Doomsday Dawn Game Master Feedback

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Total failure for both of the weekly groups I run

War for the (second) Crown: conversion testing.

Pathfinder Playtest Review

Red Flags seems way more fun when it isn't a playtest.


Captain Morgan's Doomsday Dawn run

The Mirrored Moon - party progress document

Sombrefell Hall and the inability to test the intended goals.

A long, meandering post on our DDD experience, and general feedback

Feedback from an investigation-focused adventure

When the Stars Go Dark Playtest Feedback (Take a Look, It's in a Book....)

What to do with an Unfinished Chapter?

Deadmanwalking's Actual Playtest Thread

This was a complete failure

Undarin Success Story (Spoilers!)

Random Playtest Observations [Spoilers]

Invisibility vs Boss Monster [Spoilers]

Looking for some opinions on hypothetical Chapter 7 5-player encounter adjustments

Bardarok Playtest Report

Please update "Which version of the rules did you use" question in old surveys.

The True Heroes of Undarin (Major spoilers, duh)

Prepping Red Flags

DM Livgin's Playtest Thread

Mirrored Moon with errataed DCs

TPK Fights *Spoilers*

The Mirrored Moon - Bringing Hexy Back

Red Flags Feedback (or a Halfling, an Elf, a Half-Elf, and Goblin go to a Gala).

In Pale Mountain's Shadow: Battle Maps

Red Flags Reimagined: Report - Actually Enjoying Doomsday

Are meteors from meteor swarm rocks?

The Links for Part 7 Surveys are Wrong

Why so much Confusion?

A sober campaign journal of Doomsday Dawn: Doom, gloom, and TPKs

Mabar Weapon Proficiencies

Part 7 Survey Broken?

Red Flags: Necerion, Faerie Fire, and Disappearance

On the mechanics of the big boss of Part #7: When the Stars Go Dark [spoilers]

The vault in Red Flags [spoilers]

The Heroes of Undarin Feedback

A clever way past the Kraken

First two encounters of the Stars Go Dark

First Impressions of Sombrefell Hall and Lock Picking [Small Spoilers]

Titania Playtest

First two encounters of the Stars Go Dark

Red Flags feedback (incomplete)

Mirrored Moon - Cultists are better archers than spellcasters

'Fraidy-cat Ghost Mages in Undarin

The Mirrored Moon Feedback

Red Flags

Heroes of Undarin, a couple encounters overscale for 5+ players. (Spoilers, duh)

Red Flags: The "No Spells" rule served as a great distraction for Necerion

Adding more NPCs / role play to Red Flags

In Pale Moon's Shadow B3 River / Waterfall Drowning

Pale Mountain - Stealth and zone B4

Looking For Commiseration; Re: Undarin

Demon Knowledge Going Into "Heroes of Undarin"

How to scale Drakkus from Lost Star down to fit a party size of 2?

Map Scale

Some issues prepping Red Flags. Could do with some advice.

Floating in a pool of vomit (Heroes of Undarin feedback / horror story)

Affair at Sombrefell Hall: The Divine Comedy

Heroes of Undarin and the easy way to auto-win the adventure

Giant Scorpion Venom [Pale Mountain + Spoilers]

Starting items at higher levels

Mathmuse on Chamber of the Sunken Stones at Pale Mountain

Heroes of Undarin, Part 1 Combat Log and Notes (with Paladin rant)

Joe M's Playtest Thread

An issue with the Heroes of Undarin map and Huge sized creatures

Heroes of Undarin chargen questions

Heroes of Undarin: Event 10 Typo?

Doomsday Noon...

Heroes of Undarin error

Whats your pace looking like?

Session results and questions for my group's Doomsday Dawn playtest

Pale Mountain feedback (encounter focussed)

Affair at Sombrefell Hall contradictions

Mirrored Moon made my players quit.

How do Research Points in the Mirrored Moon actually work?

Why Is Elven Chain Such A High-Level Item?

Heroes ofUndarin Starting Gear

Thoughts About Quicksand

Red Flags and magic [spoilers]

Heroes of Undarin - Cold iron weapon question

Pale Mountain time limit

Sombrefell Hall - Shadow Spawn - regular shadow or greater shadow?

Mirrored Moon feedback I forgot to give in survey

Getting Ready for Pale Mountain - Questions on Encounters

Mirrored Moon GM Survey question

What has killed your party?

Played the playtest afterthoughts

Red Flags

Recent Play Reflection (Lost Star)

Our Experiences W / Pale Mountain

Pale Mountain adventure feedback

Mirrored Moon - timing problems

Mirrored Moon - Probably the best part of the playtest so far

My Bard Broke the Mirrored Moon

The Lost Star Feedback

Mirrored Moon Encounter I

Lost Star player-tailored rewards?

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