Druid: What is Humanoid Transformation?


So I am going to start with playing a Druid for the playtest, and when I was reading through the class feats, I noticed that Thousand Faces let's you cast a spell I can't find in the list of spells and powers, namely Humanoid Transformation.

I am assuming that this is supposed to allow you to cast Humanoid Form, but I thought it might be worth asking in case I missed it somewhere.

You missed nothing. There's no such thing as Humaoind Transformation in the book. It's most likely meant to be Humanoid Form.

I know of at least two more instances of spells being called by the wrong name in a class description:

Irresistable Dance should be Uncontrollable Dance (Fey bloodline)
Arcane Eye should be Prying Eye (Imperial Bloodline)

One of the Might domain powers is also called out by the wrong name.

Humanoid Form is already listed on the Staff of Transmutation at level 2.
Humanoid Transformation is list on the staff as level 5.

Is this just the heighten spell or another spell altogether?
Is there an example on another staff granting a heightened spell?

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