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Pathfinder Second Edition General Discussion

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What is a Summoner "supposed" to cast?

Paizo Blog: Scrying on Subscriptions: Pathfinder Lost Omens

A Champion with Soulforged Dedication is a Knight Radiant, right?

PF2e's Greatest Innovation

Why is the Oracle's pool of 1st level class feats so barren?

I really hope the Stheno are coming in the Grand Bazaar

Runelords Needing Cantrips

Psychopomp summoner flavor

Best spells to take as a magus

A new PF2E Play stream & podcast!

What is the purpose of lab assistant ?

Summoner Feats...

Paizo Blog: Monsters and Dragons and Pirates, Oh My!

Charismatic and Forever Young?

Opinions on current state of alchemist?

Lore question: The 5 teachings of Jetembe?

What does it take to be considered a Veteran Pathfinder?

Secrets of Magic: Is the summoner good at summoning?

New spell discussions.

Is it really intended that personal staves lock you out of traitless spells?

Secrets of magic hype

Is an eidelon a Summoner's "ally"?

Does pinching oneself increase MAP and other spells noone can cast stories

101 Mages before Secrets of Magic

Favourite Eidolon type

Can a Magus have fun with a crossbow?

Expansive spellstrike

I just don't "get" the Bard

Amazing moments from Secrets of Magic

Can someone sell me on thrown weapon magus?

Ancestry Request: Aliens!

Striker's Scroll question...

Build your Summoner & Eidolon!

How the heck do spellhearts work?

What would 2e Lashunta look like?

Is there a portable base or "fast travel" for bases?

Question about the Pathfinder Beginner Box PDF

Missing art in Bestiaries and Adventure Paths

Pathfinder 2e quiz for classes with subclasses!

A Complication and a Question

How would you build Seltyiel?

A Summoners Misunderstood feature.

Casters in severe and extreme encounters

Question about the Pathfinder Beginner Box PDF

Lost Omens Wiki

Magus and the consequences of losing lower level spells

Familiar Eidolon

Fun alchemist builds?

Summoner class Identity?

Magus Favorite Hybrid Study

Summoner - Act Together Question

Summoner Sigil countering stealth and invisibility?

I Vaguely Sense the Magical Traditions as a Color Palette. Does Anyone Else?

Working for the Baddies

Feedback on backgrounds

Plant Eidolon - number of limbs?

Secrets of Magic, Magus archetype Interaction with Arcane Trickster question

Magus feats

Why is Telekinesis Still Missing?

Healing Plaster - doesn't seem to work with Battle Medicine

what do you want announced for 2022 at gencon this month?

I guess I don't really "get" the summoner.

How's Alchemist feel these days?

I don't think I get the divine spell list. Is it mostly blasting?

Secrets of magic ama?

Ring of Wizardry on the Magus / Summoner

Expansive Spellstrike

Summoner - Spell Repertoir

Phantom Prison: Am I Missing Something?

Wellspring / Chaos Casting

Elementalist Metamagic Feats

Technology hype!

Azata and Technology

Tyrant's Grasp (location) resource

Will we see more lineage feats for the tiefling in 2e?

Product Request: Old Mage deck

Paizo Blog: Gods of the Expanse

Paizo Blog: Roll For Combat’s Battlezoo Bestiary Coming to Kickstarter!

What 2E Books Do You Want?

Bounded Spellcasting thoughts?

Eldritch Trickster and Dedication Feats

Magus spellstrik Q

Battle Form Stuff, When?

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is Almost Here!

I Don't Understand the Targets Limitation on Spellstrike

SoM Runelord Archetype


Blue Dragon's live WITHIN cities?

What’s the intended use of the Warrior Android heritage?

Any other subscribers not getting tracking info updated?

Class feat charts available – for review & feedback

Wanted: GM to run PF2e for my family at GenCon Indy

Paizo Blog: Iconic Encounter: Water and Bone

Paizo Blog: Iconic Encounter: Whispers in the Storm

Paizo Blog: Meet the Iconics: Ija

Any other fans of Pathfinder’s sci-fi elements?

Help me build my ulfen hero, please.

Secrets of Magic Expansion for Witch?

Why I bought EC - FoundryVTT + PDF2Foundry

Dear Paizo...

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