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So I'm getting ready to play in Heroes of Undarin this Saturday. The gear selection is different than the other parts. It mentioned that you can select a +3 weapon. Can this be cold iron? This is the Worldwound, I was under the impression that cold iron weapons were basically standard issue for anyone fighting there. Is this the case, or are we stuck with standard weapons unless you shell out for them separately?

As near as I can tell, the players have to pay for any upgrades not specifically listed. So no +3 cold iron weapon, because you can't afford a Master weapon's worth of cold iron on the amount of money they give you.

As far as I know, a masterwork weapon is a 7th-9th level item (depending on material), while a +3 potency rune is a 12th level item, I don't see why you couldn't do that.

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Because its pretty clear that the developers want the PCs to be using stock weapons. And those stock weapons include cold iron arrows but not cold iron greatswords.

Archers rule!

Having played about halfway through Heroes of Undarin, I'd add that cold iron weapons would almost certainly be overpowered for what the developers are going for.

I let two of my characters for that session sell their Ring of Energy Resistance to pay for the Cold Iron upgrade. Failing that I'd have at least let them take a +2 elemental weapon and put the runes on one of the Cold Iron weapons they were given as part of the preset gear for the adventure. But this will be a matter of table variance.

Or if your GM allows you could take a +2 elemental weapon, spend your GP on an expert cold iron weapon of your choice, and then transfer the runes.

Though I just realized, I don't think you could put the elemental rune on because of the lower capacity of cold iron. Which I honestly think makes it decently balanced, a +2 cold iron weapon versus a +2 elemental or +3 normal weapon. The cold iron weapon may be more universally useful but the other options have other perks too.

Also if we can't get at least reasonable access to cold iron for this, Monk kinda becomes the king class. XD My HoU experience so far can confirm this.

Also I'd argue that with their huge HP pools they are intended to be faced by foes with at least decent access to their weaknesses and possibly the ability to exploit multiple weaknesses at once (SERIOUSLY, the level 13 foes in this AP have almost as much HP as the friggin' level 18 Kraken!)

Edge93 wrote:
(SERIOUSLY, the level 13 foes in this AP have almost as much HP as the friggin' level 18 Kraken!)

I know, those HP totals are so inflated and really drag out the combats.

Dasrak wrote:
Edge93 wrote:
(SERIOUSLY, the level 13 foes in this AP have almost as much HP as the friggin' level 18 Kraken!)
I know, those HP totals are so inflated and really drag out the combats.

Yeah, I didn't quite expect it going in. But when you consider how many weaknesses they have and that they can be multi-procced it certainly makes preparation an important part of fighting them. Which is an idea I love but it makes it dang hard if you don't have the right stuff. Our HoU would be going faster if I'd known sooner that the Monk with the Holy Rune was supposed to be double-proccing all along. Made fight 3 quicker. XD Also if our Blade of Justice-using Paladin had decided to transfer runes to the Cold Iron Shortsword instead of using a steel Longsword. XD

Like I love the idea that they can be brought low so effectively by exploiting their weaknesses, but dang does it make them trouble for an unprepared party.

You need to buy them separately, as the +2 elemental weapon is clearly stated to be Expert-level steel (and +3 weapons are Master-level steel).
That said, it's not particularly hard to do so, unless the GM gives you a list of specific objects and items to pick from which seems to be made specifically to restrict this sort of metaplay.

If I ever decide to run this one (strongly considering not to), it will be interesting to see what hoops my players jump through to get cold iron weapons. I am fairly confident they will. :)
Furthermore, I am of the opinion that Table 10-2 should be destroyed

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