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Sturdy Tower Shield.

are the region guides people of the north the first world ect still valid to use ?

Hit / Success Chance Vs 5e

Should have Siktempora's Versatile valiant

Will there be a technology guide in 2e?

Shaman in PF2?

What's happening in your game(s)?

Interesting characters without interesting stories

Should PF2's Saving Throws Be Decoupled from Character Stats?

Paizo Blog: Fists of the Ruby Phoenix: The Flash of Fists

Hellknight Hill and Table 10-9

How long can a healthy dwarf live?

Wacky class ideas: minion necro

Need help changing Pre Made encounters for 2 or 3 heros

If magic were real, which spell would you choose to learn first?

Party balance and niches in pathfinder 2e?

ABP and Shields

Face Tanking

What are your Contingency spell triggers?

Paladins Retributive Strike

2e metamagic

Wooden Shields

Ablity scores

The fvtt products

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Encounter: Phinelli’s Miracle Elixir

Gold. How do you deal with it?

Pathbuilder 2e (beta) is live!

Would casting in battle forms be that strong ?

Going Backwards

Question about Champion's Code, archetypes, and no good deed going unpunished.

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Arena Update and Survey

Casters need some help-and here’s why

Solo AP but with a twist

Reminder: 4th level Silence shuts down almost all spellcasters

Paizo Blog: No-Prep Character: Zhang Yong

How do you keep VTT players?

Conrasu (Mwangi Expanse Book Spoilers)

Can This Character Concept Work in PF2?

PF2e Transparent Spell Templates for VTT or to print out.

Druid vs Witch chassis

Casters are wrecking my PCs to pieces

Neutral Priests summoning spells.

Is This Bard Helping?

Higher Level Weapons

Eternal Youth within the rules (nothing to do with my middle age crisis).

Paizos stand on automatic scraping of pdf content for private games

If I read an AP book after going through as a player, will I encounter spoilers for the upcoming books?

Fall of Plague stone Heir to Folly side quest confusion

Investigator - Archaeologist Methodology?

Foundry VTT for Pathfinder 2?

Are beastkin overpowered?

Question about spell names...

Google Slides reference tool - Pathfinder 2e Conditions and Roll20 Icons

Ebb and Flow - A Cantrip Centric Caster

Paizo Blog: No-Prep Character: Lisavet

The history of the Tathlum

Conditions bookmark in the Core Rulebook PDF in wrong place

Ghostly Weapon is utterly useless at its spell level

You walk into a FLGS PUG full of strangers. Which one class / build would you most hope to see?


Goblins and Possible Retcons(?) in 2e

2e Occult Classes

Which character concepts are the most difficult to create in PF2?

Encounters at high levels

Foundry VTT official content?

still new to pathfinder2e never played 1e. I'm really hoping at some point we get 2e stats for the 4 horsemen

Pathfinder 2e niche

Paizo Blog: Tales Of Lost Omens: Adumbration

Effortless Concentration

Animal companion and handwraps of mighty blows

Troop Creation Rules

Paizo Blog: The Waters of Stone Ring Pond

Should Magic Weapon be able to be heightened to improve the weapon?

Spellstrike info in today’s Paizo Live

The Infernal Chirurgeon of Hell

What Is the 2E Wizard's Job?

Does the striking rune seem overpowered to anyone else?

I can play a necromancer with a hoard if undead now, so that's cool.

PF2 Animated: The Celebrity Archetype

Uncommon and Rare Summons

The 2E Healer: "Why Isn't Healing + Electric Arc Working?"

Shoanti Thunder and Fang

Hag Coven Casting Levels and Level of Spells

Could we please properly separate the regular one-handed sword and the longsword?

Spell Tradition Insights

How big is the Isle of Erran?

Boons - What's on the list?

Will a pdf version of Bestiary 3 be availble?

What Class is Most Versatile?

New Archetype Speculation

Divine Spell Design vs. No Deity / True Neutral Deity Casters

Why aren’t couatl celestials?

Class Archetypes?

Repeating weapons - Please fix them if they're in G&G

Second Ed vs First Ed.

Your Experience: Is 2E Combat Shorter or Longer?

Paizo Blog: We Be Life-Size!

Have you ever thought of choosing this feat? (Magic Sense Level 12)

Paizo Blog: Introducing Paizo One-Shots!

Paizo Blog: Draw Your Weapon with the Pathfinder Magic Armaments Deck!

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