC 23 Survival), they needed to roll a number between 8 and 13 (depending on player and skill) in order to succeed, which makes critically succeeding and getting the important clues to a location possible.

Under the new numbers (DC 30 Perception or DC 27 Survival), they need to roll between an 11 and a natural 20 (depending) in order to succeed, which puts critically succeeding almost out of reach.

Are my players just significantly less optimized than they should be? Am I missing some key modifiers? Or did it just get that much harder to actually do this?

the DC expects everyone to roll which ups the chance that someone rolls a 20 to crit succeed.

I thought the idea behind the DC rebalance was to lower the inflated DCs seen everywhere, except in the case of group checks which would remain largely the same as before or only go up by 1 or so due to supposedly being targeted at +4 DC over the new lower single character check DC.

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It definitely feels like the Doomsday Dawn DC rebalance was out of whack. I personally feel that a level 3 ranger, an experienced woodsman, should have a damn good shot at succeeding these checks. So I'd put the DCs around 15-18. The actual DCs used seem like Paizo using the line of the player's levels in 10-2 to set DCs, instead of figuring out what level the challenge is.

Thankfully this particular DC was fail-forward, but I don't look forward to using the ridiculously inflated DCs in later sections (I think one went up by 9!?).

Chess Pwn wrote:
the DC expects everyone to roll which ups the chance that someone rolls a 20 to crit succeed.

If that's the case, the game really shouldn't offer a way to try and aid each other to get one person's roll up, or give people other options for things to do.

They're all traps when what you're really supposed to do is "throw lots of rolls at it to go nat 20 fishing."

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We just started Mirrored Moon last week, and I was taken aback by the revised DCs. In my four-player party the only character with halfway-decent survival is the cleric. Two of them have been assisting the other two, and so far it has been a string of failures, with a single exception when the rogue managed to roll a 31 perception. It has been a frustrating process to watch, and is eating through their time very quickly. I really want to give them some clues about where to go, but the crit success feels far out of reach. I'm wondering now if I should just tell them to try rolling independently.

I'm not really a fan of the nat 20 fishing philosophy, so I hope they don't intend that to be a normal thing going forward.

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