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Pathfinder Second Edition General Discussion

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Fighter weapon proficiency and barbarian AC pondering

Why is Aid DC 20?

What do YOU want to see in a Shifter

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder RPG Art Proudly Featured on Toy Vault Jigsaw Puzzles

Is there a Gazetteer for Strength of Thousands Magaambya campus?

I played my first game of pf2e today as a double flickmace fighter...

Visit Golarion: Numeria (Animated Lore Video)

What is the spread of monster resistances / immunities at the moment?

Does Golarion have "SPORTS"?

Some build that I think might be good but I’ve never thoroughly tested out.

Swashing and Buckling, love, hate, should it be?

How to gauge CR for glass jaw

Is There Enough Design Space For An Offense Driven Divine Melee Class?

Can we start getting some more support for existing classes?

PF2 Animated: The Wellspring Mage

Pathfinder 2E - the "essential" books.

Animal companion Sheet

Bunyips AREN'T Magical Beasts??

Escape action, Attack trait, and MAP

Can an Elementalist Witch ever gain the Elemental focus spells?

Incredible Movement and Vivacious Speed discrepancy

Dear Paizo: Request for some calculation retooling

Steampunk and "Modern" Firearms

Inventor and Gunslinger authorized for Org Play?

Gunslinger feat analysis.

Would You Allow An Inventor To Invent A Revolver?

Automation Lore Clarifications!

Good explainers for new players?

Guide to the build comparison tool

Pathfinder Nexus details (Interview)

Weapon inventor ideas.

More classes or more support?

Inventor construct companion, what am I missing?

Macho Poppet Randy Savage

Opinion: the ‘good’ gods of Golarion are not perfect

Shapeshifting "Illlusion"

The one thing I don't like about STR Monks: two +1 ASIs into DEX

Meme Video: Kobolds

What Base Weapons are Still Missing?

Shaman in 2e - What do you want?

Paizo Blog: Iconic Encounter: Tracks In The Snow

Building Tian Xia for PF2

Advanced Weapon Weirdness

Should Handwraps of MIghty Blows have the Invested Trait?

Interesting Time for PF2 with D&D 5.5 / 6th coming 2024

Paizo Blog: Tales of Lost Omens: Uncontrolled Detonation

Alchemical ammunition (Munitions Crafter?)

Kinda wish Magus and Gunslinger had a more 'generic' class path

What's your favorite monster that's new to 2e?

Hallowed Necromancer Speculation.

Lost Omens: The Grand Bazaar AMA on the Pathfinder2E subreddit today!

Behold the greatest of all itens from Grand Bazaar!

Pathfinder Nexus

Knights of Last Call × dd8: The Third Action

Is "Hit the Dirt!" worth it?

Targe Magi and the Shield spell

Does Inner Radiance Torrent heighten better than any other spell in the game?

Grand Bazaar and the Saucy Wench.

Automatons and Poppets vs Tuberculosis and Alcohol

Breaking up daily preparation?

Mythic Aerial Assault and Multiple Attacks on a Charge

What firearms-related G&G content are you missing?

Paizo Blog: Guns and Gears Authors!

Some "related" feats really need to be brought in line

Will there be 2e conversions for Second Darkness and / or Legacy of Fire?

UPW: Unions, Freelancer Solidarity, & Drift Crisis

Where did the Errata go?

RIP Mounts

Paizo Blog: Meet the Iconics: Nhalmika

The Daikyu Bow from the APG is a broken weapon, and I'll prove it

So Sovereign Dragons before they were Sovereign Dragons...

Place your drifter combos / concepts here.

What old books do you still make use of?

Fireworks Technician

Not Nearly Enough Gadgets!

I Just Discovered Poppets

Suggestion to the Devs for Dark Archive

Shipping on Subscriptions?

Spellshot way / archetype

Paizo Blog: Tales of Lost Omens: Diplomatic Escort

How do we feel about specific magic weapons / armor in general?

Paizo Blog: Shoot to survive in the Pathfinder One-Shot: Head-Shot the Rot!

Deadly (unarmed) simplicity?

How do folks feel about Beast Guns?

With the release of The Grand Bazaar, 2e is finally complete!

Guslinger (sniper) + Investigator combo

Paizo Blog: Meet the Iconics: Droven

Paizo Blog: For Sale: Awesome Words by Awesome Authors!

I would love to see more magical "firearms" from the Inner Sea

Knuckle Duster the new Gauntlet? (A discussion on power creep)

Request? for featuring more of Mwangi Expanse's 'weird' ancestries

Hey Paizo, just errata Wizards to have simple weapon proficiency already.

Dealing with the "modules are dumb" mindset

Paizo Blog: Save the Date: Pathfinder Arena Kickstarter Set for November 23!

About the etymology of Skymetal

Guns and Gears, what builds did you tinker?

Double barrel guns.

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Encounter: We Be Zombies!

Magus is Awesome - Please Make Spellstrike Not Trigget Attacks of Opportunity

Arcane Cascade Suggestion

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