Pathfinder Society Scenario Feedback

Arclord's Envy Feedback (Spoilers!)

How long can we do the PFS playtest?

[Raiders of Shrieking Pass] Learning to Focus

Arclord's Envy - Playing as Professor Kung-Fu!

Firebombers of Shrieking Peak

When will the playtest of varying levels be?

Raiders of Shrieking Peak - Intentional Gender Inversion or Editing Oversight?

Scaling Experiment Report: Running an unadjusted ”Rose Street Revenge” with only two lvl 3 PCs.

My 10th-level party was killed by a family of mundane rabbits: the most bizarre death imaginable in The Frozen Oath

Arclord's Envy's First Map is from Village not Village Sites

Arclord's Envy 1st encounter inconsistencies

Frozen Oath

The Disappeared – A PF2 Conversion

"Rose Street Revenge" - Ended in TPK

Arclord's Envy, player review. Spoilers!

Rose Street Revenge Killer Motive - Spoilers

PF2, PFS and Quality of Life.

5th Level Pregen - Seoni Save Bonuses

General Feedback: Two Weapon Fighting

Rose Street Revenge for 4th Level Characters

Raiders of Shrieking Peak GM feedback

Was it ever officially stated...

Silent Tide – The PF2 Conversion

[PFS] Rose Street Revenge and Arclord's Envy scenarios

Raiders of Shrieking Peak+Arclord’s envy, playtest experience

Shreakie Peakie: A Feedback (spoilers)

PTP reporting issue

Arclord's Envy player feedback (some spoilers)

Raiders of Shrieking Peak - character creation question

Rose Street Revenge feedback

Adjusting an encounter for the number of players

Raiders of Shrieking Peak: feedback on critical hits and dying

Spell order mistake

Why only allow GM's to complete a survey once?

Pathfinder Second Edition feedback: Archlord's Envy

10th-Level Character Creation

Feedback from the Pathfinder Playtest Demo or “Accordion” scenario

Put the number of squares moved with with Speed

Rose Street Revenge Survey issues.

I'm not part of Pathfinder society, can we still use the Society Scenarios and give feedback

Minor issue

I'm a noob and I need help

Feedback on Knowledge checks when starting Rose Street Revenge

Some things that came up at Gen Con

PEACH My pre-gens for "Rose Street Revenge"

Gen Con Playtest Notes

Double Checking Reporting Rules

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