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In your opinion, which classes get to do the coolest stuff at high level?

Wait a sec, what is going to replace Deck of Many Things?

Occult Wizard?

Throwing a Dagger?

New player looking for help with class choice and party composition

Square icon in the pregenerated character sheets

Vlad Taltos

Burial rights for Mwangi character

PF2 Remastered: Changes to Half-Elves and Half-Orcs

Looking for beta testers!

Paizo Blog: No-Prep Character: Lisavet

Any plans for a 2e Mythic Adventures Rulebook?

Charismatic and Forever Young?

Lizardfolk (iruxi) remaster from Howl of the Wild

Harrow dedication: vengeful spirit deck question

Remaster Speculation; Warrior Bard?

Remaster Fire

A hilarious duel class idea: Da Boss

Overall Remaster impression?

Will the spell card decks be usable after the Remaster?

Could monster core add sonic trait to music monsters?

Golem crafter monk

Exclusive Spells

Remastered and Plane names...

Thaumaturge First Impressions

Pathfinder 2e remaster and the changes in the Dweomercat Cub familiar

PF2 Remastered: Planar Scion -> Nephilim

Paizo Blog: Varmints in the Vaults

Paizo Blog: Remaster Preview: Oh, my! It’s a mirage!

[Stolen Fate] The Destiny War

Medical researcher question.

Gatewalkers Maps?

What I really want to see in a revised PF2



Actionable Remaster Updates?

Halfling Range weapons are weird

Potential Changes to Core 1 Classes

PF2R Drow

Cleric (2nd edition)

Cleric (2nd edition)

Warpriest (and Warrior Muse Bard?) Martial Progression

Darklands Remaster Hopes

Dark souls / elden ring build help.

Soothing tonic is better than elixir of life for an alchemist.

Potential Changes to Core 2 Classes

[Kickstarter] Pathfinder - Wake the Dead / Starfinder - Angels of the Drift / Pathfinder - Worldscape:

Thrower's Bandolier silliness

Remastered Champion Subclasses

70+ Free Unofficial 3D Printable Minis Specifically for Pathfinder

The fate of Snowball

Paizocon 2023: Primal Previews

why Katana is super low dmg in P2e

Group escape spell

Is the Bard too strong?

Which accessories will remain useful if switching to Remastered?

What Would You Like To See from a Pathfinder Unchained?

Paizo Blog: Out-of-Print Titles Return as Print-on-Demand

Bleeding Finisher feat question

Potentially interesting deity pivots

Idea: Conjured Weapon Dedication

leveling up in pathfinder 2e

Level 1

Ranged Doubling Rings? (GnG playtest item that didn't make the cut?)

Pathfinder Foundry issues

Paizo Blog: Apex of Power

What do YOU want to see in a Shifter

Are they reworking the GM Screen as well?…

Paizo Blog: RPG Superstar 2023 Entries Due Soon and Battlezoo Bestiary: Strange and Unusual Out Now!

Idiosyncratic uses of creature traits

What is the best / eaziest way to Earn Income.

Are there any previews of the Lost Omens Highhelm book?

Top Ten things I'd like to see addressed in pathfinder 2023

Rename the Classes

Maybe a idea for the remaster regarding Traits

Paizo Blog: The Golden Road

Summoner: reinforce eidolon resistance

Thank you for a great game

Thaumaturge: scroll thaumaturgy confusion

Opinion: Rarity currently covers too many distinct concepts

The new and improved FULL ABC method for Character Building

The new Dragons and Kobolds

Can we please get more stated settlements!

Valerie level 1 from Kingmaked 2e - Issues!?

Your burning kineticist questions for Paizocon!

Rulebooks' Illustrations: Intended to interpret rule texts? How authoritative?

The Remaster viewed via a recent Extra Credits video on changes to game systems

Remastered Edicts and Anathema in Dragons.

Private Sanctum is a funny spell

What are the weirder ancestries you want?

Amiri's Sword

Pathfinder Inspirational Media Project

Secrets of Magic Errata

What do want you change poll

Will the Revised edition include Starfinder?

What do you want from a 2e Shaman class?

If half dragons are the new versatile heritage coming to PC2… I have a concern

Do Additional Lore Skill Increases Apply Retroactively?

Will the Revised edition include Starfinder?

Can I ask for feed back here or do I post in Advice?

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