When will the playtest of varying levels be?

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When will we a scenario where the character levels aren’t all exactly the same?

Right now, I’m concerned because it looks to me like being the low level person playing up is much more deadly and much less effective. Think of the person playing a level 6 on a 6-9 table, the bosses are going to be capable of critting about 25% of the time and almost guaranteed to hit. The spells will be especially effective against the person playing up and they will have less resources to mitigate it.

I would really like to see some tests with a group of mixed levels, like it typical in a PFS game. In a home game, it isn’t too tough to keep everyone within one level of everyone else, but I really don’t see that as practical in PFS.

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Thanks for asking.

While the public Pathfinder Playtest has characters of the same level playing together, the Organized Play team is keenly aware of the power issues that arise when mixed subtiers adventure together. This is part and parcel of our ongoing discussion of what tiers/subtiers we intend to use for PFS v2.

At this point, we are exploring various options that would ensure viable tables of mixed subtiers, but like other parts of PFS v2, we won't have answers until after the playtest ends and we can see the final version of the rules.

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