Pathfinder Second Edition General Discussion

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What do you get when 7 dwarfs and a gnome decide to throw pie at a cleric? Find out on NVNG actual play

Paizo Blog: Don’t miss the Knights of Everflame Season Finale!

Character Flaws

Advanced Player's Guide Playtest Release Date???

This Pathfinder Friday: Wanna help us make a character from the up coming Lost Omens: Character Guide?

Avoiding ableism by consistently applying the rules of perception in PF2

The staff feels like it's missing a weapon trait

Multi Class Questions

Are There Half-Dragons in PF2?

Racial Feat Sparsity leading to Adopted Ancestry


Ranger and new ancestry

Is it possible for a Barbarian to achieve Legendary Weapon Proficiency

Goblins as a race

Pathfinder 2 Society

Where is the rod of cancellation?

Treasure as a storytelling tool

Future class support

Fall of Plaguestone Question: Juggernaut Mutagen Adjustments Already in Stats?

Brutish Shove

Blind Fighting at 1st level

Old School Experience System.

Has player agency taken a hit?

Pathfinder 2E, Runes

Retraining rules and advanced weapon archetypes make "not being human" excessively punitive.

Printer Friendly Fillable Expanded Character Sheet

Houserule for lull DC to pace random exploration leading to encounters

another character sheet

Academia lore skill ?

Question about magical attacks in the Bestiary

Come listen to another wild story from the Nothing Ventured Nothing Gamed actual play podcast

Alchemist Feat idea (discussion of concept not a homebrew review)

Why doesn’t Bespell Weapon scale?

Weapon holy symbol / focus?

Rations & Bulk ?

Am I Reading This Correctly? (Crafting and Treasure)

Archetypes vs Dedications

Sandpoint Secrets

Weighing in...

Magical Crafting and Scrolls?

Crimson Assassin: Not Assassin at all

Dragons and other powerful creatures as playable ancestries

Envoy of Balanace

Skills: Only the die matters

Our sneak peek of the Pathfinder 2E Gamemastery Guide is tomorrow at 4 p.m. Pacific! Have any questions?


Special NPC Classes

Starting a 2e AP with < 4 players

High Level Ancestry Feats

What still belongs in General Discussion?

Healing, Clerics, and HP as a resource

Proposed Alchemist Fix

D&D 5e Spell Preperation

APG Dhampir - Ancestry or Heritage?

Polymorphing and Wild shape analysis

The invetitable tangle of nearly identical lore skills

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gamed team continues with our Live Play

Party with two players?

Class Balance, how is it?

Sorcerer Feat for 1st level...where is it?

Geniekin / Elemental planetouched - one Ancestry, four, or none?

Playing the game versus white-room simulation. The first encounter in the Fall of Plaguestone (No spoilers)

http: / / / is now live!

Nature Spirits

Trained on stealth from criminal and rogue expert at level 1?

My River Kingdom - Lost Omens Edition

A request for Consolidated information and community

Paizo trolling powergamers?

I miss Androids

Skills Lacking Level 1 Options

This Pathfinder Friday will be showcasing the Lost Omens World Guide!

What do you hope for from Half-Casters?

Need help with campaign

Playing for enjoyment vs. Crunching numbers

Looking for maximum crafting levels by population

Shield numbers are... worrying

Monster Building Guidelines

Discussion on useful Lores

Crafting and Intelligence

Discussion - Rebranding of Drow

Pencil and Paper vs. Digital character sheets.

High-level superheroes everywhere: lore implications for the "post-adventure-path cinematic universe"

Weapon Proficiency Tables

Re-Release of iconic Pathfinder minis?

Request(s) for future updates / printings of the Core Rulebook

Lost Omens, will it's archetypes / items / content hit Pathbuilder / Archives?


World Building Question

Paizo Blog: Get Ready for 3-Action Game Night!

Retraining Sorcerer Bloodlines? Interesting roleplay possibilities!

Alchemists as crafters

Niche Request: Gnoll Ancestry

My Pathfinder 2e automatic sheet

Will Ancestries be in the APG playtest?

Does Knights of the Everflame contain any spoilers for Price of Immortality?

Anyone else having some binding issues with the CRB?

List of Amphybians?

My first gaming session 2nd edition

What build do you find as the most versatile martial?

Missing Players: an idea

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