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Discord play by post thoughts.

Discussion - Rebranding of Drow

Discussion about treasure vault content and tips for a new character (champion)

Discussion on useful Lores

DISCUSSION: How long is it reasonable to hold the spotlight?

Disease spread?

Dismantle Spell, Unheightened

Dismissed Alchemist Early, Changed Mind After Re-Reading

Disparity between Prepared and Spontaneous Multiclass Spellcasting Archetypes

Dispel magic on Potion effects

Distilled Liquor?

Divine ally stack?

Divine boons

Divine Lance Question

Divine Smite - Wording

Divine Spell Design vs. No Deity / True Neutral Deity Casters

DM Agency

DM Screen fonts and colors

Do Additional Lore Skill Increases Apply Retroactively?

Do Devils called via the Infernal Pact ritual have the Summoned trait?

Do Druid Animal Companions die when their Druid does?

Do druids need some love? Can they get some?

Do Inventors Need / Benefit From Tools For Class Skill Actions??

Do Inventors Need / Benefit From Tools For Class Skill Actions??

Do Leshies have to be small?

Do magic items resize if equipped by different creatures?

Do melee Ranger work with an Animal Companion?

Do small characters have any advantage over medium ones in 2E to make up for their disadvantages?

Do templates (for monsters) exist in 2e?

Do touch attack still exist in 2e?

Do undead dream?

Do we get rid of the loading property?

Do we get to keep our pfs number?

Do we have any reason why the pdfs have low res images?

Do we have any spoilers for the APG Archetypes yet?

Do we have any theme guides for the Magaambyan branches?

Do we know when the Firearms Rules will be available?

Do we know which monsters are in the OGL and are going to be cut from future books?

Do we need a +item bonus to spell attack rolls?

Do we need a Caster "neutral" archetype?

Do you allow "Worldscape" PCs In Your Game?

Do you also feel like a healer is mandatory?

Do you feel treasure vault introduced minor power creep?

Do you prefer to houserule the crit rules?

Do you still need percentile dice in P2E?

Do you take abilities to 20?

Do you think they will release quick rules sheet before launch?

Do you think they’ll do a mesmerist?

Do you think we could ever see Official Pathfinder 2E 3D Printer files?

Do you want to be near first on initiative position?

Do your casters use weapons?

Do your wizards get attacks?

Doctor Yesss, M.D. (Medical Dragon)

Does "Improved Knockdown" trigger "The Harder They Fall"?

Does 2e eliminate previous cannon?

Does a copy of the PDF come included with the purchase of the physical book?

Does a goblin warrior's melee attack seem too high?

Does Alchemist need a change?

Does any monster get more than 3 actions?

Does anyone else find the Psychic refocus progression odd?

Does anyone else kind of miss class based archetypes from 1E?

Does anyone else want playable serpentfolk?

Does anyone have a LaTeX Template (format) built for p2e?

Does anyone know if this was ever addressed with the Magus?

Does anyone think Paizo should slow down a little?

Does armor cause spells to fail in 2e?

Does Command Undead work?

Does Diplomacy's Make an Impression stack?

Does Golarion have "SPORTS"?

Does Improved Familiar Attunement take up my level 1 feat, or do I get Familiar for Free>

Does Inner Radiance Torrent heighten better than any other spell in the game?

Does it really last 24 hours if cast on an area?

Does Knights of the Everflame contain any spoilers for Price of Immortality?

Does Paizo hate Transmuters? And why?

Does Paizo have a complimentary PDF program?

Does Paizo have anything similar to the Transitions guide for PF2e

Does PF2E Eliminate large parts of Cheliax Lore?

Does pinching oneself increase MAP and other spells noone can cast stories

Does psychic invalidate occult witch ?

Does the current printed core rulebook have all the revisions / updates?

Does the game 'expect' an 18 in primary ability score?

Does the striking rune seem overpowered to anyone else?

Does Treasure Vault help alchemists?

Does your cantrip automatically heighten as you level up?

Doing some game prep, is there an Errata for Bestiary?

Domain Spells - Descriptions?

Don't Agree? Not Welcome

Don't Know What To Build? Ask This Spreadsheet!

Doom and regenerate.

Double barrel guns.

Downtime activities

Downtime and Exploration mode

Downtime Expectations

Downtime, Suggestion, and the scroll "spell cast" requirement.

Dracolisk question

Draconic Frenzy Dragon vs. Spellcaster Dragon

Dragging a friend in combat

Dragon Disciple problems

Dragon Eggs for breakfast

Dragon Spells

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