What is your favorite PFS2e broadcast?

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Be it a vlog, audio blog, or other broadcast, what is your favorite PFS2e play group? (And why do you like to tune in to them?)

I've always wanted to try one out, but the handful I've previewed were rather boring, slow to start, and seemingly not worth the significant time investment it would require.

I'm hoping someone can change that for me.

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I love the Glass Cannon Network. They do podcasts and Twitch.

Great cast chemistry, great story-telling and super polished production. Highly recommend checking them out! Their Blood of the Wild podcast is amazing.

They are launching a playthrough of Gatewalkers on Sept 14th, so looking forward to that!


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Seconding Glass Cannon - they did just release their Session Zero for Gatewalkers and have a playlist of player/character intros up on their channel as well.

Silver Crusade

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PFS? or just PF2 in general? I don't actually know any that are doing PFS. Bestow Curse, Under the Table, MNmaxed, and 25 North are my favorite 2E podcasts. Bestow Curse is playing a conversion of Crimson Throne. Under the Table is doing Outlaws of Alkenstar. MNMaxed has done Plaguestone and Extinction Curse, and are currently doing Bloodlords, they also have a conversion of Return of the Runelords that's on hiatus. 25 North is doing Battlezoo's Jewel of the Indigo Isles.

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I love Tabletop Gold. Their audio quality rocks from the start and they're a funny group. A few minutes of banter at the start of episodes, then an hour of real game.

There's some real surprises in their story telling and the host makes good music for the show from time to time. They do a decent job with roleplay and clarifying the rules, and correct their mistakes.

Just a good hat time all around.

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Definitely Glass Cannon Network. Gatewalkers starts this Thursday!!

Tabletop Gold is great from the start.

Find the Path is excellent in all rules things always. Check out Hells Rebels.

STF Network; another vote for their Under the Table 'Outlaws of Alkenstars' show.

Bestow Curse, by Hideous Laughter Productions, I think is their best stuff.

The only group I support on Patreon and listen to for Actual Play podcasts is FIND THE PATH.

They have two PF1 AP's they're going through (WAR FOR THE CROWN and TYRANT'S GRASP) and one PF2 (a conversion of HELL'S REBELS).

Rick Sandage the GM is knowledgeable of the rules of both systems and is an EXCELLENT GM. The players are also fairly knowledgeable and fun to listen to and really get into their characters.

It's not PF2 but I'd recommend listening to their completed playthrough of THE MUMMY'S MASK. It's probably the Best AP playthrough I've ever heard. A REALLY satisfying finish.

I listened to and supported GLASS CANNON very early on and listened to their playthrough of GIANTSLAYER from almost the beginning right up to the end. My issue with them is that everything seems to be a bit and that Troy the GM isn't exactly what I'd call a fair or knowledgeable GM. At times it feels more like fratboy central than anything else.

On the positive side, the players' Skid and Matthew really get into their characters and Skid's portrayal of one of the most sociopathic PC's in a tabletop group shows that evil alignments in a mostly good-aligned group CAN work with mature players. And Grant's portrayal of Baron Redheart (Dwarven Gunslinger) is one for the ages.

I know that they're finally gearing up to run GATEWALKERS in 2e and want to give them a second chance but with Troy running the adventure and Grant gone? It's wait and see.

I tried listening to TABLETOP GOLD (they're going through THE ABOMINATION VAULTS and got through about 30 episodes) but I found them annoying as hell. Normally I try to stick through with something like this but I couldn't take them anymore and bailed.

On the positive side though, the production quality is pretty damn good and the GM has a decent grasp of the rules for what I think is his first time running 2E. It's not a bad podcast by any means it's just not for me.

Radiant Oath

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I never miss an opportunity to plug Narrative Declaration, hosted by former Paizo Social Media Producer Payton Smith (aka Zoran the Bear).

Originally called "WarHams" and acting as a TTRPG spinoff to the popular Warhammer 40,000 parody series, If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device, using the game Wrath and Glory and played by Zoran along with other producers and voice-actors from the show like SpeakerD, Earndil and HulkyKrow, with Paizo's very own THURSTON HILLMAN as the GM!

When Games Workshop released their new, much more restrictive, fan content policy, prompting Alfabusa to put TTS on indefinite hiatus, WarHams rebranded to Narrative Declaration (after a mechanic in W&G) and pivoted to Pathfinder 2e, Zoran and Thurston collaborating to create the Soulsborne-esque world of Tyne, where they now have two ongoing campaigns: Rotgrind, GMed by Thurston; and Rotgoons, GMed by Zoran. Zoran is also running Abomination Vaults as a separate campaign in the standard Golarion setting and Thurston is gearing up to run a Starfinder game as well!

Why do I enjoy Narrative Declaration? Well, first and foremost it can shift between funny and horrifying on a dime, and I greatly enjoy that juxtaposition. If you're a fan of TTS or Ogre Poppenang's new productions like Hunter: The Parenting and Half Life: Zero Viscosity, you'll enjoy the work Narrative Declaration does! In addition, the worldbuilding Zoran and Thurston do is exquisite, and it's a great showcase of how to run Pathfinder 2e without Golarion attached to it. They also offer PDFs of that world-building as well as homebrewed rules and character archetypes on their Patreon.

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Tabletop Gold.

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Glass Cannon, pretty much from the beginning.

Only interested in their PF2 content now, glad they're running Gatewalkers, should be fun. I heard they were going with a homebrew world with PF2 which seemed like it would be interesting but I guess that's later.

I've also seen some talk of creating their own system for it which I guess is because of royalties or something. Probably bail at that point

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Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
I never miss an opportunity to plug Narrative Declaration, hosted by former Paizo Social Media Producer Payton Smith (aka Zoran the Bear).

LITERALLY just started watching the PF2e playthrough of Abomination Vaults on Friday and was wondering why the GM's voice sounded so fricking familiar...

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