Regarding Phalanx Soldier and 2 handed weapons


So i have a question about the Phalanx Soldier level 3 ability, Phalanx Fighting.

It says that you can use a two-handed Polearm or Spear as a one-handed weapon, but the question is:

How does this affect other feats and/or skills regarding two-handed weapons?
The feat in particular im looking for is Pushing assault:

When you hit a creature your size or smaller with a two-handed weapon attack modified by the Power Attack feat, you can choose to push the target 5 feet directly away from you instead of dealing the extra damage from Power Attack. If you score a critical hit, you can instead push the target 10 feet directly away from you. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunities, and the target must end this move in a safe space it can stand in. You choose which effect to apply after the attack roll has been made, but before the damage is rolled.

So for this feat, do i need to use a weapon with two hands (like a long sword), or do I have to just use a two-handed weapon (like a polearm)?
If its mean to say "two-handed weapons", how does this work with the Phalanx Soldier ability to use a two-handed Polearm as a one-handed?

Thanks for all responses

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