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Arcane Cascade Suggestion

Feel like Living Fortification could use a change

Is it just me, or does Way of the Pistolero seem underwhelming compared than the other ways?

How viable is Crossbow Gunslinger?

Magical Tradition Spell Totals - Post SoM

Versatile Heritages and poppets! How could you explain this?

Printer Friendly Expanded Character Sheet

Do Devils called via the Infernal Pact ritual have the Summoned trait?

New archetypes.

Auto HXbow. Repeating Heavy Crossbow

Visit Golarion: Numeria (Pt I)

Grand Bazaar errata thread

Is it just me, or is it way too easy to get hit in this edition?

Advanced Alchemy and Fireworks Technician

Future Options for the Inventor

Request: Please add a feat for Negative Healing access for Evil Champions

GnG and Grand Bazaar, now up on Pathbuilder

Unexpected Sharpshooter is one of the greatest archetypes ever created

Guns & Gears Meet The Iconics

Is captivator dedication supposed to be 4th level?

Question about a Rakshasa-spawn, (AKA beastbrood) tiefling

Guns & Gears AMA

Paizo Blog: Tales of Lost Omens: Threading The Needle

Pros and cons of 2e: macro vs micro design.

Magus & Summoner Character Sheets (a la the official Character Sheet packs)

Should Class Archetypes have the Dedication Clause?

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Battles: Bestiary Unleashed Again

A Little Thank You to the GnG Developers

Book of the Dead: Playable Vampires?

Centaurs on Golarion

Unexpected Sharpshooter

PF2 Animated: Desna

Paizo Blog: Tales of Lost Omens: Special Delivery

Occult Wizard?

Shocking Grasp and Spellstrike

Math between Strength based and Dexterity based animal companions is off

Combination weapons.

Vanguard is mean.

What is the upgraded Critical Specialization from the Grievous rune for Firearms?

What Would a Swarm Eidolon Mean

Lawful Good and the Cold Domain

Paizo Blog: Dark Archive Playtest: The Unknown Beckons

There should be a way to cast Rituals without assistance.

Class Meta Poll, Take 2

Consumables are way too expensive in this game and why I think this is bad

Magus Builds

Paizo Blog: The Final Week of Battlezoo Bestiary and the RPG Superstar 2021 Launch!

Paizo Blog: Tales of Lost Omens: Wheels Aflame

Should Swashbuckler / Investigator Really Require Finesse Weapons?

Any map ( or graph) of the aiudara (elf gates) available?

Possibly getting into PF 2E what to expect with the new rules

Paizo Blog: Order of the Amber Die: The Slithering Salve: Part 2

Paizo Blog: Order of the Amber Die: The Slithering Salve Part 1


"Missing" Eidolons

How Well Does Meld with Eidolon Work: Synthesist-Like Achievable?

Info on Interactions between different Gnoll heritages?

Paizo Blog: One Small Step For Paizo, One Giant Leap for Beadle & Grimm's

Assisted recovery and the various damage types

Monster Books

Occultist - Attempting a Head Start in Development Influence

How to Recreate a Swarm Shifter in 2e?

Name of glowing runes?

Deities with spells from Secrets of Magic

Summoner Questions: Break down of Spells and Merge with Eidolon...

Soul forged Armaments / soulforger

Making NPC statblocks

Questions about her weapons. (spoiler)

Undead PCs and immunities (With a side of hype for Book of the Dead)

So did SoM ever clarify if you could cast inefficiently?

Natural 'Combat as War' Structures in Pathfinder 2e

The Recall Knowledge activity could use a facelift in the Dark Archive

Liking what I see


Thaumaterge and Psychic: Hopes, Dreams, and Expectations

The current playtest and the changes you wish to see

Request - Called Rune

Psychic Ability Names

PF2 Animated: The Weapon Improviser Archetype

Paizo Blog: Save the Date for a New Pathfinder Class Playtest!

guns & gears hype!

I Am the Universe, Convince Me: 101 Thaumaturge Connections

Magus : Student of the staff and runic impression compatible?

Thaumaturge Thread to Hold Me Over

Dark Archives Hype

Ganzi.... Tail?

Place your bets for Gen Con announcements!

Paizo Blog: Boricubos: The Lost Isles – Support Latin American Monsters & Adventures!

Quick Sort

Uvoko, where can I get more info?

Summoner and Time Jump

Spellstrike and Warding Aggression

Are monk weapons supposed to be worse than non-monk weapons?

Are we ever going to get the Dwarven Dorn-Dergar back?

Resistance and Secondary Effects

Question: why is there no +number strength effects?

Summoner Feedback

Why is PF2 Prestidigitation not a Transmutation cantrip?

Mechanical ideas for new Wave Casters

Laughing Shadow Magus, STR or DEX build?

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