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Paizo Blog: Grandmother’s Story, Part 2: Of Caverns and Burrows

Things Which Must Change (according to my group)

Core Rulebook Versions Question

Jason Keeley back at Paizo after stint at Renegade!!

[For fun] Let's do a poll! What do you want to change in PF2?

Burning Hands vs Swarm: No damage on a critical success! Wow...!

Did you stop playing Starfinder because of Pathfinder 2e ?

Where are the Simple Axes?

Avoiding slavery related terms with familiars?

Favorite Spells Survey

PF2e discord westmarch that allows Battlezoo and allows for lawful good redeemers

Thaumaturge Guide

Antipaladin Rename

Familiar question...

Pathfinder Remaster suggestion-Ready 2 actions

General feat

Can we expect huge changes, or are we counting our chickens before they are hatched?

Official support for please

Guns and gears errata

Official support for please

How to restrain a creature

Sure, the Remaster stuff is happening, but...

On Renaming the Barbarian to Berserker

Renaming Madness

Glimpse of Redemption broken?

Remastering? Please tidy up these rules

Remastering Illusions

Minions and Slowed condition

6th level deepgnome barbarian rogue

Still Training at 2nd Level

Errata Suggestion - Wizard and Rogue Weapon Proficiency

playing adventure paths

Pathfinder adventure paths maps

Cackle should not be made into a base witch class feature

Archetype prerequisites for champion and fighter need to be changed

I really hope Paizo gives us a comprehensive list of all the changes once the remaster hits

PF2 Remastered - Formal or Informal Community Involvement - Yes or No?

Question / Suggestion for Paizo: with new remaster, could you please allow prestidigitation or make a new cantrip that can produce “harmless sensory effects”?

New to 2E - Did I do my Sorcerer Right?

To the Pathfinder community, I have something to say

Pathfinder Remastered: Renaming

Possible changes to classes in the remastered books - Realist edition

Pleaser consider the voices you're amplifying on these forums

So regarding OGL fiends like barbazu aka bearded devil...

Remaster Suggestions

The Number One Pathfinder Remaster Question

The number of starting skills for a Wizard and Magus

Pathfinder Core Rulebook (P2) Re-publishing

Will the remaster have magic item tables?

0 Level Adventures

PF2e Strategy Guide?

Remastered level

I'd like to be convinced to switch to 2e

Remastered Attribute modifiers

Pathfinder Remaster Twitch Stream - Colours

Spell Caster Mutliclassing and Skills

Remastered Focus spells - why the oracle and the witch had to come first?

Concerns about New Dragons in remastered Monster book

I hope there will be a Player Core 3 (and 4, and 5)

Do we know which monsters are in the OGL and are going to be cut from future books?

Why isn't Khakkara monk weapon?

New Remaster Books

My one request for Core: rethink Shield Block (and defensive reactions)

Alignment damage and heavy alignment mechanics shouldn’t have carried over from 1e

Free Archetype Variant- what about players who don't want

Alignment Regeneration Problem

Errata needed: Unique tag doesn't make sense

Paizo, why force our patron to be mysterious? Why limit what our patron can be? And why does the reason have to be secretive too?

what is up with the state of shrinking magic?

Could you recommend a 2e AP (that is not a dungeoncrawl)?

Help Creating a Monk

Post-CRB Classes and Action Economy

Thaumaturge wand implement has no synergy

Oddball classes

alchemical ammunition and activation

Paizo Blog: The Abomination Arsenal: Part 2

Treasure Vault's Dragonscale Staff... two different things in the same book!

The DM Lair Moving to PF2e

Went to buy all of 2nd Edition currently released when...

Game Master, help me...

Concerned about the Gatewalkers game... I have an entire gaming stream named the same.

HP Volatility at Level 1

best Single Class party

Do you think they’ll do a mesmerist?

Token tool for you VTT users

Zen & the Art of Spreadsheet Skill Challenges (GM Resource)

order stuck

Repeating Hand Crossbow doesn't feel advanced

What is the Role of Medium Armor?

Pathfinder 2e Core Rulebook

Party Composition

PF 1st Edition - Giant Ancestry Rule Question

how to update speed in pathbuilder 2e


Looking for product that covers The Verduran forest in Taldor / Andoran?

Post Treasure Vault Alchemist

Is 10 in a stat still the basic human average?

Non-Cleric healer options - what works well?

Which 1e APs have been converted to 2e?

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Beginner Box Days

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