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What do you think it will change? I am hoping better weapon proficiency but knowing Paizo they will get Medium Armor to keep up with the fact you will have far less dex.

Maybe better weapons but I would rather see a different approach. It gets inspire defense early.

Warrior in the sense that he talks about folk heros to bolster the defenses of his allies..akes them feel that they can overcome anything.

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I think Medium Armor is a real possibility. Maybe even Shield Block as a nice little addon.

Better Weapon Proficiency is extremely unlikely to happen unless the Muse also lowers the spellcasting Proficiency. Best I could think of is either giving the bard himself an extra +1 status bonus from Inspire Courage or maybe some sort of muse-specific focus spell that places you in something like a battle-trance, granting combat bonuses while disabling spellcasting (probably with the exception of composition spells/cantrips).

Paizo said on reddit they'll shortly start a series of blog posts covering all sorts of things from the remaster. First class to be covered will be the Wizard (YAY!), but we should get some bard information at some point before mid-november.

ElementalofCuteness wrote:
What do you think it will change? I am hoping better weapon proficiency but knowing Paizo they will get Medium Armor to keep up with the fact you will have far less dex.

It's hard to say. Given that the base Bard can now walk around with Halberds all day in the Remaster, there isn't a whole lot else to offer for it, since Warrior Muse's draw pre-remaster was the ability to walk around with Halberds all day. Giving them Advanced weapons (even just one) would be weird, given that not even martials can utilize an Advanced weapon without opt-in investments.

Maybe treat it like the Psychic and/or Magus, with reduced spell progression (though please no Bounded spellcasting) in exchange for better martial capability, similar to PF1's Skald, which let you do both Bard things as well as martial/Barbarian things?

**EDIT** The added defenses with armor proficiency and Shield Block might not be a bad thing either, though without Bulwark/Sentinel, you're still not wanting to dump Dexterity.

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I think that Warrior Muse will get Medium Armor proficiency from their bard, maybe with a little something something on the side like Shield Block. A nice little boost to their defence, allowing them to focus less on defence and make it so they can unlock Sentinel for Heavy Armour if their dream is to play a big man in a big suit who bangs on his shield to inspire his allies.

Medium armor proficiency is a given IMO, Shield Block likely too, but I think it was mentioned somewhere (GenCon?) that Bards were getting their muses overhauled a little because they felt a little simple, so I'll asume that on top of this it would probably get a higher bonus from Inspire Courage himself to work better as a gish.

Pretty sure they will only change the first level feat significantly. The subclass has been doing fine, I'd say.

I hope it really is medium armor and shield block at 1, that would be sweet.

The one I think deserves more love is Enigma tbh.

They made it sound like they will be changing the muses to be more impactful.

Where? Have a link at hand?

I'd like non-snatchable stuff for the muses, but didn't think that was considerable due to how stacked Bard already is.

If I had to guess what kind of abilities these could be, I can see Warrior getting a defensive reaction of sorts.

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