Doomsday Dawn Player Feedback

Rising of the Shield guy

Paizo Blog: Order of the Amber Die--Doomsday Dawn Playtest: Wrap Up!

The misadventures of Joseph Joestar, and how not having range will kill you!

Mirrored Moon and the First Encounter TPK

Paizo Blog: Order of the Amber Die--Doomsday Dawn Playtest, Part 7

Finally squeaked in some playtesting. Here's my thoughts on the classes I played.

I Hate Dispel Rules with a Burning Passion

“Let’s Make a Deal”: Mirrored Moon (session 2) blow-by-blow report, 1.6 rules.

Finished the playtest campaign.

Armor Class range for parties

Paizo Blog: Order of the Amber Die--Doomsday Dawn Playtest, Part 6

"57 Dice Rolls, and Nothin' On": Mirrored Moon (session 1) blow-by-blow report, 1.6 rules.

DD4: Mirrored moon, fast TPK and long story

Level 9 Fighter Feedback

Affair at Somberfell Hall Playtest Results

“Knock, knock, who is there?”: Affair at Sombrefell Hall (session 4) blow-by-blow report, 1.5 rules.

“Split Up to Cover More Ground”: Affair at Sombrefell Hall (session 3) blow-by-blow report, 1.5 rules.

Combat Value of "Shrink"?

General impressions of playtest so far. All of this is done in Doomsday Dawn.

Skill challanges in Doomsday

Sombrefell Hall: started well but ended TPK

Paizo Blog: Order of the Amber Die--Doomsday Dawn Playtest, Part 5

“Just Look Out The Window”: Affair at Sombrefell Hall (session 2) blow-by-blow report, 1.5 rules.

“Lockpicking with a bag of nails”: Affair at Sombrefell Hall (session 1) blow-by-blow report, 1.5 rules.

Characters Leveling Up During Doomsday Dawn

Red Flags (spoilers) - Monks, Wall Running and Traps

Sombrefell Hil Feedback

My players' cumulative feedback so far.

Surveys: Add question about number of play sessions

End of Playtest?

the final encounter in Somberfell Hall illustrates deficiencies in the new system (spoilers)

I cannot progress my character for Part 4 in any way I want to, should I just scrap it?

Starting with items with runes

Cold iron weapons in Heroes of Undarin

Really, Really Late Blow-by-Blow Report: End of Lost Star, Using Update 1.4 Rules.

Mirrored Moon

Paizo Blog: Order of the Amber Die--Doomsday Dawn Playtest, Part 4

Survey Question 18

Spell Format

Not what I thought it would be

Played first two scenarios. Group decided to stop after that.

Part 2 feedback... minor spoilers - Dwarven MONK / rogue

Paizo Blog: Order of the Amber Die--Doomsday Dawn Playtest, Part 3

Mirrored Moon Feedback

[In Pale Mountain's Shadow] Playing an Adventure I Already Ran

Starting gear, uncommon items?

Leveling up my Lost Star character for Mirrored Moon

In Pale Mountain's Shadow Playtest Results

Pale Mountain's Shadow: Frustrating item selection.

Missive from a survivor of Sombrefell Hall (spoilers)

Lost Star chapter and running back to town

Paizo Blog: Order of the Amber Die--Doomsday Dawn Playtest, Part 2

Let's talk about Armor at level 1-5.

Lost Star and campaign difficulty

the least fun I've ever had playing pathfinder

Tank Paladin Reaction Clog

Building Barracades in Part 3

Party Composition for the Playtest

Death mechanic and other musings (spoilers)

We finished the Lost Star playtest, here are our results

The Lost Star (Session 1) Lock Picking Feedback [Mild Spoilers]

The Lost Star Session 1 Feedback

Paladin vs Cleric, tested in UNDARIN [SPOILERS]

dd2 In Pale Mountain Shadow player feedback

Doomsday Dawn Background Disappointment

The GDBM thread

DD3: Sombrefell Hall playtest: nonspoiler base, spoilers in comments

Clarification | Class Feats

Paladin vs Cleric, tested in SOMBREFELL HALL [SPOILERS]

The Lost Star Playtest Feedback on Character Creation by MrCoffeeCup

Blow-by-Blow Report of Lost Star, First Session.

Play test ffeedback

Doomsday dawn part 1 - first impressions

Actual Play - Two-thirds of "Lost Star" adventure

Please clarify rules on Monster Perception DC (with errata)

Is there a minimum damage on attacks?

Quasits are OP!

Lost Star: Player Goblin expositional song

Part 1 & 2 general feedback...

Playtest Data for Part 1 (Player Side)

dd2: In Pale Mountain’s Shadow, playtest experiences

Doomsday Dawn, Scenario 2: Actual Play Feedback.

Pathfinder 2e Feedback: Doomsday Dawn Part 1

Problems with starting equipment (Parts 2-6, but especially 4)

Doomsday Dawn, Actual Play experience, Scenario 1

Session 0-1 feedback

Help me pick an ancestry feat

First part (roughly 1 / 2) run through of Doomsday Dawn

Doomsday Dawn part 1 feedback

Play-test Druid Feedback

Playtest Doomsday Day Sawn Chapter 1 Lost Star

Doomsday Dawn Part 1 Player Feedback

Doomsday Dawn - The Lost Star

General rulebook feedback

Lost Star experience

Impressions from my first session

Bards currently do not have access to Alter Reality

Pathfinder Playtest Starting Equipment Question

Breath Control Feat Broken?

Pathfinder Playtest, checking characters for accuracy

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