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Pathfinder Second Edition Compatibility License Released

Mildly concerned about wizard remaster due to sneak peak

Prepared Vs spontaneous Casters

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Playtest: Halfway There!

Who's It Gonna Be? (BIG SPOILERS for Paizo Keynote Panel)

Changes to Pathbuilder?

Paizo Blog: Player Core Preview: The Wizard, Remastered

What is your keneticist gear?

Early level caster experience and the remaster

Top five things that need to be fixed for Kineticist

How fix spell attack

Examining the different styles of Casting Classes

mythic rules confirmed!!! discuss!

What does innate magical trait mean? [Energy scarred background]

Who wants True Specialist Mages?

What Exact is the Wizard Anyway?

Bone investiture

Spell themes: a proposal for PF3

The Arcane Tradition - what do you think?

The Best Parts of PF2

Rage of Elements Errata

When will the Pathfinder Rulebook Ongoing Subscription be updated?

Paizo Blog: The Ragin’ Writers

New GM running Box / Troubles / AV for family, logistics help request

Y'all... I Figured Out How to Taunt

A riddle on a changing shape object

What does Undead Hunger do?

Are fighters too strong?

Am I missing a reason not to merge spell proficiency into class DC?

Composite Impulse Theory

Can you build a martial that can do everything?

Suggestions for Future Kineticist Options

Class Options!

Should the keneticist be removed?

Paizo Blog: Explore the World of Battlezoo in Pathfinder Second Edition and Meet New Ancestries with Our New Kickstarter!

Proposal for new game mode inspired by Deep Rock Galactic

For those who enjoy guessing the future of Paizo products...

Michael Sayre on Casters, Balance and Wizards, from Twitter

the right defence for the job

Non-Perception Initiative

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Project!

Paizo Blog: Welcome to the War of Immortals Playtest!

Balance is a Zero Sum Game

Gatekeeping and PF2

Monster Core Speculation: Who's In, Who's Out?

Intelligent medicine

Persistent damage on a basic save.

Witch Multiclass is Going to Be Very Good

Wood and metal confusion

What is your favorite PFS2e broadcast?

Bomb Launcher in Pathbuilder

Wooden activation?

Your Take on Remastered?

High level NPCs

Flexible Spellcasting

Paizo Blog: Tian Xia: Coming 2023–2024!

Class Kits for Non-CRB / APG books?

Runelord Class Archetype with the revised ORC license?

A witch remaster idea.

About power creep

Paizo Blog: First Look at Pathfinder Remastered Covers

Paizo Blog: Welcome to RPG Superstar 2023: Elemental Storm!

Fillable and / or autocalculating character sheets

Paizo Blog: Step In for A Harrowing

So the Remastered Long Jump rules are weird

Elemental Instinct

RIP official Law / Chaos Champion

Spellcasting Proficiency Remaster Changes

Remaster focus points and Oracles

PF2R Drow Deux: Electric Boogaloo

What're your Unique / Out There Magic Items?

"Partial boosts" are disappointing to see in the Core Preview PDF

Remastered Spells!?

Favorite Class

Remastered Warrior Muse Bard!

Has the expected rate of out of combat healing changed?

How does the forked bipod work?

Paizo Blog: Save the Date – Pathfinder Playtest Stream Aug 31!

Seeking Advice for Swashbuckler

The future of play by post

Will the Hard Copy Preorders for Player Core & GM Core have PDF copies that come along with them?

Kineticist: Yay or nay?

New classes, what could they be

All Kineticist Test

With spell components being removed in remaster, are there new rules for how casting spell works?

Remastered Spell casting reveals

Handling treasure

Upcoming products

How feasible is it to build the Avatar?

Weapons currently ineligible for an Exemplar's Weapon Ikon

Balance, loot and Automatic Bonus Progression

Pathfinder 2E Remaster Core Rulebooks and Pathfinder Subscription Question

What would be some non-fantasy inspiring reading for Pathfinder?

Can an Anadi get lycanthropy?

will any current or future class gain a [timeless body]-like feat?

I was wrong about the summoner

An odd thought

Planar Migrant Error?

New Extinction Curse Actual Play Podcast!

What should Paizo do on April 1st?

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