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"57 Dice Rolls, and Nothin' On": Mirrored Moon (session 1) blow-by-blow report, 1.6 rules.

"Lost Star" Playthrough - Long-Form

"Rose Street Revenge" - Ended in TPK

"The Lost Star" Playtest by Archimedes

"The Lost Star" Session Report

"The Lost Star": My experience GMing after I played it.

'Fraidy-cat Ghost Mages in Undarin

5gp silver ring in Last Star

5th Level Pregen - Seoni Save Bonuses

10th-Level Character Creation

A1. Slimy Cistern

A5: Fungus Bloom

Actual Play - Two-thirds of "Lost Star" adventure

Adding a Goblin Song to the first Goblin Encounter in Area A2

Adding more NPCs / role play to Red Flags

Adding More Roleplaying Information

Adjusting an encounter for the number of players

Adjusting Encounters in Lost Star

Affair at Somberfell Hall Playtest Results

Affair at Sombrefall Hall Playtest Feedback (Spoilers)

Affair at Sombrefell Hall = Theatre of the Mind

Affair at Sombrefell Hall contradictions

Affair At Sombrefell Hall: Playtest Result

Affair at Sombrefell Hall: The Divine Comedy

AIMM's PF2 playtest feedback (spoilers: minor lost star mentions)

Almarane's Doomsday Dawn journal

An issue with the Heroes of Undarin map and Huge sized creatures

Arclord's Envy - Playing as Professor Kung-Fu!

Arclord's Envy 1st encounter inconsistencies

Arclord's Envy Feedback (Spoilers!)

Arclord's Envy player feedback (some spoilers)

Arclord's Envy's First Map is from Village not Village Sites

Arclord's Envy, player review. Spoilers!

Are meteors from meteor swarm rocks?

Armor Class range for parties

Ashen Ossuary miniature set-up

Bardarok Playtest Report

Bards currently do not have access to Alter Reality

Blow-by-Blow Report of Lost Star, First Session.

Breath Control Feat Broken?

Building Barracades in Part 3

Bulk is bad.

Campain Journal

Captain Morgan's Doomsday Dawn run

Chapter 2 Shenanigans

Character creation & playtest adventure part 1

Character Creation Session and question

Character Creation Session(s)

Characters Leveling Up During Doomsday Dawn

Clarification | Class Feats

A clever way past the Kraken

Cold iron weapons in Heroes of Undarin

Combat Value of "Shrink"?

Community-Created Resources?

Confused how to handle transitioning from Encounter Mode to Exploration Mode and back again

Critical Hits


A Dashing Adventure Of Goblins, Elves, Halflings And A Superstar Barbarian

dd2 In Pale Mountain Shadow player feedback

dd2: In Pale Mountain’s Shadow, playtest experiences

DD3: Sombrefell Hall playtest: nonspoiler base, spoilers in comments

DD4: Mirrored moon, fast TPK and long story

Deadmanwalking's Actual Playtest Thread

Death mechanic and other musings (spoilers)

Demon Knowledge Going Into "Heroes of Undarin"

Dire Rat in Lost Star A10?

Dispelling Magic Traps (The Lost Star - A9: Sands of the Boneyard Trap)

DM Livgin's Playtest Thread

Do I have this correct?

Doom's Day Thoughts (Possible Spoilers)

Doomsday Dawn Part 1 Feedback Sheet

Doomsday Dawn "Affair at Sombrefell Hall" GM Guide

Doomsday Dawn "In Pale Mountain's Shadow" GM Guide

Doomsday Dawn "Lost Star" GM Guide

Doomsday Dawn - The Lost Star

Doomsday Dawn and The Dragon's Demand

Doomsday Dawn Background Disappointment

Doomsday Dawn Backgrounds

Doomsday dawn ch. 1 Lost Star - My players had fun!

Doomsday Dawn for 3 players adjustments

Doomsday Dawn GM Feedback Part 1

Doomsday Dawn IV: A New Hope

Doomsday dawn part 1 - first impressions

Doomsday Dawn part 1 feedback

Doomsday Dawn Part 1 Player Feedback

Doomsday Dawn Part 1 Playtest Report - TPK at Drakus

Doomsday Dawn Part 3 printed map - free for the first taker!

Doomsday Dawn Party Size

Doomsday Dawn Session One - Spoilers abound!

Doomsday Dawn, Actual Play experience, Scenario 1

Doomsday Dawn, Scenario 2: Actual Play Feedback.

Doomsday Dawn, uncommon options, and starting with magic items

Doomsday Noon...

Double Checking Reporting Rules

Dragonriderje's 'In Pale Mountain's Shadow' Playtest Report and Feedback

A few observations from Doomsday Dawn

A long, meandering post on our DDD experience, and general feedback

A runthrough of Lost Star

A slightly late "Lost Star" playtest...

A sober campaign journal of Doomsday Dawn: Doom, gloom, and TPKs

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