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Flexible Spellcasting

Handwraps. What are they really?

HELP WITH GAME SESSIONS and game progress

On Renaming the Barbarian to Berserker

Prepared Vs spontaneous Casters

Question / Suggestion for Paizo: with new remaster, could you please allow prestidigitation or make a new cantrip that can produce “harmless sensory effects”?

Recognize spell benefits?

Staff Acrobat Dedication

Summon Fey spell options considered

What is Pathfinder?

Will there be 2e conversions for Second Darkness and / or Legacy of Fire?

Wooden Shields

"As the GM, it’s your job to distribute treasure"

"Barbarians Are Already Bloodragers" - Making a "Bloodrager" within the existing rules

"Best" level range for an adventure

"Campaigns end before then" finally ready to not be "true"?

"Chaos" and "Law" in PF2R

"Clearly magical and temporary"

"Clearly magical and temporary"

"Double" language entry: Vishkanya and Vishkanyan

"Elf trait" for making a half-elf?

"Hands" and spells in the remaster.

"Missing" Eidolons

"New" monster: Blue Devil (Azuragon) conversion

"OpenGaming" Code Valid For PDFs?

"Partial boosts" are disappointing to see in the Core Preview PDF

"RAW" and what it means (at least to me)

"Triple" Spellcaster

"Uncommon" options are just Paizo-publish house rules.


(Belated) Full Build Friday - Marrow-Gnawer (MtG)

(GM Advice) Official pacing

+1 Gauntlets and skill actions

+Level Bonuses

0 Level Adventures

1e Adventure Paths and 2e

1E to 2E Conversion guidelines

1e to 2e transition: challenges, issues and edition shock

1e vs 2e APs - My own experience

1h vs 2h Weapon Balance

2 edition haunts?

2 weapon fighting

2.0 Samsarans + Duskwalkers

2e - How much will it cost over time?

2e Alchemist reminds me of 1e Rogue and Monk

2E Bestiary 3 Errata

2E Character Sheet (Google Sheets)

2e Encounter Calculator

2E faction Icons broken?

2E Heritage concordance with 1E Sub-Races

2E Hobgoblins - What do they look like?

2e metamagic

2e Occult Classes

2e Occultist?

2e PDF

2e PDFs before GenCon

2E Q: Has the Golarion time period / setting changed

2E skald?

2e Starsoul?

2e Steampunk?

2nd ed adventures paths certs and PFS

2nd Ed Gunslinger?

2nd Edition

2nd Edition Is Inherently Easy to Convert to a CRPG

2nd edition notation

2nd Edition Podcasts?

2nd Edition Pricing.

2nd Edition Ranger - so much damage

2nd Edition Reviews.

2nd Edition rules - Totally Freeform or Machine Code?

2nd Edition Stat Block Discussion and questions

2nd Printing?

2v2 PvP

3-book APs and thoughts on the directions campaigns go. (long)

3d printable hero point token

3rd Party 2e Love

3rd Printing PDF of Core Rulebook is Here. Errata incoming?

4e style saves

5 heroes in an AP

5.1 SRD Creative Commons has Warlocks

6th level deepgnome barbarian rogue

17th level feats for non-core ancestries.

70+ Free Unofficial 3D Printable Minis Specifically for Pathfinder

101 Character Concepts before PF2

101 Character Concepts before PF2:APG

101 Gunslingers

101 Kineticist Builds

101 Mages before Secrets of Magic

101 Monk Builds

101 sample nightmares

101 Witch Patrons

A better FAQ

A bit of a rant about the new succubus

A breakdown, critique, and alternate take on spell traditions

A brief History

A Champion with Soulforged Dedication is a Knight Radiant, right?

A comment on Minatan / Malay terms and naming

A Complication and a Question

A concise, play orietented argument regarding shields.

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