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2E Bestiary 3 Errata

Big flashy magical effects

Question about Skelm

Azarketi - how do you avoid dehydration?


Mutagens - The Good and the Bad

Warpriest and counteract checks

How does your group handle Sessions Summaries / Session Recaps?

What have your home campaigns been about?

Nobody Seems to Die

Scaling Damage Issue

Is Occult magic too narratively compelling?

Problems with the alchemist

Ancestry & Heritage spellcasting Feats


Tier discussion is dead because we need to come up with a new way of measuring success first

Paizo Blog: Authors of Awesome Ancestries (And Heritages)!

What do you call a follower of Calistria?

Wizard School Feats

What do YOU want to see in an Inventor

Breaking items (specially magic)

Paizo / Pathfinder 2e and the Current Market

Why is Arcane Archer a higher level than most other Archetypes?

Pathfinder 2e Animated: Bag of Holding

Starting at 18 w / Non-Key Ability Score

How does your group handle Sessions Summaries / Session Recaps?

Are there good 2e society quests for lv4-5 in the impossible lands besides unforgiving fire?

Does Alchemist need a change?

How popular are healing feats in your groups?

Any rebalancing between martials and casters?

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Tales: The Shroud of Four Silences

Maximum attacks against a single target

A couple of possibly silly questions about General feats

Will the body horror alchemist return?

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Bestiary 3 Bonus Monster

What's your favorite class?

Animal trainer in Extinction Curse

Has there been any word on Drow as an Ancestry?

Can we please get settlement stat blocks?

More fantasy races in the future?

Where are the cleric mansion spells?

Taking it to 11 (Building well-rounded high-level characters from scratch)

Paizo Blog: Secrets of Magic Playtest Aftermath

Wyrwoods are coming back!

Questions about Leshies

I would love it if the Champion would get some more feat options

Building Campaign - Looking for Opinions

Traits errors on curse spells

Bestiaries Beyond 3

How many Recall Knowledge per fight?

What about a "Defender" Class?

Barbarian with a Monk dedication?

Worn Tools Limitation

Secrets of Magic News?

Hazards and the three actions system

Alchemical Crossbow + Bombs interaction

Core Rulebook Pocket Edition

Exploration Mode?

Hero Point Variants?

Familiars Post APG

The four essences and their traditions in Pathfinder: 2nd Edition

Lost Omens: Ancestry Guide errors and typos (Errata)

Dhampir post ancestry guide

Post-Cataclysm Campaign

Campaign limit for wraith (etc) ability to create thralls?

Paizo Blog: Tales Of Lost Omens: The First Of Many

Is there any way to make a small character medium size?

Pitfalls for a PF1 player in PF2?

Radiation Damage???

I miss having more player-driven flashy moments

Future 2E Creations?

Kitsune foxfire with rogue sneak attack

Experience Points for Reanimating Monsters

Ranger - Warden Spells for Ranger and Scroll

Paizo Blog: Adventurers of All Sizes!

Bestiary 2 errata

[Whining in 3...2...1...] Can't we get an Automaton Ancestry Preview!?!

Sprite Observations & Questions

Summoner idea I just thought up

Multiple Persistent Damage Stacking

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder: Sundered Waves Liveplay at the Gen Con Spring Showcase

Caster VS Martial optimization

New Weapons in Lost Omens Ancestry Guide

Resonant Weapons and Flaming / Shock / Frost runes

Afterlife changes in P2?

Encouraging PCs to use their wealth rather than horde it

Class Comparisons, 2nd Edition To 1st Edition

Changing Pathfinder 2 to fit its design philosophy

Mastermind rogue idea.

Weapon Traits as runes.

Nurvatchta and Southern Garund Geography

Paizo Blog: No-Prep Character: Chea

2.0 Samsarans + Duskwalkers

Pathfinder 2e Animated Double Feature: Talismans

Are Alchemist bombs supposed to be the main attack or an attack supplement?

A question about a cryptid

Formatting Request

Why does each deity require their own Lore skill?

Pathfinder2e Terminology: Subclass

Paizo Blog: Tales Of Lost Omens: The Seventh Fall

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