Converting a Tempest Cleric to Pathfinder


So I was making a campaign around a story concept i have had for a while and the main NPC would be an equivalent of a a tempest cleric from 5e. My group however plays more pathfinder than anything and I need help converting her over. How do I do this within the normal rules?

Cleric with the Lightning Domain (sub-domain of Air) is thematically similar. You can take a 1 level dip into fighter for weapon and armor proficiency. I'm not sure how much else you're looking for. It seems like most of what makes the Tempest domain is the ability to deal additional lightning damage when you hit or are hit. But that's going to be harder to replicate.

Thank you but what I want a cleric who could dish out damage but could not heal. It was a very specific character concept and I am trying to stay away from making GM calls to say abilities do A and not B. It just becomes a mess if I do and could be potentially unfair to my players. The most I could do is take classes other than cleric and just say these powers are the divine magic of a cleric but is a different spell-casting class all together (preferably one that casts divine spells).

Th easiest way to make a cleric that can deal a lot of damage but not heal is to be a cleric of a non-good god. You can choose to deal negative energy with your channel energy class feature (or if your deity is evil it's automatically chosen).

You can then use Channel Smite feat to deal that damage with your melee weapon.

This doesn't change the fact that all the cure spells are still on your spell list, so you can still heal. But basically nothing is going to remove that.

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