Weretouched Shifter Questions.


As a Weretouched Shifter I lose access to the second, third, fourth and fifth additional forms. But I keep Chimeric Aspect and Final Aspect? Is there some Errata I can't find or is the archetype just dead?

It looks to me like Chimeric Aspect and Final Aspect are swept away with the line "This alters shifter aspect and all of its improvements." I guess the DR/silver is supposed to make up for it? DR 10/silver at 20th isn't bad for a PC, since plenty of monsters don't carry +3 weapons.

I suggest asking in Rules Questions to get more responses, as the "Classes" subforum is part of the Pathfinder 2nd Ed Playtest forums, which is not what you want, and not many people are still here.

Oh, sorry I'm new to the forums and didn't know. Thanks for the info. But definitely seems like a pretty lackluster trade.

Yeah, Ultimate Wilderness had a lot of weaksauce in it. I mean, it's certainly not like the base Shifter class is so great the archetypes have to weaken it.

If it's not the lycanthrope flavor you're after, check out the Adaptive Shifter, I believe it's generally considered to be the best / most usable Shifter archetype.

Silver Crusade

I am enjoying my were tiger aspect shifter but he is not that high of a level yet.

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