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First thing goes first: I must ask for patience because my grammar errors, I'm not a native english speaker.

I came here because I was reading P2, and saw about the Anathema of the deities. I must say that I find that brilliant: Deities have the virtues they want to plant as seeds in their people, and the sins that they won't forgive.

And I stumbled into this one:

"Gorum. Anathema: (...) win a battle through underhanded tactics OR INDIRECT MAGIC"

So... what would you say it is "Indirect Magic"?
1.- The enemies outnumber you. You can use "Stone Shape" "Create Pit" and "Fog Cloud" to force them to come one per one, and you and your group manage to defeat them dividing their numbers to match your forces.

2.- Use trickery (The Trojan Horse Gambit) to pass behind their walls, and fight them.

3.- Use arrows to kill the casters first (Or make them flee)

Would you say that Gorum would see those as aberrant?

Best Regards.

Liberty's Edge

1. Probably

2. Definitely

3. Not Anathema - they walked out, you shot them. Fair's fair.

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