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I'm sorry if this is a really stupid question but I have to ask because my GM won't check this and I don't want to metagame. Are you supposed to gain enough EXP during any part of Doomsday Dawn that your character will level up? My GM has decided to just assume the answer is no, and thus does not tell us EXP for finishing encounters. I've addressed this issue with him because I figured the new EXP system should be playtest just like everything else, but he basically blew me off. To be honest, I'm mainly concerned with part 7 as that would be the only opportunity to playtest up to level 20, and high level play is what I dislike most about first edition.

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No. All leveling takes place between the parts, for the PCs that recur.

As above. You stay at the same level you start at within each chapter. The Playtest does go up to 17, which is still pretty high. It gets level 9 spells on the table but not capstones.

For the group I GM I am actually going to make a semi-ridiculous level 20 adventure for their recurring characters after the playtest for fun, which will serve mostly as an excuse to go fight all of the hardest monsters in the Bestiary. XD

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