Magic Items

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Item slots still a problem

Magic bow + other magic arrow Question

Need a plate upgrade

How to know DC to discover properties on a Magic Item

Apocalypse Box

Does my player need spell components to cast a spell on a scroll he found?

Eye, Veiled

Roxley's Resonance System

Righteous Might and Bracers of Armor

Rules clarification on "Dispel Magic"

Righteous Might and Bracers of Armor

A math descrepency I noticed with staves

Lesser Ring of Wizardry Limited to 66%

Weapon potencies - Acid, Fire, Cold etc...

Can Wizards make Healing potions?

Can amulet of mighty fist be enchanced?

Magic and Economics: Please pick either supply or demand

What is a non-spell effect? ID Magic Items

HOLY weapons ?

What is the rationale behind item levels?

Staff Item Bonus

Automatic Bonus Progression: Second Edition

Let's talk speculate wildly about building shops and settlements.

Are Bracers of Armor almost always inferior to Leather Armor?

Scrolls and Potions

Resonance Test: Do Staves Have Charges or Not?

Monk Equipment Woes

How Can a Gorget of the Primal Roar Even Work?

Magic weapons are now virtually required to be effective.

Losing RP Due to the Bullheaded Mutagen

What if everyone became a caster through magic items?

Elven / Mithral Chain item level inconsistency.

What's the Point of Spell Caps?

Spellstrike ammo timing?

Effect of Quality and Potency on Item Level

Wands Still Get Exhausted: Boo

Why is Celestial Armor the same level as a Breastplate of Command?

Suggestion for New Resonance: No 1 / Day Charge Stuff Please

Paizo stream: Resonance, Focus, Items and (!) Class Powers.

Thoughts and suggestions on the new focus system

Magic Weapons Damage Dominance

Magic staves with potency runes

Sleep Arrow Crafting Design Questions

Staves and Exchanging Charges

Magic Ammunition Quantities

Holy Water and Ring of the Ram

Proposal: make a generic skill bonus magic item

Question about Spellstrike Ammunition

Extra damage dice leave d4 weapons in the dust

An Ethical Solution To The Healing Problem

Does the Philosopher's Stone Auto-Grant the Elixir of Rejuvenation?

Tanglefoot bags are broken

How do you use the Climbing Bolt?

Potion of Disguise Typo

No Potency For the Lion's Shield

What Does Ghost Ammo Come Back As?

Improving a Gloom Blade

Shields are too easily destroyed.

Awesome knick-knacks and hidden gems

A thought on Resonance.

Experienc with resonance points

Ideas for improving shields!

Resonance: Designing it to be rewarding (The carrot, not the stick)

Downtime healing - perhaps a different approach?

Potion Miscibility: A Solution to Resonance?


Magic Staff charges

Treasure Level vs. Item Level

What creatures are weak to silver?

Resonance Specifically At Low Levels

Traveler's Any tool

Bracers of armor and Ring of Wizardry

Resonance: Making it more flexible could provide balance

change sword critical effect

Heavy Magic Armor should not be "Higher Level"

Weapon Maths, including magic +5

An alternative to Resonance: Spell Sickness and Rituals

Handwraps of Mighty Fists Without Runes

Why can you not etch runes into shields?

General thoughts and questions on treasure and specific items

Example of how bad crafting magic items currently is

Potency Crystal (PRB 402)

Bracers of Armor Verbiage

Should weapon proficiency and magic weapons swap effects?

Rune bombs?

Permanent 1st level items

The extra costs for heavy armor add extra complication

Magic weapon / armor pricing

Deadmanwalking's Magic Item Problems Thread

Necklace of Fireballs - Resonance Points and Operate Activation

Selling Magic Items

Transfering Runes

Observations on resonance after first playtest

Armor is too weak / almost pointless

Specific weapons and armor vs magic staves

Bows needs a critical effect

owlbear claw - is an unarmed strike a weapon

Various questions and corrections

[Resonance] Why I like it and how I think it can be improved.

Character wealth / treasure tables and permanent items at low levels

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