Pathfinder Second Edition General Discussion

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Pathfinder Second Edition Compatibility License Released

Fun with inventor and overdrive.

Premature discussion about the Thaumaturge

What New Classes do you want to see in PF2?

Clock for in-game time?

Gen Con 2022 Predictions

Making a close combat caster in pf2e?

Kitsune - Form Choice

Premature discussion about the Psychic

Core Rulebook, grammar review

Core Rulebook, grammar review

Paizo Blog: Out-of-Print Titles Return as Print-on-Demand

Scare to death errata

What Ancestries are you still craving?

Paizo Blog: Meet the Iconics: Thaleon

Dark Archives PCs - what are you making?

What monsters (from either edition) scare you on a personal level?

3rd Printing PDF of Core Rulebook is Here. Errata incoming?

Um, why doesn't the skeleton have darkvision?

Secrets of Magic : Tattoo Artist - Clarification needed!!~

Infernal Contracts ASMR (Animated Video)

Homebrew for Witch

Elf Dhampir Age

The Lurid Legend of the Living Symbol | Creature Case Files #1

Question about how a character gets to be a Firebrand

Animal Companion survivability

Hero Point Distribution Rate

Treasure Vault Hype and Guessing!

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Errata(?) Request for Fighter and Champion Dedications

Soulforger Clarifications and Suggestions

Why do some monsters with abilities that let them make multiple attacks work this way?

Why do you need the same amount of xp for every level in 2e?

Having an optional rule to bring back PF1 options in PF2

More ancestry feats coming for the feat starved ancestries ?

How many skill checks do you have to pass for a ritual to succed?

Fluff Question about a Mechanical Build...

Allegations of toxic community - A discussion

"New" monster: Blue Devil (Azuragon) conversion

Quick flavor question about Brevoy

Alternatives to Ancestries for pathfinder 3e

Spells that give bonuses to skill checks?

Paizo Blog: Meet the Iconics: Mios

GM PC Cheatsheets?

How many expansion books are allowed?

So in 2E, is it normal to just feel... really weak?

Most popular or liked PF2 campaigns

how can I find out the content of the "Esoteric Spellcaster - Core Rulebook" boon?

Gray Maiden Plate too good to be true?

Guns and gears errata

Telandia Edasseril and Belimarius' Edasseril

Brewmaster's Compendium 2022

Weapon of Choice

Dragon-Themed Ancestries

Psychic News

Kobold Lore Question: Are draconic exemplars genetic, or chosen? (Or either?)

Good Spell List

Dear Paizo, please don't make us do this anymore

PFS legal lvl 2 request (been away a while)

Atypical characters (builds) for an Undead Slaying Campaign

An open letter to Paizo, please consider altering some of your approaches when building scenarios / APs / Modules

Does anyone else want playable serpentfolk?

Paizo Blog: Kingmaker Update

Why do I hate the monk where everyone seems to like it?

Wish List for Products Similar to Kobold King Anniversary Edition

What would you want in a shop generator?

Unlimited Ghost Flight wording

Help me approximate a Gunlance

Thaumaturge implements and find flaws

Paizo Blog: Paizo And Foundry Virtual Tabletop Content Partnership

Can you Read Paizo PDFs on a Kindle Oasis

Paizocon 2022 guesses

Kineticist: What is awesome about them?

The Devil Eidolon Tease

Clamoring for a 2e Technology Guide

Awarding XP

new expected damage tool

Paizo Blog: Introducing the Pathfinder Combat Tracker App

If you made a demiplane in real life, what would it be like?


Destroying a stone bridge?

PaizoCon Pathfinder Infinite Sale Thread and Megabundle!

Beastkin Size Clarification

Why aren't basic armor options more interesting or diverse?

Who are your Knights of Lastwall characters?

Foundry VTT Subscription Possibility?

What do the Doprillus look like under thier masks?

Is it just me or do the downtime rules seem to assume lengths of downtime that dont really allign with most adventures.

Paizo, you should make more VTT premium modules!

Linnorm death curse question

What are some unusual lich phylactery ideas?

Why do people want to change Kinetist instead of making a totally new class?

Paizo buying Might & Magic(IP) or the reverse?

Outwit Rangers: I don't think they actually exist

Character Question: mobile hit-and-run melee

Summoner intrapersonal dialogue and conflict.

Cloak of Resistance

Arcane Cascade Should be a Free Action

Phoenix bloodline lore question: King of the Mountain (spoilers)

Flexible Spellcasting w / o slot loss + "Pseudo-Signature" Spells

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