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So as the title implies, I have a gnome barbarian, but I'm curious if the gnome's racial gnome magic could qualify for the feat Craft magic arms and armor. Though I've opted out for the pyromaniac racial for gnomes sacrificing the usual gnome magic and keen senses. If it's possible to use this as a prerequisite for the craft feat that would be great. Though I'd only be able to make a few simple things due to my limited range of spells. Otherwise I'm just really curious if it's possible. The game I'm playing in will apparently have a really hard time finding magic weapons, so I'm seeing if I could make magic weapons instead. Any insight would be great. Of course I understand house rules might allow for it, but that depends on the DM/GM as well.

Nope, afraid not.

FAQ wrote:

Item Creation Feats: Does having a caster level from a spell-like ability meet the caster level prerequisite for selecting an item creation feat?


BTW, you have wandered into the subforums for the PF 2nd edition playtest, which few people are reading now that the playtest is over, so if you have followup questions you'll want to post them in Rules Questions instead.

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