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Herolab's new interface and the background nerf

Dear designers, please issue errata for 'spellschool' spellhearts to make them unbanned in PFS

Witch Class

"Partial boosts" are disappointing to see in the Core Preview PDF

Youtuber Pathfinder Remaster previews compilation

Remaster Fillable Character Sheets?

Paizo Blog: Witch, Witch, You’re a Remastered Witch

A proposal for the remastered Inventor

Paizo Blog: Player Core Preview: The Remastered Ranger


Remaster and Dual Classes

What do you want out of an Inquisitor in 2E?

PDF books

PDF books

Why this trait, but not that trait? A Discussion on Skill Attacks.

Paizo Blog: Iconic Encounter: Ties of Shadow

Pre-Gen for the remaster rules?

Please normalize Archetype / Feat-granted proficiency scaling

Player Core PDF question

Pathfinder Martial vs Caster Balance - is this right?

Is there a remaster intro adventure?

Storage for my Pawns Collections

Remastered Champion Question

In the remaster did any axe get the finesse trait? Such as the throwing axe (Hatchet?)

Paizo Blog: Grandmother’s Story, Part 5: The Howl of the Wild

Remaster playtests?

Paizo Blog: The Cleric Remastered

Skill Feats.

I like the Remastered character sheet a lot… but one thing sticks out as “off”

I built a Remaster cleric. How does it compare to a 2e cleric?

I miss the “Dunedain” human ancestry

Remaster Rules for Mosnters until Monster Core release

Yet Another Please Fix Alchemist Post

For those who enjoy guessing the future of Paizo products...

Paizo Blog: The Abomination Arsenal: Part 4

"Barbarians Are Already Bloodragers" - Making a "Bloodrager" within the existing rules

Remastered Trick Magic Item could be quite good?

Remaster Elemental Spell Traits

Pathfinder 2e 4th printing in print

Remastered Rogues king of Critical Successes!?

Bonus 10ths

Remaster - Attribute Boosts

How Much Of The Remaster Are You Planning To Use?

Scare to death errata

Remaster: Clarification on Dying rules

Remastered: The Resentment Patron

A breakdown, critique, and alternate take on spell traditions

[Spoilers!] Player Core 1: Where are the Archetypes?

Can Wizard Curricula be used to reconstruct Spell Schools?

Pharasma and the Lady of Pain

Wayne Reynolds sketch cover... available in europe?

The Arcane tradition in Remastered Golarion

Interesting characters that you didn't played.

Paizo Blog: Meet the Crew of the Zoetrope!

Monster Core Speculation: Who's In, Who's Out?

How many Sq Km is Pathfinder 2e Hex?

Hazard Difficulty Levels

Paizo Blog: Iconic Encounter: Shadows Through the Wood

Has anyone come up with a magic version of Inventor?

Rope Dart and Meteor Hammer - no Monk trait - why?

What happend or change in your Golarion?

How often do you use Golarion?

Monk Idea (on the risk of being late)

Player Pawn Foundry Token Pack! - Foundry VTT

How fix spell attack

Pathbuilder - How to add a property rune to a weapon

What is the designer's view on the constant complaints from wizard players?

Rules for crafting an additional or backup Spellbook

Help me approximate a Gunlance

Separation of the cleric discussion

A separation of the cleric

Pathfinder 2e Battle Tracker: Android app now with conditions and persistent damage tracking


Dracolisk question

Horror Adventure for Pathfinder 2e?

Equivalent to Library of Alexandria?

Paizo Blog: Modes of Play: Encounter

Paizo Blog: Ancestries and Heritages Preview: A World of Possibility

Undead feeling emotions / pain in Crown of the Kobold King

remastered Spell Cards??

[Catastrophe's Spark] Amkha

Paizo Blog: War of Immortals Playtest Wrap-up Blog

Why don't...

Are there going to be new uses for Hero points in the Remaster

Witch Rework: Wilding Steward Needs a Serious Rework

Paizo Blog: Iconic Encounter: Jungle Trouble

Fillable and / or autocalculating character sheets

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Project!

Player Core and GM Core on track?

Paizo Blog: Iconic Encounter: Warmth from the Heart

Remaster pdf

Official replacement for Mediums in Golarion?

Questions about rune fearsome + fearsome brute feat.

Paizo Blog: Tian Xia: Coming 2023–2024!

Adventures Ahead! (Stolen Fate #3 Spoilers)

A witch remaster idea.

Elemental Blast, Cantrips and Damage Scaling

Twin Takedown and Natural Weapons

Pathbuilder character request

PF2e - Anyone used UDT 3 ring circle for combat?

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