Part 7 Survey Broken?

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We finished Part 7 last night, but every time we try to do the Part 7 survey; we get the Part 6 survey instead.

Is this going to get fixed?

Thanks in advance.

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I get the same result too. I mentioned it twice on the Friday stream but none of the Paizo people acknowledged the issue.

Pretty tough to get play test results with the wrong survey.

Me and my players are getting this as well.

Same here. The Playtest 7 survey links point toward the Playtest 6 surveys. And typing in a 7 in place of the 6 in the URL goes to a broken page.

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On the main playtest page, the links are broken and link to the part 6 surveys. But the blog post announcing it has the correct links. I'll re-post them here.

Player Survey | Game Master Survey | Open Survey

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