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Game Master Rules

Magic Items
Monsters and Hazards
Running the Game

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What are Perception DC, Reflex DC, & Will DC for monsters?

Nat 20 and Nat 1

Converted Rise of the Runelords Playtest

Item slots still a problem

AoE vs Flat DC

Secret skill roll list?

Surprise round questions

Magic bow + other magic arrow Question

Need a plate upgrade

How to know DC to discover properties on a Magic Item

Apocalypse Box

Experience Points Award

Does my player need spell components to cast a spell on a scroll he found?

Custom Creature level?

Treasure Distribution

Eye, Veiled

When the Stars go Dark for 6 or 7 people

Saving Throw result bumps stack?

Kingmaker Leadership Hierarchy

Death House Conversion to Pathfinder 2nd edition

Feat spell clarifications

Rules for putting out fires

What is a Yamenhulk?

Roxley's Resonance System

Righteous Might and Bracers of Armor

Rules clarification on "Dispel Magic"

How does tripping work?

DM Newbie, small party finding CR1 encounters hard.

PF1 stories you can't quite tell in the playtest.

Righteous Might and Bracers of Armor

A math descrepency I noticed with staves

Lesser Ring of Wizardry Limited to 66%

Weapon potencies - Acid, Fire, Cold etc...

Can Wizards make Healing potions?

Can amulet of mighty fist be enchanced?

Clay Golem autokill with ray of frost?

Magic and Economics: Please pick either supply or demand

Stamina and Health System

A Reaction Can Trigger a Reaction, Right?

Converting Ironfang Invasion to playtest rules. (spoiler)

What is a non-spell effect? ID Magic Items

Grab ability and MAP

Trying to start a group as a new gm any advice?

Rysky Reviews the Playtestiary, Monster Parade!

HOLY weapons ?

Questions about Non-Adventurers

Massive GM Sheet (Google Sheets)

TAC and spell choice

Attacks with Grab / Knockdown / etc

Minion attack mechanic

Full monster creation rules sometime?

But I need Monster Y with Level A to be Level A +4! (Tool)

Doomsday Dawn custom maps [spoilers]

Difficulty Class - What makes narrative sense?

What is the rationale behind item levels?

Hyenas can knock over Dragons? OR - What's up with Knockdown

Staff Item Bonus

Converting a Homebrew Setting to the New Rules

Automatic Bonus Progression: Second Edition

Table 10-2 is a GM's Nightmare

"Your previous action must have been" on the same turn?

Let's talk speculate wildly about building shops and settlements.


Basketball is UnPossible - OR 10' move to even try and jump?

Are Bracers of Armor almost always inferior to Leather Armor?

Rune Giants crit too hard!

Copying Stat blocks

Need help with some ideas on Fighting encounters that are roleplayed!

Totally unused actions

Liquid Leap

Any Indication of Whether Hazards Are Getting Conceptually Tightened Up?

Request for section on Spell Perception

GM Laments: Char list is hard to interact, Actions\activities are complicated to remember, entry barrier for new players is high... (And some thoughts about solving)

Scrolls and Potions

How does Greater Constrict actually work?

Adapting "Red Flags" for 2 Players

Resonance Test: Do Staves Have Charges or Not?

Improved Grab and Constrict (Doomsday Dawn Spoilers)

Initiative, Exploration, and Narration

Demilich question

Fortitude DC?

Ongoing Feedback - Home Campaign - Not Doomsday Dawn

Monk Equipment Woes

How Can a Gorget of the Primal Roar Even Work?

Magic weapons are now virtually required to be effective.

What if there was a "minor" action 1 / round for things like shifting grip?

Losing RP Due to the Bullheaded Mutagen

Greater Shadow, Shadow steal

Speed up combat with less HP?

Home Brew Recap: Sessions 0, 1 & 2.

How does Unconscious work when it's not caused by dying?

Suggestion: Hero Points

NPC spellcaster, spell rolls, and dispelling.

Bard's Counter Performance vs. the Suggestion spell

New - Exploration Tactic - "Setting an ambush"

Attacking a creature grappling you

Re-rolling failed checks.

Starting Wealth for PFS Playtest Scenarios?

Dropping to 0 HP while transformed

What if everyone became a caster through magic items?

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