“Knock, knock, who is there?”: Affair at Sombrefell Hall (session 4) blow-by-blow report, 1.5 rules.

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This is continuing from session 3.

Note: There may be mistranslations: My GM translated the scenario on the fly from English to Swedish as we played, and I translated from Swedish to kind-of-English as I wrote notes on what happened.

== Characters ==

The characters were:
Arami, Cavern Elf Maestro Bard.
Deena, Cavern Elf Cleric of Honey, passion domain.
Elise, Cavern Elf Cleric of Honey, passion domain.
Keyt, Cavern Elf Rogue.
The characters were played by two players, each playing two characters. All characters had Darkvision, Fleet and Nimble.

Facebook link to a picture from a playtest session.

== Introduction ==

As it only was a few days since we played session 3, we did not need to do any intro or recap, but proceeded with immediately placing our characters on the map.

* Keyt went into the dining room.
* Arami and Deena into the study, together as Deena had just cast Restoration on Arami.
* Elise stayed in the hall.

Arami was given the opportunity to roll an open Perception check: 20 - nothing.

Action kicked off by someone outside sending us a taunting and threatening telepathic message. The message made us believe the final attack was imminent, so we immediately gathered again in the Hall, in order to cast the buff spells we had hoarded so far.

Exploration mode did not seem to suit the situation, but we had not really made contact with anything yet, so rolling initiatives felt premature. So, we fell back on what we've done before in other editions and games: "round-by-round play in whatever character order seems suitable".

-- Pre-combat round 1 --

We heard someone read a spell out loud outside.

Arami: Cast invisibility, heightened to lvl 4, on Keyt.
Elise: Circle of Protection on the Professor.
Keyt: Occultism to identify spell: 26 - "Telekinetic Haul".
Deena nothing.

-- Pre-combat round 2 --

Door is thrown open with great force, clearing the rubble inside it.

Arami: Cast invisibility, heightened to lvl 4, on Deena.
Elise: Cast sanctuary on herself, while making a pearl from her Necklace of Fireballs ready. (Somewhat contradictory, yes, I know)
NPCs: Move into the dining room
Keyt: Move to just beside the now empty doorway.

As we could now see the enemies just outside the doorway, the GM decided it was time for the fight proper to start.

== Fifth Fight ==

Keyt: Stealth 34 (Automatic 20 on the roll, as per the invisibility rules.)
Deena: Stealth 27 (Same as above, as she was also invisible)
Arami: Perception 27
Elise: Perception 25
Ilvoresh: 16 (natural 1!)
Vampire Spawns: 21

Illvoresh started with Mirror Image running.

-- Round 1 --

Keyt: Delay

Deena: Delay

Arami: Dirge of Doom. Move to encompass all enemies in the aura. This required some rule lookup to determine the effect of a wall with a doorway between us and them, but apparently an Aura does not need a line of effect, making it go through a wall OK. The move made Arami the closest visible character to the enemy.

Elise: Throw a 4d6 Necklace of Fireballs pearl. More rules argument about whether the damage should be upgraded as per upgrade 1.5 or not. As the item stated it did damage as the spell, we allowed the item to get the spell's damage upgrade, so the "4d6" pearl actually did 6d6, which turned out to be 20 damage when rolled.
Ilvoresh: Save 17 - fail.
Vampire 1: Save 22 - success.
Vampire 2: Save 20 - success.

Keyt: Move. Backstab vs Vampire 1: 29 - crit, damage 39, killed. "You're Next" versus Vampire 2: 31 - crit: fleeing. Sneak: 34 - hidden again.

Vampire 2: Run away.

Ilvoresh: Cast paralyze on Arami. Arami: Save 18 - fail, paralyzed for one round. Move into contact with Arami.

-- Round 2 --

Deena: Cast Divine Wrath on Ilvoresh, damage 26. Ilvoresh: save 17 - fail, Sick 1.

Arami, paralyzed: 3 x Know Occultism rolls. The GM postponed the rolls until later. No, we never got around to resolve them.

Elise: Delay.

Keyt, invisible and next to Ilvoresh, decided to use an old trick versus Mirror Image - close her eyes and use Blind-Fighting to find the right target.
Backstab vs Ilvoresh: flat check ok, strike: 30 - crit, damage: 38. Ilvoresh: save versus brain loss: 21, fail - enervated 1. Backstab vs Ilvoresh: flat check ok, strike: 19 - miss. Backstab vs Ilvoresh: flat check fail.

Vampire 2: Sneak: 31 - success. Move. Move.

Ilvoresh: Bite vs Arami: 30 - hit, 20 damage + venom. Arami: save 29 - success. Claw vs Arami: 25 - hit, 17 damage + energy drain. Arami: save 18 - fail, enervated 1. Claw vs Arami: 21 - miss.

Elise: Move. 1-action Heal 4 + Healing Hand on Arami: 37 HP, Arami back at full HP.

-- Round 3 --

Deena: Delay. (Waiting for the second Vampire Spawn to return.)

Arami: Draw rapier. Strike vs Ilvoresh: nat 20 - crit and Mirror Image bypass, 30 damage - Ilvoresh killed.

Vampire 2, no longer controlled by Ilvoresh, immediately turned and fled.

Fight over.

== Cleanup ==

With Ilvoresh dead, The Professor thought himself cured from his affliction and he would be more than willing to help.

About here, Keyt's player discovered that blind-fight apparently only worked against opponents of a lower level than you, and was much incensed. As important fights tended to be against higher opponents, not lower, that would make that feat worthless.

== Session End ==

Time Spent: 1h 5min.
Death saves: 0.
Hero points spent: 0.
Total party damage taken: 37.
Consumables used: 1 fireball bead.
Resonance used on anything other than daily investments: 1 for fire ball bead.
Spell points used: 0.

== Scenario End ==

Time Spent: 2h 11min + 3h 20min + 2h 42min + 1h 05min = 9h 18min
Total party Death saves: 0.
Total party Hero Points spent: 2 on a reroll.
Total party damage taken: 91.
Total party Consumables used: 2 holy water as material components, 2 fireball beads.
Total party Resonance on non-investments: 4 (2 fireball beads, 2 staff charges)
Total party Spell Points used: 0.

The rest of the allotted session time was spent starting to level up our characters for Mirrored Moon.

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