Pathfinder Second Edition General Discussion

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What happened to the Superstition Barbarian?

What happened to the Goblin Hero-Gods?

What happend or change in your Golarion?

What fun magic items would you like to see make a return?

What Firebrand characters are you thinking of making?

What firearms-related G&G content are you missing?

What feats do Eidolons benefit from Summoners?

What exactly constitutes a monster?

What Exact is the Wizard Anyway?

What evil creatures can be good, and why?

What else do you want to see in Rage of Elements?

What does your Golarion setting look like / what changes have you made to the setting?

What does Undead Hunger do?

What does optimization mean to you?

What does it take to be considered a Veteran Pathfinder?

What does innate magical trait mean? [Energy scarred background]

What Does Each Class Do Well

What does Adamantine armor do?

What does a Orc Knuckle Dagger look like?

What does a cleric have to do if they commit an anathema?

What do YOU want to see in an Inventor

What do YOU want to see in a Summoner?

What do YOU want to see in a Shifter

What do YOU want to see in a Magus?

What do you want to see in a Kineticist

What do you want out of an Inquisitor in 2E?

What do you want in Tian Xia?

What do you want in a trap gen?

What do you want in a duel / damage calculator

What do you want from a 2e Shaman class?

What do you want from a 2e Medium?

what do you want announced for 2022 at gencon this month?

What do you tthink about the Multiclass Archetypes?

What do you think about the digital future of Pathfinder?

What do you still need?

What do you hope for from Half-Casters?

What do you get when 7 dwarfs and a gnome decide to throw pie at a cleric? Find out on NVNG actual play

What do you feel about the number of spell slot?

What do you feel about 2e guns?

What do you call a follower of Calistria?

What do xulgaths / troglodytes acutally smell like?

What do want you change poll

What do want from the 2e Inquisitor?

What do the Pathfinder action symbols depict (concretely)?

What do the Doprillus look like under thier masks?

What do People want in Age of Ashes (Possible Spoilers)

What do folks think about the Bard Dedication?

What do Elf Changelings' eyes look like?

What did Tik draw?

What common house rule do you hate the most?

What combinations have you come up with?

What classic spells do you want back in the APG?

What classes would you like to see next in 2e?

What classes would the Path of Exile player characters be?

What Classes Has Jason Bulmahn Designed or Led in Design?

What classes do you think will make the transition to 2e?

What classes are everyone hoping to get back and in what way?

What class paths do you want to see?

What Class is Most Versatile?

What class could have Constitution as their key ability score? Should a class have that?

What character concepts are we still unable to build? Let us seek their essence.

What can a solo P2E character be expected to take on?

What build do you find as the most versatile martial?

What breaks if you hack together a Divine Magus?

What books to come in 2021?

What books does a newbie need?

what books are you hoping they reveal at paizo &gen con for next year?

What Base Weapons are Still Missing?

What are your thoughts at this point on 2e monks?

What are your remastered PCs?

What are your preferences for class?

What are your Legendary skills?

What are your kineticist concepts?

What are your Kineticist character ideas?

What are your Contingency spell triggers?

What are your burning questions related to Guns & Gears?

What are your Book of the Dead character concepts?

What are you hoping for from class archetypes?

What are Transmutation Specialization design goals?

What are the weirder ancestries you want?

What are some unusual lich phylactery ideas?

What are some small changes you'd like to see in the Remaster?

What are some of the best gishes you can make using Dual classing from the GMs guide?

What are some interesting, crazy, or terrifying things your character can do?

What are some good alignment examples (fictional characters only, please)?

What animal companions do you think PF2 is missing?

What Ancestries do you want more for?

What Ancestries are you still craving?

what alchemist class tweaks & alchemist items tools ect are you hoping for in treasure vault?

What about Sorshen and Belimarius?

What about a PF 2nd quickstart adventure?

What about a "Defender" Class?

What 2E Books Do You Want?

What *new* classes would you be interested in seeing?

Werecreature Heritage

Were Gnolls a PC race in Pathfinder 1E? Could they be a race in 2E?

Went to buy all of 2nd Edition currently released when...

Wellspring / Chaos Casting

Wellspring Mage


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