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My group is far behind in running the playtest as we are just set to begin The Mirrored Moon this weekend. As part of my preparation, I have created a document to track the party's progress and thought I'd share it with all of you in case anyone could use it. I intend to give this to my players and have them track the info themselves (I already have enough to do). I will give a Hero Point to the player tracking this stuff for the party.

Party progress document

As you can see, I have scheduled things so that the adventure starts on Gozran 23rd and the eclipse happens on the summer solstice of Sarenith 21, purely for flavor reasons of course as the adventure doesn't call out when the eclipse actually happens during the year. This gives the party 60 days to accomplish their goals. I will have them cross off the days as time goes on, and this also makes a handy place for them to note when items they order will arrive at camp.

Feel free to use this if you think you'll get some benefit out of it.

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