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In the adventure Doomsday our playtest Group found the DC ALL to high, especially the DC for climb, seek and disarm. Most or all is above DC 16 up to 21.
This together with the current skill system where you get plenty of classes that really cant contribute at all in skill challenges or are downright deadly for themself trying to use skills. Several of our player feel they couldnt contribute when it comes to skill challenges at all.
Examples Most classes cant climb or sneak!
Also the current skill system makes for highly static and unrealistic characters bound as they are by their classes need for specifik abilities.
This makes for a really boring and anti roleplaying game since you as a player cant roleplay your character as you want for the fluff.

Even worse is that some skills some classes should logical be good at they are not.
Examples: Intimidation Barbarian, they have no charisma so they are useless in this.
Rangers and Rogues that dont have wisdom and are bad in Perception, instead you have Clerics and Druids being the uber scouts! I mean where is the logic in this?

Worst of all is that you as a player have no freedom at all on what skills you should be good at because how the abilities affect the skills. Not only that there really is no flexibility on what skills you can learn and I for one as well as my playgroup would find it fun and logical as well as flexible if you could pick the skills you would want to be talented in.
Example if you want a Performing Druid you could, or a Occult intrested Fighter or why not a Acrobatic Paladin to mention a few.

Solution to this is easy.
Remove Abilities from skills!
Include talents for skills.

Talent points should exchange the current abilities Points from the skills.

Each character should get Talent Points to allocate to the skills
3x+4, 3x+3,3x+2, 3x+1 (Instead of current fixed abilites/skills)
Each stat increase thereafter you would get 4 more talent point to allocate.
You could then raise current talents by +1 to a max 0f +4
(+5 if you have a 20+ ability)

This would make for a really free and flexible skill system where roleplaying and freedom to be who you want is at focus!

Example: You want to make a silvertounged Diplomatic Wizard with a criminal background that actually are good at what he should be.
You pick
+4 talent in Diplomacy and get trained in the skill
+4 talent in Deception and get trained in the skill
+4 talent in Thievery and get trained in the skill
+3 talent in in Arcana and get trained in the skill
+3 talent in Stealth and get trained in the skill
+3 talent in Perception and get trained in the skill
+2 talent in Performance and get trained in the skill
+2 talent in Athletic and get trained in the skill
+2 talent in Acrobatic and get trained in the skill
+1 talent in Social and get trained in the skill
+1 talent in Lore and get trained in the skill
+1 talent in Craft and get trained in the skill

It might be that you can not train all your choosen skills just as it now due to to few skill but these you can train up along the way or ignore much as it works now

THIS would really make a free and fun character with their own personality and make a lof of different types of personalities even within the same classes.

A truly flexible and intresting skill system for all characters regardless of Abilities and classes!

And it is EASY to implement within the current system as well!

The PFS modules have much lower DCs for their skill checks. I think Paizo has said that they know how ridiculously high the DCs are, and have said they would use lower DCs for future products. It's certainly not conducive for testing how skills work IMO, but it's a fault of the adventure, not the system.

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