Total failure for both of the weekly groups I run

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This is heading in the direction of 5th edition did. It is a system designed not for home game but society games. Item creation rules are deplorable. Using the new system a crafter could never earn a living and it is worse for making magic items. As they 12 people I run like crafting both regular items as well as magic items it does not fit. One group tried making characters but finally put the task on me due to not being able to make what they wanted to play.Characters made in the new system are cookie cutter lacking the options of the 1st edition. Their general consensus is that everything they liked about Pathfinder 1st edition was removed. So for all 13 of us I give this edition a fail.
Thank you for your time.

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Hey bedeviler, I don't know about others but your feedback is quite welcome, if a bit late to the party.

That being said, from what has been said and shown there have already been rather HUGE and dramatic changes to the Playtest Rules for the final version.

Crafting in particular is one of my sore-spot areas so I understand that gripe, although I think it's worth noting that trying to use Crafting and mundane Skills as a function to make money is cumbersome at best, and I actually have to disagree with your sentiment regarding wishing it were improved as a way to make money. I MUCH prefer a unified Downtime system with easy to use, sensible tables for characters working a "day job" over trying to track the minutiae of crafting costs and time involved. Flatly put, I think that sitting safely in a workshop gaining no experience and undergoing no danger SHOULD not pay well, regardless of your existing skill set. Otherwise you'll end up with level 1 characters who spend 10 years just saving money and crafting to sustain a living so they can just afford that 1000g set of armor and weapon, it's silly and allowing a PC to
"work" the economy by crafting low/selling high has in my experience never been a great idea as it tampers with the Wealth By Level balance.

Just my 2c.

I love the downtime system and make heavy use of it. As a gm I also look at things from the npc side as well. Why would a caster ever make magic items for sell if they must spend the same amount of money as they spend to make it? Doing that, how would they feed themselves while they are crafting? The players I run like to craft both mundane as well as magical items. Alchemical items are very popular at low levels. On the mundane items paying 1/3 the cost makes them more useful, and since my games tend to be player driven, they get as much downtime as they want.
I waited until both groups finished the full tests before I posted my findings with the feedback from my players.

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